It's my view that just a single year of post-Brexit Tory rule is going to destroy the prospects of an entire generation.
I have no choice but to question whether a parliamentarian paid in excess of £64K (MSP) or £82K (MP) (plus expenses) truly understand the misery that's coming to those in the working class earning the minimum wage.
Perhaps if Parliamentarians were paid the minimum wage, there would be a greater sense of urgency in moving towards indyref 2. And, of course, some may say that making such a statement is inflammatory, and to them, I would say: "And?".
The reason I would say that is that statistics do not reflect what is going to happen to ordinary members of the electorate already struggling to make ends meet when everything suddenly becomes 20 to 30% more expensive and their wages remain stagnant!
And if that pisses people off to say that, then I am sorry that you are unable to grasp the reality of the situation. A person earning more than £50K a year will be able to absorb the hit of brexit. Those earning minimum wage won't!
If our thinking is informed by our personal feelings then it is reasonable to ask parliamentarians on such a high income if they truly understand how badly this is going to hit the working class because their income far exceeds those in the 19% tax bracket.

• • •

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6 Sep
The R-naught, also called the "R-Number" or the "R-Value" is a calculation of how many people get infected by 1 person. For the seasonal flu, the r-naught is usually between 1.2 and 1.4. That means that for every 1 person that gets it, they pass the flu to 1.4 people.
A better way to say that (because it's a part number) is that for every two people who get it, one will give it to another person, and the other will give it to two people.
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5 Sep
Good Morning Folks,

This tweet is not an update on the section 30 case, so don't panic, we're still on course for the first hearing on the 30th.
No, this tweet is about extending an apology to an awesome group of people who are at the core of our movement and do so much, asking little in return.
You see, the massive exposure of our fundraiser for the people's action on section 30, inevitably drowns out other things that are happening. It's just like one news article being drowned out by another.
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3 Sep
What is called for with COVID 19, is not tax hikes, or tax cuts or the usual crap. What is called for is QEP - Quantitive Easing For the People. It's like Quantitive Easing (printing money) but instead of giving it to banks, you give it to UK tax payers.
For instance, the 2008 bank bailouts would could have meant giving £6000 to every person in the UK. With that they'd pay off debts, pay rent, buy things in General. This eventually ends up at banks anyway, but it goes through every other part of society on the way.
Bob gets 6K, he pays off his £1000 credit card (debt reduces). He pays 3 months rent at £600 - that's £1800 to his landlord. He spends the rest on things he needs (shops) which in turn increases retail sales, demand, more jobs at shops and at suppliers and manufacturers etc etc..
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1 Sep
You will note Nicola Sturgeons careful words today "draft bill" not "bill". In otherwords come election time, it will still be a draft. With a positive ruling on the Section 30 case, there's nothing stopping them putting the bill through entirely with a section that...
...says something like. This act may be implemented using the process as defined by Schedule 1 attached (I'm using laymans language not the language you'd find in a bill). Then in Schedule 1 of the act having the conditions for it to be implemented:
For example "This bill shall be enacted if a majority of MSP's in favour of independence are elected in may 2021" (again laymans language).
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1 Sep
Let's nail the ribbon to the flagpole shall we? Do I advocate a march on Holyrood (providing it is safe to do so in-light of COVID) if there is a positive ruling in the people's Action? Yes! Yes I do! Because I'll be at the front marching with you!
Why? Because the people in that building work for you! Not the other way around! Independence is not something that any person has the right to "give". It just is! It's something you choose to take, or you don't. Simple as that!
And you know what else? I have avoided discussing it because the case comes first, always! The moment I made the choice to stand for Holyrood in Fife region was the moment I read the words:
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1 Sep
I am fully aware of the article in the times. I have been aware of the leak for a few days having been approached for comment. There are only three things I will say. Firstly, I am utterly disgusted by the actions of whomever disclosed this document. I have been requesting...
..since the beginning to have this public, however, before it calls in court the only way to do that is with the agreement of the other parties. The Advocate General, Lord Advocate and Scottish Minister all declined permission - so you can understand how pissed...
...I was to see it in print.

Yet again political operators act like petulant children. One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us!
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