I see this happening.

As in Saudi Arabia, there are different factions in the royal families. Which power center the country gravitates to - US, Russia, China, Iran - depends on which faction is currently in charge.

In Saudi Arabia, you had the King Fahd/Bin Salman faction, which is pro-U.S., and the Bin Talal faction, which was pro-Russia/Iran & supported Wahhabism.

The Bin Talal faction supported terrorism & the exporting of radical jihadist ideology.
Three years ago, shortly after President Trump’s visit, the Bin Talal faction was essentially rendered powerless. House arrests and massive fines seriously impaired the factions usual lobbying business in DC & in buying fake news coverage n the West.
Serious reforms have been underway in Saudi Arabia for over a decade, reforms the Bin Salman faction was instituting & the Bin Talal faction was fighting every step of the way.

It reached the point the Bin Talal faction had to be dealt with, and it was handled ‘in-house’.
There is no way UAE and Bahrain can do what they are doing without the blessing of the Saudi Royal family.

Some of the smaller kingdoms will go first. But Saudi Arabia will sign a treaty with Israel. It’s coming.
Now, what does all of this have to do with Qatar?

Well Qatar right now is where Saudi Arabia was a few years back. You have several competing factions and for awhile the “let’s align with international Terrorism & Iran & Russia!” faction has been ascendant.
But a whole lot of people including the people at the top of the factions in Qatar, are coming to realize they bet on the wrong horse.

The long expected Russia & China-backed nuclear umbrella for the region isn’t coming after all.

Something else is appearing.
The conventional wisdom for the past 20 years said a nuclear Iran backed by Russia & China was coming, and so there would different competing power blocs forming in the region to counter each other.
The US aligned bloc would counter balance the Russia aligned bloc.

Except nobody asked the locals what they wanted.

And what the Arab nations chiefly want is for the Americans & the Russians to quit interfering in their affairs.
The Russians were setting it up so that their terrorist sponsoring client state would dominate and control the region even more when it inevitably got nukes.

The US & other Western powers were setting it up to have a significant military presence to counter Iran’s influence.

Nobody got to be neutral.

And remember, within many of the Arab nations you have different royal factions, where one picked the US bloc, the other picked the Russians.
Russia and Iran invested a lot of resources in bribing some Arab states - or factions within those states - to join their bloc with Iran.

The US also offered bribes to Arab states/factions to join the Western bloc.

And all this was predicated on Iran going nuclear.
We got 8 years with Obama & Biden working for Iran Deal just so the inevitable Iranian nuclear breakout could be delayed for a couple of years.

If Hillary had won, none of what you see happening now would be happening.
But Trump won.

And now the entire paradigm of the Middle East is shifting away from The Great Powers engaged in their proxy games to a new emerging power that means its time for the Arab states to handle their own business & for the Great Powers to go home.
So a whole lot of people who were **financially invested** in the "inevitable Russo-China Iranian backed nuclear" scenario have been caught flat-footed by these surprising developments, years in the works, but only being publicly rolled out now.
Two Arab League nations, UAE & Bahrain, will sign peace accords with Israel today and President Trump just revealed a moment ago that negotiations with FIVE other countries are [and I quote] "very far down the road".

Ponder the implications of that, if you will.
President Trump and Jared Kushner for the past several years, have been **secretly negotiating** peace deals between Israel & multiple Arab countries in the Middle East and NOBODY HAD A CHANCE TO LEAK IT.

They **announced** it when they were good and damn ready.
There are never any **real** leaks from inside the Trump inner circle any more.

They simply **don't happen**.

That is the **only way** Trump & Kushner continue to pull this kind of stuff off.

Nobody can sabotage it because they DON'T KNOW IT'S COMING until it's too late.
Look what I laid out in this thread.

There are people who's ENTIRE CAREERS are based on the Russo-Chinese Iranian nuclear threat. Their FINANCIAL FORTUNES are based on the Russo-Chinese Iranian nuclear threat.

If they COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS, they **WOULD** have.
There are very serious, very powerful people in the Military Industrial Complex who went 'all in' on the scenario of the GROWING US MILITARY PRESENCE in the Middle East to **counter** that expected Russo-Chinese Iranian nuclear hegemony that now **IS NEVER GOING TO MATERIALIZE.**
And these people who went 'all in' financially and philosophically on this now-dying Iranian scenario are watching this unfold before their eyes with abject horror.










All their MONEY. All the YEARS they invested!!!

And they **can't stop it**.

And it's beautiful, man.


Some may have started to realize where Trump was taking things from **inside the house** but they were quickly ditched before they could blow anything up.
People suffering from "Iran-on-the-brain" who couldn't change their inflexible "War with Iran is inevitable" thinking and who still stubbornly backed the Iranian nuclear hegemony scenario were likely brought in as COVER while behind the scenes Trump & Kushner set up the MIC.
And then when the COVER wasn't needed any more, the Iran Warhawks were tossed over the side.

These peace deals took YEARS to set up and Trump & Kushner couldn't have started these secret negotiations with multiple Arab countries before 2017.
They thought they could control Trump. They thought at the beginning Trump was **on board** with Russo-Chinese Iranian nuclear scenario that **necessitated** a growing US military presence in the region.

TOO LATE they figured out that's NOT where Trump was taking things.
When Trump, on the day that UAE & Bahrain are signing this historic peace deal with Israel, drops the fact that negotiations with FIVE other countries in that region are 'very far down the road' that means the negotiations are almost done.

He can talk about it **now**, you see.
It's too late.

It's literally too late for those who would sabotage this to stop it.

And Trump knows it. Which is why he revealed it today.

Expect a LOT more to happen by the election.

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• • •

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25 Sep

And I'll tell you why.

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This money will go STRAIGHT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITIES in these cities.

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I keep saying there's more US Attorney's involved here than they have publicly revealed thus far, and the scope of this thing is MASSIVE.

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