The irony of company healthcare is you get it only if you stay healthy enough to not get fired. I don't think a lot of people really think through this. I see it as a better investment to make sure I can have independent income to get health insurance out of a full time job.
Maybe it's that a lot of people can't imagine becoming this sick. But for me it's like, a very normalized part of my life to often need weeks or months off and I pretty much never work full time. I don't think I could hold a full time job right now without really hurting myself.
Like when I broke my ankle last year it took me a good 6-9 months to be able to function without pain. Or for my normal mental health stuff, it's pretty typical that a trigger can put me out unexpectedly for a few days, and if I have a lot of triggers that's easily a few weeks
I don't see this as weird or rare or even a severe thing. I see it as pretty normal. It's not that starting a business is easy, it's that working full time is probably even less stable health-wise for a lot of people, and I find it weird that more people don't understand that.
Many people in my condition end up very poor or homeless, because full time or stable work is simply not a viable option. It's why I support universal basic income. And then I also know many entrepreneurs like me who end up starting businesses as the alternative. A strange binary
This is one of the dangers of "hustle culture"-- it promotes the idea that founders are always working super hard. You can structure your company like that if you want, for sure. But the majority of founders I personally know work much less than full time, even in early stages.
sidenote, this thread is a perfect example of why I give out my instagram and not my twitter for new people I meet 😂 come new person let's go on a multi-tweet journey about my health problems

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22 Sep
There are a few sex education concepts in Come As You Are by Dr Nagoski that stayed with me, and I wanted to briefly summarize them for you. I highly recommend this book.
1. She talks about the differences between physical arousal (getting wet, hard, etc) and mental arousal (actually wanting to have sex, feeling comfortable, etc). I don’t have the book in front of me but I wanted to summarize the gist of her point.
She says physical arousal is like walking through a town and noticing what might be a restaurant. Mental arousal is like saying wait, that’s actually a garbage bin with rotting food in it, that would actually be horrifying to eat at, lets keep looking for good restaurants
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20 Sep
Working on the house more today. Sketched up a plan for the backyard. Lawn with chairs close to the house, in the back room for a raised bed or beds of vegetables, with a trellis covered in vines to give some extra privacy.
Three plants have been acquired— knockout rose and limelight hydrangea to be bushes surrounding the garden, and a vine (mandevilla?) to climb the privacy trellis. Not sure if this vine can handle a PA winter outdoors, we’ll have to see.
For now though, there’s still lots of clearing work to do. So much ivy!!!
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18 Sep
Today's walk in the woods ImageImageImageImage
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17 Sep
I once had a week, after a series of stressful events, where I would frequently walk into rooms & forget why I was there, forget what I was talking about mid-conversation. It felt a little like living in a dream, where I was mostly in a haze, with bursts of coherency and context.
I brought it up with my therapist, and she said she wasn’t worried at all, to give it some time. She said the brain is very mysterious, even to doctors. She said it often is trying to protect and heal in ways we don’t quite understand.
One thing I noticed was it was hard to focus on anything, including the stressful events that had just happened. I often even forgot what I was stressed about, even though I was obsessing about it nonstop just the week before.
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15 Sep
I've been really into baking beans recently, I find it creates this amazing depth of flavor, and is also perfect for the chillier fall time. :D Trying this spin on baked beans now which sounds intriguing, cooking beans in the same way brisket is cooked:…
Her previous "cook vegetables the way meat is cooked" recipe was this mushroom bourguignon which is, quite simply, amazing. I rush to make this whenever I have wine and mushrooms around. So I have high hopes for these beans…
I feel like people in the US spend a lot of time & care on alcoholic drinks & meat dishes. As someone who is both sober and mostly vegetarian I've had to put intentional effort into treating vegetables with care too, into making things like hot cocoas and lemonade just as special
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13 Sep
I've been baking gluten free lately for a friend and am surprised at how much I don't notice it. Gluten free flour does have a slightly different taste, so I sometimes mask it with spices or a nut flour added in, but it works great with almost no recipe changes in cakes & cookies
What I should do is look for recipes that are naturally gluten free because I bet those are awesome too, but I just have my old baking favorites and it's nice to have such an easy option to still be able to bake them. Pretty surprised!
This is definitely on my naturally gluten free to-bake list, glorious Brazilian cheese bread:
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