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15 Sep, 10 tweets, 7 min read
Why not make it mandatory that straight offenders have to sign the sex register too instead of removing the safeguard completely?

This is not about ending discrimination and promoting equality... 🙄
Thread ..1/10
In an amazing display of gaslighting, the concerns of thousands of citizens are routinely dismissed by Irish journalist and media. Who overtly focus on American conspiracy theory to ridicule the concerns of Irish parents when faced with the proposed recommendation to RSE
Proposed amendments, according to the World Health Organisation is the belief:
"Children are as born sexual beings" 😨
UNESCO Comprehensive Sexuality - A Global Review document
Outlines the intention to introduce the concept of Gender Identity to children as young as 5...

Think back to when you were 5 yourselve and imagine having your head filled with these confusing topics 😔
"As a United Nations member state, Ireland is obliged to comply with human rights, including the right to sexuality and reproductive health education."

Great.. 🙄
Concerned citizens and parents alike are rightly worried about these new concepts being introduced to the children of Ireland from BIRTH!
Here are some more screenshots from the WHO documents, clearly stating they want indoctrination from 0 including early childhood materbation.
The new Childrens Minister #RodericOGorman is a radical LGBT activists, who goes along with all this early sexualisation of Children.
His calls for the allowing of children under 16's to change their gender has resulted in enormous backlash thats often dismissed as homophobia.
Recently a campaign was undertaken by myself and @PhilipDwyerNP to have the controversial book removed from the Libraries in Ireland.
Amongst many concerning themes throughout the book, this chapter is particularly inappropriate for the target audience of age of 12-17
I mention that campaign to highlight that there's little to no push back on this stuff....😨

People like Bernie Linnane have since campaigned to have the book kept in the Libary even after we have highlighted its controversy!
Its in the Adult section now. 😔
In conclusion to draw attention to the diabolical agenda to sexualise children, is to be labelled homophobic, far right or bigoted however we must "hold firm" in our resolve to fight for our children's right to be innocent and protected 💖

• • •

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24 Sep
TikTok & Irish Social Media influencer - "Kneevo"

Released worldwide in 2018 Tiktok is a video sharing platform where users post 3-15 second videos of themselves usually dancing or lip syncing. It has become the 2nd most downloaded app worldwide.

1/16 ImageImageImage
Tiktok users must be at least 13 and under 18s are required to have their parent review the Terms of Service and enter an agreement on their behalf.
Tiktok TOS: ImageImage
Tiktok have robust terms of service, community guidelines and policies in place forbidding the sexualisation of children on the app. ImageImageImageImage
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20 Sep
This is an exposé on the people and organisations delivering LGBT+ Workshops to Teens as young as 12 in Irish Secondary Schools.

Thread 1/16
@Professor9lives Presented an excellent thread on a person named Robert Diac. Who is a prominent figure in LGBT circles in Ireland. He is a pansexual individual currently crowd funding for 'Top Surgery' and also the CEO of LGBT+ Services, Dublin.
Mr. Spencer Christie donated to Diac's Gofundme campaign, he is also pictured behind Diac in a photo on the LGBT+ Services website. Both Diac and Christie work for an organisation called Squarespace.…
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16 Sep
What an utter scumbag lying in the Dail like that!

Izzy did NOT need stitches nor was she hit with a "bar"....

We are still to see any evidence that she was at the hospital or even made a statement to the police. 🙄
It's likely that the whole event was staged.
Antifa have form for this kinda stunt....
Wouldnt you know @paulmurphy_TD is all onboard with these anarchists types 🙄

Wheres the Garda report? Wheres the admissions form from the A&E??

A weak excuse for a man.... PBP are firmly on my radar now.... 😈

These people are the ones pushing "progressive" sex ed in this country! ImageImage
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1 Sep
#RodericOGorman is a radical LGBT+ activist, unfit for the role of children's minister.
He has an unhealthy fixation on allowing children change their gender using synthetic hormones and surgery.

The studies show trans people are 19 times more likely to commit suicide ... 😔 ImageImage
The studies also show 95% of gender confused teens will 'desist' to their natal sex if they're allowed go through puberty naturally...
Doctors who speak out are suppressed. Experts in their fields like Kenneth Zucker ImageImage
The pressure from the trans lobby is immense. Only "affirming" voices are heard from, anything else results in calls for 'safe spaces' or threats of physical violence.
Remember they're introducing this through RSE.… ImageImageImageImage
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31 Aug
It was unfortunate that Gemma was arrested... however;

If the Garda suspect you of a crime, you are obliged to provide your name and address.
If you refuse to provide it, you can be arrested. If you resist arrest, you may be manhandled.

This Protest is a big mistake imo. Image
The next big protest is the 12th September, its about the tyranny being inflicted upon us in the guise of Public Health with all this Covid stuff. Dont lose sight of what's important.
I'm confident Gemma will be making a strong complaint.
Let not turn the Garda against us 🙏
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29 Aug
Quentin Van Meter MD, FCP - Pediatric Endocrinologist blows the whistle as a physician who was part of the John Hopkins University Hospital group where transgender medicine was developed.
He describes the lies, bad medicine and fraud behind it all 😔
➡️Up to 95% of Children and Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria revert to their natal sex if allowed to go through puberty.

➡️Transgender individuals are 20 times more likely to commit suicide 😨
Transgender individuals are under the LBGT 🌈 umbrella however gender dysphoria has nothing to do with sexual preferences...
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