1/ New @ncri_io report finds ⬆️ in social media posts critical of police that include calls to violence

Left-wing extremists commit far less violence than right-wing extremists. But both are weaponizing social media & easily accessing firearms to cause violence. That's a problem
@ncri_io 2/ “It is overwhelmingly the far right — not the far left — that makes direct incitements for terrorist attacks...Far-left activity usually doesn’t extend beyond destruction of property — that being arson against police vehicles, sabotaging infrastructure and similar activities"
@ncri_io 3/ In 2019, right-wing extremists perpetrated nearly 2/3 of terrorist attacks and plots in US & committed 90%+ of attacks and plots between January 1 and May 8, 2020 csis.org/analysis/escal…
@ncri_io 4/ Context & scale are important. But the problem here is *systemic* 

- violent extremists are using social media to organize violent acts in the real world

- violent extremists can exploit our weak gun laws to easily obtain weapons & even use untraceable 3D printed weapons
@ncri_io 5/ To ensure our democracy is not overrun with violence and intimidation we *must* push for serious systemic change.

What does that look like?
@ncri_io 6/ Digital companies like @Facebook must be far more pro-active in de-platforming violence and hate BEFORE it spills out into the real world.

The must prevent hate groups from using the platforms, particularly event pages & they must *enforce* bans against gun sales and trades
@ncri_io @Facebook 7/ Addressing our nation's weak gun laws is also a key part of all of this - we must raise the standard of gun ownership in America by tightening our gun laws and banning very powerful weapons (that allow bad actors to kill quickly and efficiently) from the civilian marketplace
@ncri_io @Facebook 8/ Oh and vote. We must must vote in this election like our lives depend on it.

Because you know what? They do.

• • •

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22 Sep
1/ With Romney supporting a vote on Trump's SCOTUS nominee this year, pundits are proclaiming that a confirmation is inevitable.

Let me be blunt: that's total BS.

In fact, it's the same BS we were told in January of 2017 when pundits decided that ACA repeal was inevitable
2/ Nothing in politics is inevitable. On this issue, a MAJORITY OF AMERICANS are on our side. They don't want McConnell to rush through another nominee.

It's our responsibility to stop freaking the fuck out and start focusing on how to organize effectively in key states
3/ The good news is -- we know how to organize strategically. We've done it before -- and we won.

NOBODY thought we could save Obamacare in 2017/2018 -- but you know what, we did? And that strategy is a great blueprint for this fight.

So what did we do?
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18 Sep
"I've condemned every form of violence, no matter what the source is...The President is yet to condemn... the far-right and the white supremacist, and those guys walking around with the AK-47s and not doing a damn thing about them" - @JoeBiden at #CNNTownHall
@JoeBiden Not only has Trump failed to condemn armed insurrectionists and vigilantes -- he has *defended them* and *cheered them on* npr.org/sections/live-…
@JoeBiden And remember there is a *long list* of right-wing domestic terrorists who killed and injured Americans out of allegiance to Trump and his ideology.

Here's just a sampling: Image
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1 Sep
1/ Trump’s defense of armed vigilantes intent on using deadly firearms to intimidate and kill Americans -- especially people of color -- makes one thing clear: in the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be seeing more violence.

This THREAD will explain what YOU CAN DO to prevent that
2/ Since our federal government, led by Trump, is encouraging vigilante armed violence against protesters, we must now look to STATE AND LOCAL LEADERS and digital platforms like @FACEBOOK, which often serve as a convening place for extremists, to help keep us safe.
@Facebook 3/ State and local leaders and digital platforms have a mandate, an absolute responsibility, to do everything in their power to prevent the violence that is coming. And if they don’t, we will hold them accountable.

So what does that mean in practice?
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31 Aug
Can the media please cover how Republicans are literally cheering and calling for more blood and assassinations in our cities?

Don't sugarcoat it. That is literally what they are urging their supporters to do.

Data collected from @areidross shows far-right actors have shown up to oppose Black Lives Matter protests at least 497x this year

- 64 cases of simple assault
- 38 incidents of driving cars into demonstrators
- 9x shots fired

@areidross Don't forget that media platforms like @Facebook are very actively facilitating right-wing violence:

1. extremists can meet and build community

2. they can trade/buy weapons on Facebook, plan violence

3. Facebook mostly shrugs, refuses to pro-actively take down pages
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26 Aug
1/ The circumstances surrounding the Kenosha shooting, which left 2 ppl dead and injured another are so incredibly infuriating I don't even know where to start

This THREAD explains how @facebook, and Republican rhetoric are radicalizing extremists and turning them into killers.
@Facebook 2/ @theverge is reporting @facebook, which has a long history of refusing to proactively de-platform armed insurrectionists, refused to take down the page of a self-proclaimed militia group called Kenosha Guard, which issued a “call to arms” to in advance of Tuesday's protest.
@Facebook @TheVerge 3/ @Facebook *refused* to deactivate the page even though at least 2 separate Facebook users reported the account for inciting violence prior to the shooting. theverge.com/2020/8/26/2140…
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17 Aug
45% confident in election results
45% not confident in the election results.

New poll from NBC News/WSJ
In 2016, those numbers were:

45% confident in the election results
34% not confident in the election results
In 2020, 44% of voters say they are confident that mailed ballots will be counted accurately, while 51 percent disagree.
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