That the banner of the Kingdom was the cross was very symbolic of how they viewed the kingdom, the kings personal property with separet peoples united under god. The seriousness to which they took their religion in Sweden during the 16th to 18th century cannot be understated.
In the Swedish Kingdom a man from the dales had little to no kinship with ppl from Finland or Skåne, the language barrier was sometimes unbreachable for people who both spoke swedish dialects. What bound the differnt tribes of the north together were their shared Lutheran faith.
This was reflected in the army, as being a poor christian could lead to serious reprisals. Taking the lords name in vain carried the death penalty. Mass and prayer was held daily in camp and some priests were known to partake in fighting.
Yes this is the worst take out there for people unfamiliar with the mindset of rennaissance Sweden. Gustavus Adlophus II saw his intervention in the 30yrs war as a "risky endavour with low chances of success and little to gain"
But as the story goes, he prayed to god and decided to risk it all anyways because he believed after hearing the reports of the Austrian emperor killing the good christians of germany that it was his moral responsibility to intervene. Contrast to the danish King who wanted money.

• • •

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31 Aug
The Latvian and Austrian flags are very similar but their origin stories tell a very different tale: The latvian flag represents its own peoples shed blood in defence of their home, the Austrians flag's legend however has it their red is from the blood of their slain enemies!
The Chronicle of Livonia tell of a Latvian chieftain who was mortally wounded in battle, around 1279, and wrapped in a white sheet. The part he lay on remained white, while his blood colored the sides, the next day the sheet was used as a banner in battle, leading them to victory
For the Austrian flag, legend tells of Duke Leopold V of Austria personally fighting off the Mohammedans of Suleiman during the Siege of Acre 1191 AD, wearing a white surcoat which was covered in blood. After battle, taking his belt off a white stripe appeared on the now red coat
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3 Jul
Thread on the culture of nordic "car enthusiasts" (🇸🇪Raggare) (🇳🇴Råner) who like to drive volvo, drink, blast nighcore and how they are the embodyment of the Indo-european warrior culture in our age
These are men who have unknowingly taken on the futurist creed of Marinetti as a response to the modern world, where they exalt in speed. Drifting across the open landscapes on metallic steeds.
"We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new
beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing automobile with its bonnet adorned with great tubes like serpents with explosive breath ... a roaring motor car which seems to run on machine-gun fire"
-futurist manifesto
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6 Jun
This swedish childrens book taught me as a kid about the swedes heroic struggle against the eternal dane, about them becoming an independent nation by throwing off the yoke of the Kalmar union and expelling the danes.
Young nobleman Gustav Vasa, grew up under dane rule. His teacher was a chauvanistic dane supremacist.
"before class begins, you must get on your knees and worship king Christian"
Vasa was having none of it and stood up and stabbed teachers book.
Sweden had many rebellions back then. Sten Sture the Elder was the most successful in destabilizing the union and killing danes. Here he is victorious in 1471. He was a good strong man, the swedish peasants loved him for whipping the danish nobles.
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