The disintegration we are experiencing now was not caused by Trump/ism, but revealed through it. At its core, as it is always the case, lies a clash of values, dramatically unveiled in this conflict.
This clash has pierced our willful blindness, unearthing the rifts in our society which we pretended, for too long, did not exist.
The breakthrough is not done yet, however—the revelation is rarely if ever complete. Neither the powerful and privileged, nor those who seek a sense of power and validation through identification with the strongman understand it.
We don’t like to talk seriously about our values—and certainly not how they relate to mental health of individuals and nations—because such conversations, if honest, would necessitate change. And nobody likes change.
We trot out values for important speeches and other special occasions, but they have had no emotional impact on the consciousness of the nation.

Until now.
Now, thanks to the short-fingered vulgarian whose lack of manners has made even the well-mannered panic, the darkness is making itself rapidly visible, and it cannot be ignored so easily.
This is not for the lack of trying; if there is one thing that America has perfected, it is the art of denial. This is why the country as we believed we have known it is now disintegrating, and with it, our complacent, erroneous beliefs about it and ourselves.
This process is inevitable; and although it is and will be painful, it is also potentially positive, for many individuals and maybe even the entire nation.
That’s because even though disintegration, personal and not, is something that is typically feared—understandably so, as it means destruction of what’s known and thus safe—there is also another way to look at it.

• • •

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12 Sep
No tyrant comes to power on the platform of genocidal tyranny, even though such ideas may be brewing already in the recesses of his mind. Each and every one of them promises to bring back law and order, create better economic conditions, and...
... restore the nation’s glory.
These empty promises -- for he has little desire and even less ability to fulfill them -- are always tied together with the thread of scapegoating of the Others, a necessary component channeling the narcissistic rage outward and increasing the society’s cohesion.
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23 Aug
"We may miss that this seasonal and societal dark night, so fraught with brokenness in our minds, bodies and spirits, is God's milieu of prayer, including societal breakdown and impasse, where God draws us into transforming faith, hope and love.
The problem is: That condition of the possibility of authentic revolutionary transformation is not primarily in our human will, intellect or power.
Deep within the recesses of our being, of our time, and the prayer milieu of our world, Sophia Wisdom gently draws us into a wholly different way of proceeding."
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22 Aug
From Eknath Easwaran:

""Place your mind before the mirror of eternity;
place your soul in the brightness of His Glory."

Saint Clare of Assisi
We are shaped by what gains our attention and occupies our thoughts. Today, amidst all of the conditioning to the contrary, we need constant reminders of our higher nature, and that is why spiritual reading can be very helpful.
The media drown us in such a low image of the human being that it is essential to remind ourselves constantly of something higher.

All of the world’s religions provide nourishment for the spirit distilled from centuries of spiritual exploration.
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19 Aug
To whom it may concern:

Charging an elderly patient with Medicare 30K+ for one day of a hospital observation is why America is failing.
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12 Aug
From Eknath Easwaran:

""We ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can; and to fly away is to become like God, as far as this is possible; and to become like him is to become holy, just, and wise."

— Plato
We are all capable of flying like eagles high in the sky of love, but often we prefer running on the ground instead.
Have you seen that curious bird, the quail? We have many of them where we live. When we are driving down the lane, they won’t get out of the way. They won’t fly. They try to outrun the car. It is only when they conclude their number is up that they start flying.
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8 Aug
From Eknath Easwaran:

"'A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within.'

--Eudora Welty

I am sitting in my chair at home in the country, looking out on the green hills. There is everything right here to satisfy me: birds, flowers...
...trees, reasonable comfort, loyal companions, and the precious opportunity of selfless service. Right here is everything I need for complete happiness always.

But as I look out of my cottage window I see a camper in the distance traveling along the road.
Somewhere in my mind is the uneasy stirring of a desire to jump into that camper and go out chasing rainbows to find the pot of gold at the end. This belief that somewhere out there is the land of joy dogs our footsteps wherever we go.
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