China had worked hard to build their reputation as a 10 foot Chinaman. In fact, thru Hollywood they portray themselves as highly efficient in engineering, all kung fu masters and even appropriated Tibetan mysticism and started calling it Chinese. All that is coming crashing down.
Chinese just cannot understand what has happened to the peace-loving circumspect Indians, and one sees on Gobar Times, how the Chinese are losing their sh*t w.r.t. India. They don't seem to be able to cow down the Indian spirit anymore.
More than that, the Pakistanis are astounded how India has started staring down at their Abbu. Chinese have always thought they could simply grab everything they look at, simply due the others' fear of the 10 foot Chinaman.
Chinese thought they could kill the Indian "chicken" and scare the American "monkey". They erred. The fear is gone. There's an irrepressible desire among all Indians to kick the 10 foot Chinaman in his balls. That's what Xi Jinping has achieved by challenging India on the border.
Pakistan made a mistake in Pulwama, and Modi tore down Pakistan's nuclear terror by attacking their terrorists at Balakot

China made a mistake at Galwan, and Modi tore down China's 10 foot Chinaman at the border

No more fear. India is ready to kick butt of both terrorists & PRC
Chinese reputation as some highly efficient merciless military superpower, others need to fear, lies in dust, not just in India, but now throughout Asia and beyond.

Well played, Xi Jinping.

• • •

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20 Sep
One of the reasons why there was some confusion on Black Top and Helmet Top and whether the Indian Army controlled it or not, was because since those heights are on Chinese side of the LAC, Indians did not wish to look as being violating of LAC.
At the same time these heights needed to be in Indian control, so it was the SSF and Tibetans, who captured those heights. Black Top and Helmet Top are officially under the control of the Tibetans, not of the Indian Army.
In more than a few occasions, the Tibetan flag has been used on top of heights. This is going to become the new norm.

India will not hesitate to take areas on the Chinese side of the LAC if it bolsters defense of Ladakh, as well as enables return of Indian territory.
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3 Sep
Chinese have already lost whatever political benefits they had hoped for with their conflict in Ladakh. They may have wanted to kill a chicken to frighten the US monkey and to get other soothe asian ducks perfectly aligned behind China.
Instead they have allowed India to show its steel in front of a larger enemy and to hold its ground. That runs totally contrary to Chinese objectivest
India is now fully transitioned into battle-ready mode, to defend what's is Indian control and continue to deny Chinese any feature advantage, which leads to continuous salami slicing.

The fact that India's supply lines are shorter means India can prolong this military stance.
Read 10 tweets
15 Mar
@RajivMessage @TulsiGabbard Not at all.

1) Tulsi had no reason to debate you. For her Hinduism is her religion, which provides her with comfort, a world view. Her Mom is Hindu, her father is a Catholic, and she still finds a certain personal syncretism in the idea.

Job of intellectual Kshatriyas ...
@RajivMessage @TulsiGabbard like yourself has been to investigate how Hindus are "(Being) Different" than others.

This purvapaksha is of immense value to Desi Hindus, as it better anchors our traditions, our grounding in them, prevents inculturation, etc.

You two have different approaches.

@RajivMessage @TulsiGabbard During most of ur interviews w/ Westernized Hindus, ur approach has been to tell them, how their embrace of Hinduism has been or will remain imperfect (U-Turn, Extract enrichment but distance from full association/allegiance with Hindus, etc.)

They are like interrogations

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20 Jan
With this speech, Bernie burnt up any chance of good relations between India and US in a potential Bernie Presidency.

1. During the temporary restrictions period in Kashmir, Indian Govt took extra care that the Valley had all the medicines that were needed and ppl received care.
2. Temporary restrictions on phone services was to stop Pakistan's stone-pelting gangs from organizing. It was meant to save lives, and save lives it did.

Violence came drastically down. Only deaths were from terrorists killing apple farm workers transporters, not by sec forces.
Moreover #Article370Abrogation was India's internal matter, which was undertaken by a democracy in a constitutional manner.

So Bernie was essentially just parroting Pakistan's talking points about "oh the Kashmiri Muslim suffering" obviously ignoring ethnic cleansing of K Hindus
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21 Oct 19
#KamleshTiwari is now a devta, a hero, a martyr

He was a Hindu, who used to work for the Hindu cause w/ true faith

He was a braveheart, who fought against an evil enemy

I salute this Hindu martyr

But I feel his strategy ultimately strengthened the enemy & endangered the cause
It may sound counter-intuitive but every abusive attack on their prophet has always strengthened their ideology, increased the hold of their core on the periphery, made them more cohesive.

This is especially the case, when the abuse/criticism is not supported by their texts

The way to weaken the enemy is to:

1. prevent them from availing of any political or administrative power

2. neutralize all means and incidents of psychological & physical intimidation

3. crime lends them an aura of strength over kufr law. Straitjacket their criminal potential
Read 23 tweets
2 Jul 19
99% Hindus are law abiding Constitutionalists! Constituion is very important, cuz otherwise it is just civil war. With it, one can limit it to "skirmishes".

Hindus should however understand GoI can go only by Constitution, and its hands are tied. GoI can play an important role
GoI can give Hs only limited protection. Hs need to look for protection within themselves for their families, their friends, their women, their temples, their festivals, their neighborhoods, their streets.

STOP CURSING GoI. Stop being stupid idealistic Constitutionalists.
It is time, Hs wake up to reality. They've been shifting blame to GoI for too long.

They see Constitution n think everything that's written there, about freedoms, about rights, about security, about equality, everything has to be provided by GoI. Why? Cuz it's in Constitution
Read 33 tweets

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