I know Q+ has been battling this fight since stepping out of the limelight in the 80's BTS, covertly, w/ his knights. Can't imagine the ordeal he's been thru w/ others fighting & setting up the plan, paving the way for other warriors, like so many to be safe on the road,
i.e. myself. I don't think I can ever feel safe, if the monsters/killers are still able to walk thru & have control to hunt down the other warriors on the fields,especially for so many DF warriors who take the battlefield on our own on the road, in the most densest/darkest/evil📍
As a traveling blue ray, I have taken so much in to purge (Bc we are like vacuums, holding the violet flame), and has been in many cases/instance given up, got frustrated, n thinking it's never going to end. But every time, i'm reminded by my guides why I volunteered, N it will
be a sweet ending/victory to my/our missions,when PEACE & SAFEGUIARD to the young ones are finally attained. As much as WE (Traveling Rays) are so TIRED, we keep chugging along bc we are doing this for the FUTURE of MANKIND, to END all the ENDLESS WARs/suffering. 🙏🌈🏞️
No matter how long the battle is... it will take what it takes...⚡️ #WhatEverItTakes for #VictoryOfTheLight

• • •

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More from @lib7473

9 Sep
Reporter said scene is not from Mars but SF bay...LOL 🤭
This is really strange effect. We've had fires b4 in CA, but never have an orange plumes covering the entire city. When I did the last mission leg, was told to clear Oakland/Berkeley. Wasn't even in my itinerary, bc my main 🎯were the NPs left/San Andrea's fault/crossings.
N the travel went as planned, like I mentioned, w/o any hitch of any wildfires on the road, when there were news of some active ones in the north. But all were out. Although didn't get to go to main gate of Henry Coe, but did the back end (off road) N anchored there.
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9 Sep
New name for the WW currency incoming = Rainbow Currency...👍💫✅ via QFS. Again, if ppl R not able to heal internally, reach self-love/release past/old beliefs, many will not be ready/miss to Ascend/rec'd TRUE GESARA Majestic Freedom codes. This is the 1st thing that needs
to occur for the mass, or many will still be in greedy/lack of self-love/FEAR based emotions. 5D Life is not about MONEY. As the saying goes, entering heaven, one can't take their wealth, fact. This is RESET, and ppl will be EQUAL WW, in PEACE/LOVE & Harmony.
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8 Sep
For many of the lightworkers, they are being guided now to re-direct their missions on the other side fully. To fully be in 5D energy. Heaven is here & w/in, it's not that they are leaving their avatar & going up to heaven,as most of those activated have already transformed to
their heavenly light 5D body. If any of you have been following/resonating w/ Lady V, she posted that it's her last days in doing YT/Twitter. I have another starseed I follow, who's also shifting to a different path to focus more Manifesting 5D Earth, as the traveling Blue rays
have cleared/restored the path fwd, for these other starseeds/rays to start anchoring their gifts into GAIA's core for more light/love to spread the codes via the restored Ley lines. This is why many have been recruited to be here in the USA, to start rebuilding/manifesting
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4 Sep
Those 2 days of solar waves/storms I shared, N why my guides needed me to be on the field, for CA's remaining green (Mars energy) regions I've never been too, like the Lassen,to be the anchor. 🙏🌈😇 rtnd all green crossings/sites back to light.
Prob why 55 posted yesterday we are going to Mars, due to the clearing/restoring of green zone/sacred parks that crosses it are finally complete, across the 3 states...N he posted it just after I got done yesterday, ending a very draining day at the hotel...🙏
Even though it's flat lines, u can see some disturbance, more than likely the times I'm anchoring the targeted zones/crystalline water I've been too, that completely drains my energy (usually shows as spike), bc of the strong magnetic field I hold, to restore the water.
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1 Sep
Look at all the Q patriots/starseeds in the background, major ops occurred in Kenosha past week...All that havoc that occured in the streets was a show/distractions for the real battle/hunt-purge BTS...#VictoryOfTheLight
Beginning to think the BIG DOG hunt was happening in WI & why there's a drop/crumb by Q team last wk, and now Schiff w/ his drop saying g-bye to a shepherd. Just like the hunt the patriots did w/ Bush Sr in Malibu DUMBs. Fires as distractions. #CovertOpsNecessary
Read 6 tweets

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