Harris committed two sexual assaults while wearing women's clothing and was given a suspended sentence because "it would be unfair to lock you up."

A Labour Councillor who got his jollies off roleplaying a female child rape victim in an underground internet community has recently walked free after admitting to possessing images depicting sexual abuse of children and animals. womenarehuman.com/crossdressing-…
"A Cambodian transgender woman was arrested when officers raided a resort where a 'swingers' party was set to start with trafficked underage girls."
Raul E. Villalva, aka Isabelle Villalva, who identifies as a transgender woman, was sentenced to 20 years for child pornography.

Cell phone contained videos and images depicting a child victim being molested by Villalva.

Transvestic fetishism is the most common paraphilia of sex offenders.

In a study by CA state, nearly ½ of all transgender inmates were convicted sex offenders, ½ were lifers.

This is what is called "trans" and this is why women need safety.

#SexNotGender #IStandWithJKRowling

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25 Sep
Social media is having a dramatic toll on the mental health of young girls. There has been a huge increase in rates of suicide and self-harm.

Jonathan Haidt explains the statistics in the new documentary #SocialDilemma.

#socialmedia #sexnotgender
Frequent social-media use was associated with decreased mental health and well-being, as measured by responses to questions about psychological distress, life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety. Social media seemed to have a stronger impact on girls.

"For ten years I specialised in treating eating disorders and literally every single one of hundreds of teenage patients mentioned social media as a contributing factor. Every. Single. One."
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23 Sep
ART is a nightmare, and when we finally wake up, it may be too big to stop.
This article refers to mitochondrial genome editing as "egg rejuvenation."
Mitochondrial genome edits are inheritable, but only when passed through girls.

The U.S. National Academies of Science advised that use of mitochondrial editing be limited to male embryos, in which event the change would not be inheritable. So far, this suggestion has been ignored by policymakers.
Instead of seeing the big picture about ART, discussions often focus on individual feelings or desires.
What we need to understand about ART is while the short-term goal is to produce a baby, the end result is control over means of reproduction, and over the human genome itself.
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21 Sep
#Thailand—Prostesters rallied against a military monarchy that has disappeared activists, later discovered dead with concrete in their bellies.

The nation is a global epicenter for trafficking of women and children; this is also a women's rights issue.

Opposition to the current government, if reforms are enacted, could mean hope for trafficked women and children:

"Sexual exploitation is the main form of modern-day slavery in Thailand"

"Thai prosecutors turned down about a fifth of human trafficking cases sent to them by police last year, a government report shows, raising concerns that police were on a drive to boost numbers to enhance Thailand’s global image."

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11 Sep
Most statistics on pornography use say the average age of a child's first exposure is 11 years old.

Despite controversy surrounding #CutiesMovie this is a conversation that must be had immediately.

Children are already acting out what they see in hypersexualized media.

Children emulate behaviors of adults. It's impossible to separate the sexualization of women in media from its impact on girls. A culture steeped in female objectification grooms girls to be victims of sexual abuse.
This isn't one movie; it's systematic.

#CutiesFilm #CutiesMovie
Would be nice if we could use some of the outrage surrounding #CutiesMovie to talk about how hyper-sexualized media and porn is motivating young boys to rape girls.

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1 Sep
Men have denied, and continue to deny women education. It has been said we are too stupid to deserve an education. But men gave themselves credit for her contributions.

Men told us women are frail and weak, even as they bound her with corsets, mutilated her feet and genitals, and told us that dying in painful childbirth was our curse.

They claimed we were weak even as sexologists claimed pain was the basic source of pleasure for women.
Men say that women are wanton, sexual in nature. And they rape us, they develop industries towards exploiting our sex, say that men just can't help themselves. Men have needs which necessitate perpetual abuse. There's never enough porn, and women must be available for their use.
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1 Sep
Sometimes you might need positive energy.
In that vein, here's some cool graffiti from Australia and UK.

If you have a similar photo to share, please do.

#SexNotGender ImageImageImageImage
You probably already realized it but the second tweet is not limited to Aus and UK. So please share images from around the world!
Read 4 tweets

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