This requires national attention and broad community support.

Philadelphia, like many other cities will expend more resources to threaten, abuse and brutalize the homeless than to house them.

These families are in danger from the people tasked to help.…
It's really imperative that people stop thinking of homelessness as "someone else's problem" because there is a looming eviction crisis dovetailing with a growing unemployment crisis.

So it's not gonna be abstract for a lot of you reading this real soon.
Yes. I get that the principled stance is that we should care about unhoused people because they're people.

But we don't. We just don't. And we've proven that consistently for decades.

So lemme remind you again.

This could be you or someone you love in the IMMEDIATE future.
The simple fact is that huge swaths of this country are going to see massive increases in homelessness among people formerly ABOVE the poverty line.

And when that hits you or someone you love, you're gonna want resources and compassion.

You're gonna want HELP.

So invest NOW.
So many of you have spent your lives thinking "There but for the grace of God go I"

I'm telling you the grace of God is running on empty.

So very soon. There go you.

There go those you care about.
You get laid off, you can't pay rent in time, your landlord doesn't care, you don't have a couch for you and your kids to crash on, can't pay your phone bill, credit tanks, you have no forwarding address...

And so you do what you can to get by till you catch a break.

Then COPS.
They destroy your stuff.
They beat you up.
They traumatize your kids

This isn't what you want in place for you if this happens to you or loved ones.

You want a system to help families not have to spend another night like this so they can get back to a warm, safe, dry home.
You don't need someone telling you that you don't understand finance.

You don't need someone telling you you're a bad parent.

You don't need someone teaching you how to live

You need HELP and MONEY so you can just clear up your crisis so you can get back to living your lives
You KNOW what you would need if you and your family got kicked out of your home and you had nowhere to turn.

You know you do.

You wouldn't be confused. You'd just need someone to have your back so you could do it.
Right now there's a bunch of families in Philly who have hit hard times. They just hit them earlier than you or your loved ones.

They know what they need.

They're trying to get it.

And instead of helping, their government is threatening them.

This isn't what we want.
Call the Philadelphia Mayor's Office and tell him to talk to struggling families rather than threatening them.

(215) 686-2181

This is a DEMOCRATIC mayor.

Tweet @PhillyMayor . Let him know this isn't how we as Americans want to be treated.
If Democrats can't even get their own officials to back humane policy, what chance do they have against fascism and the GOP?
Liberals everywhere are gearing up for a huge national fight against the White House and the GOP.

Well here's an easy battle. Pressuring your OWN party to not use authoritarian tactics against the most vulnerable in their own cities.

If you can't mobilize here. Where can you?
Lest you think this is alarmist, let me remind you that this is the same city where this summer, this same Mayor authorized militarized police to engage in chemical warfare at random in densely populated residential areas.

That's how he treated working citizens WITH homes.

• • •

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15 Sep
If anyone wants to know what political school of thought I belong to, I don't.

My ethos is "Maximize equity, minimize trauma"

That's it. Everything I say and do is toward those ends.

I don't care about party or ideology. That's team sports.
Parties and ideologies tend to be on rails. If you follow them, then you'll be with them when they stray from maximizing equity or minimizing trauma.

If you follow the values, you'll find yourself weaving in and out of party and ideological spaces.
This is why frequently people of a specific ideology or party get surprised when suddenly I'm not standing among them anymore and instead I'm standing aside levying critique.
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13 Sep
Every retail worker who has ever worked through the last days of a big chain like Circuit City or Toys R Us can recognize what is happening in American government.

It's all too familiar.
The store hits a point where for one reason or another, it discovers it's not competitive anymore.

Instead of making a fundamental shift in the business model, management tries to assure everyone things are fine.
The store tries to put effort into promotions and sales to get people into the doors.

Trying to breathe life into a business model that is obsolete instead of adapting.

Eventually the resources directed toward infrastructure and maintenance gets redirected toward promotion
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10 Sep
The thing I think that is most damning about the Woodward tapes is that they make clear that POTUS's bumbling buffoonery is a deliberate act and that underneath it, is a calculating, savvy, villain.
Yes. He is an inept president.
Yes. He is no good at governance
Yes. Civics and foreign policy elude him.

But the thing about "intelligence" is that it's domain specific.

And his domain is the art of the con.

His proficiency is the only reason you know his name.
I feel sometimes like people misunderstand con men in the same way they misunderstand hackers and phishers.

Sophistication isn't necessarily a factor.

Frequently brute force and sheer scope of effect is the primary tool.

You don't need the savviest to fall for it.
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9 Sep
I'm starting to think it might be the time to shift from street protest to general strike.
Hear me out.

I'm not against street protest. I think it's a critical tool.

But trying to think strategically about this I'm not suggesting eliminating protest from the tool box.

But knowing when to shift primary strategies is a key part of battle tactics.
The simple fact of the matter is this.

Street protests have achieved a great deal over the past few months.

But in these few months, fascists have subverted street protests and this particular tactic is slipping into diminishing returns.
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6 Sep
Radicalization in this context is nothing more than being systematically and deliberately deprived of the tools necessary to reach an amicable agreement and so turning to what one has left.
If you won't stop hitting me because it's wrong,

Or I cry out in pain
Or I try to escape
Or I beg you to stop
Or I push you away
Or I ask for intervention
Or I try to reason
Or I appeal to your humanity

Then you will stop because I beat your ass and you can't get up.
Each step in that process is radicalization.

Every time you dismiss my attempt to get you to stop harming me, you leave me with fewer options.

And since just being harmed indefinitely is not an option, logically the only recourse will be to stop you myself.
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3 Sep
What people don't get is that police are running a protection racket on cities and that city governments aren't really in charge of their police.

But city governments don't admit that to the public.

Because they're scared of police.

Police only serve police.
This whole country is held hostage by police and nobody is willing to admit it.

Nobody wants to be the one to admit that not only have they lost control, but that they never actually had it.

The FOP runs the police. Not mayors or cities or any government.

A Fraternal Order.
Oh. I realize some of you may not know what a protection racket is. It goes like this.

New business opens up in local criminal org territory.

The org sends some guys to trash your place, then comes to "suggest" that they can protect your place from "vandals" for a "small fee"
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