@N_AmerSolutions Thank you for this post for it also magnificent demonstration of what readily will happen via the abuse of Automated machinery when controlled via Artificial Intelligence: In this post it was controlled by men inside the truck & accidentally injured the woman on the bench:
@N_AmerSolutions Some will remember this posted video of Uber's test of self-driving (AI) auto with sensors hit a cyclist (why? perhaps to test our reaction to choosing AI or value of life?) For clearly the technology exist to sense objects well in advance especially moving in the direction
@N_AmerSolutions to intersect with the on coming vehicle:
1) March 2018
2) electrek.co/2018/03/19/ube…
Especially since Auto Trucks have been operational
3) Nov 2017
4) popularmechanics.com/technology/inf…
@N_AmerSolutions August 2019 UPS
5) theverge.com/2019/8/15/2080…
6) March 2020 (Reassure the Natives)
7) July 1, 2020 (All during the alleged COVID emergency - dealing with Border Crossing Issues)
Interesting ... Yes?
@N_AmerSolutions AI progress clearly has ZERO issue with COVID or border crossing for transportation of essential goods & services keeps rolling along: The amusing part is ZERO of those companies recognize the entire systems operations & ownership structure has completely changed: Good Times!
@N_AmerSolutions Therefore back to the AI Uber test drive clearly the technology exist & is being integrated into society quietly, while [they] were creating StarLink communications network that again was being launched during the height of the COVID Feardemic
@N_AmerSolutions After all Timing is everything ... shall we connect it to the Brave New World statements & oversight fiduciary Ivanka Trump's statements disclosed by Team member I simply placed into post Markers for context relationships pertaining vaccines, Smart

@N_AmerSolutions Cities, Operation Warp Speed & the ongoing Lockdown despite the historical Disclosure & Enforcement that is unraveling greater context of the COVID Fraud being utilized by multiple parties & similar agendas
10) New Zealand

@N_AmerSolutions Had to include as a reminder that Sweden never experienced the Lockdown, social distancing, masking etcetera ZERO sense & the accelerating number of fiduciary medical & research specialist coming forward against the COVID narrative, including fiduciary PERSON CDC forced to
@N_AmerSolutions alter former Death toll numbers: Regardless of the attempts by invested RICO corrupt fiduciary PERSONS (individuals & organizations) holding the heinous party death to people line:
"Unlike anything the country has seen since the Manhattan Project"
12) newsweek.com/trump-launches…
@N_AmerSolutions Smart Cities plans

14) techrepublic.com/article/smart-…

15) mckinsey.com/industries/cap…

Hence it appears the focus is from [their] perspective (forget the COVID political Circus being directed from one source) aligns ONLY with digital AI:
Dr. Manhattan👇
@N_AmerSolutions in the story line of Watchmen was completely altered after accidentally locked in test chamber

17) "Moore sought to delve into nuclear physics and quantum mechanics in constructing the character of Dr. Manhattan"

@N_AmerSolutions Notice another parallel in plain sight layer connection to essential energy private side operational realities & Portals relationships for Those that know in context with former oversight fiduciary Richard Nixon & American post office as shared
18) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_St…
@N_AmerSolutions has an unknown relationship to the purest & most powerful (infinite capacity) aspect of energy [they] have been attempting to access from multiple angles to ZERO avail: Alone exist in Sacred Private side operational realities of precious & priceless Assets prized above all
@N_AmerSolutions natural resources due to Our spiritual Conscious connection grants us infinite Creator abilities & potential, including the ability to transform infinite amount of energy through or DNA Biogenetic bodies: The post office is one of the foundational Portals initially created
@N_AmerSolutions as shared historically & the reason I intervened pertaining the United States Postal Service a highly unique organization due to being the original American Treasury depositary: Those who know recognize specific enforcement I made pertaining attempts at operational portals:
@N_AmerSolutions Due to a reply I shared the following it is expressed upon two post & yes it will appear cryptic: Yet it what I share whether yet recognized is a treasure beyond treasures ... all in plain sight, a pure balanced heart, mind & intent are required:


• • •

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The Lord's Prayer
Comprehend if "people's lives" whom are the beneficiaries of substantial private side operational exempt House Estate Trusts, I alone historically orchestrated & established that has been providing sovereign American national Credits for the entire world & far more buffering
A-2 Image
protecting and providing funding for all people & sovereign nations: As historically shared it is the true reason the global stock markets continue to rebound
money.cnn.com/data/markets/ while political agendas rapidly oscillate between rhetoric & staged dualistic battles:
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