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JR: "Joe and Kamala have shown they will lie, sell out, destroy a marriage ... to get political power"

In the immortal words of John McEnroe: "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!"

If it wasn't for double-standards, you'd have no standards at all.

Now, let's do Trump./2
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 2/Marital fidelity hasn't exactly been The Don's strongest suit. He cheated on his first wife with his second, on his second with The Third Whore, and then, cheated on her with two porn actresses that we know of. He apparently raped three women, including a 13-y.o. child. /3
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 3/ Add that to two dozen allegations of sexual assault and an array of cringeworthy statements evincing inappopriate sexual interest in underage girls, and you have a portrait of a sexual predator.

The case for his having raped young Katie is strengthened by the fact that /4
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 4/ Jeff Epstein was "Arkancided" while in Trump's custody. To say that his death was suspicious is an understatement -- and if he had 'dirt' on Bill Clinton only, Barr would have taken extra care to ensure that he lived to sing about it. /5
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 5/ There are a lot of oddities in the "Epstein-Barr virus." First, Barr's father hired Epstein at an elite prep school, and both left under suspicious circumstances. Second, notice the curious Fox edit (below). The unedited photo is at slide 3. /6
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 6/ The case for his having raped Jean Carroll was made several orders of magnitude stronger by Barr's effort to remove her defamation case to federal court. If he didn't rape her, he would have been eager to provide a DNA sample. You do the math. /7
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 7/ I tend to dismiss Ivana's claim of rape, mostly because we see it so often in connection with acrimonious divorce cases. The Billy Bush Bang Bus tape, his own admissions, and two dozen other charges of sexual misconduct, businessinsider.com/women-accused-…, /8
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 8/ are valuable as pattern evidence (see Cosby; Weinstein) only; I offer them without comment.

Yes, Willie Brown was technically married when he was dating Kamala, but he was estranged from his wife. BFD. As for Joe, he had entered the Senate when he lost his wife, /9
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 9/ and became involved with Jill two years later, nypost.com/2020/08/17/jil… Assuming her ex-husband's claim to be true, he had all the power he had already, and the claim that they were motivated by anything but love appears absurd. /10
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 10/ Now, let's turn to the main event:

JR: "Joe and Kamala have shown they will lie"

So, it appears that you believe that lying is a bad thing. I agree. But just chronicling all of Donald Trump's is a full-time job; the Toronto Star had one of their reporters do just that /11
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 11/ until they just gave up. projects.thestar.com/donald-trump-f… At last count, Trump has been caught in over 20,000 lies as POTUS--several careers' worth, for even the most ambitious of conventional pols. But the one that really matters is the one he told that has cost 200,000 American /12
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 12/ lives. Now, we have hard evidence that he knew the deadly nature of C-19 IN JANUARY. But instead of being candid with us a la Lincoln, FDR, and JFK, he chose to lie and deceive, and did nothing to prepare for the coming storm. This graphic illustrates the problem: /13
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 13/ We have a Weather Service for a reason: to prepare for hurricanes, and enable citizens to take precautions. In the health world, the CDC performs the same function.

In this crisis, Trump does what Trump always does: act in his own interest, even when it is not in ours. /14
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 14/ He didn't want to create panic? More like, he didn't want to create panic in the stock market. And now, he is trying to pretend that the crisis is over, despite the fact that we have more cases per day than we did in April. /15
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 15/ JR: "One thing we know and can count on with Trump he is totally transparent with what he is thinking and does what he says not because it is popular"

What color is the sky in your world? Chartreuse?

What he says, when it is not properly classified as a lie, is /16
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 16/ often stultifyingly stupid, falling into what could best be described as "magical thinking." Back when I lived in Cali, our fire season was measured in weeks; now, it is months. By process of elimination, AGW is the obvious culprit; denial is not just a river in Egypt. /17
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 17/ This would never have happened before. And no, it is not about Maunder minima or the other crap AGW deniers are wont to spew. Science knows. /18
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 18/ And that leads to another problem: Trump loyalists like the bat-guano cray-cray Caputo massaging essential data to have it comport with Trump's lies. Sharpiegate, cnn.com/2020/06/15/pol…, was funny, but tampering with the CDC is as serious as a heart attack. /19
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 19/ Forcing kids back to school too soon will be a super-spreader event, like the CoronaFest in Tulsa that claimed the life of Herman Cain and Sturgis. Worse yet, it erodes confidence in the safety and efficacy of any vaccine we develop. /20
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 20/ We've seen this rodeo before. In 1976, with another election hanging in the balance, the Ford Administration pushed a swine flu vaccine into service. Problem is, many who got the vaccine developed Giullain-Barre, which was WAY more damaging than the disease itself. /21
@Jkmcd2020J @brenda89798857 @Angela81702575 @mbracemoore 21/ If you are a True Believer in Cult.45, no quantum of fact or reason can persuade you. But at least I tried.

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3 Aug
@MarkChangizi Do the math.

1. At least 2% of Americans will contract C-19 by the end of September.

2. The odds of you contracting it is a function of whether you are exposed to it. As with the flu, less precautions = higher risk. /2
@MarkChangizi 2/

3. The current worldwide mortality rate is roughly 6%. We're getting better at treating it, so the odds are probably closer to 2-3% for new cases.

4. Surviving doesn't mean that you escape unscathed. This is what healthy lungs look like; this is your lung on C-19. /2
@MarkChangizi 3/ C-19 can damage the heart, lungs, and kidneys, and has caused strokes and auto-immune disorders. Damage from a stroke is often permanent. A current estimate of lasting injury is 5-7%.

5. While the virus itself is tiny, the bus it rides in on is often large. As such, /4
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