There's a fine line between fear & panic. Fear can drive preparedness, planning, thoughtful responses to a crisis. Panic impairs our ability to assess the true impact of our experience and in turn, to respond in a measured fashion. Thread 1/
There's a lot to fear right now. Our physical, mental, social & economic health as a society is being challenged with a complexity that is historically unprecedented. There is every reason to take this seriously and regard it as a real threat to us all 2/
But in being fearful, we must be thoughtful & determine what we can/can't live with. What is a necessity? A privilege? A luxury? Will MY privilege or convenience cost someone else THEIR necessity, or worse, their life? (masks are not chinstraps) 3/
There has never been a time where the "social contract" has been more critical a determinant of our fate. In a pandemic, it's not ok to let others do the heavy lifting. The weight only gets worse, and stresses the limits of those already overextended 4/
So what now? Where do we direct our fear and transform it in to HOPE? We look in the mirror first. We do everything we can to fulfill our social contract, the commitment to preserve and safeguard our entire community in each decision we take 5/
We advocate at all levels with vigor, determination and unrelenting faith that our voices will be heard for policy makers to enact a vision that mirrors the same respectful and compassionate decisions we are making as individuals. Don't stop! 6/
There is HOPE Canada🇨🇦. We CAN do this. We did it before. It's going to take more patience, discipline & faith. It's going to take a sense of community like never before. MORE than just a few months ago. But it CAN be done 7/
We may yet need to close schools, bars, gyms, indoor dining and scale back to Phase 2. We may have total lockdown again though this is very unlikely and perhaps untenable in terms of further losses that would follow 8/
Let's not wait for the next BIG decision to be levied. Let's make the decision ourselves each time we leave our homes doing ALL we can - MASKING AND DISTANCING AND HANDWASHING. Please Don't Cheat. You're cheating yourself and everyone else too. 9/
We WILL survive this. I believe in the incredible people of this great country I love. We are compassionate, caring, community-oriented people. This is our moment to prove it. Again. We can. And we will. Be safe everyone.
#Together #OhCanada🇨🇦 10/ End

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22 Sep
Thanks @CFRAOttawa @MrLeslieRoberts for letting me share my thoughts on this. Kids CAN and SHOULD wear masks in any school environment to offer best protection to themselves, teachers + others. There are too many myths here...1/
Myth 1: "It's just too hard for kids to learn how to wear a mask. They're so young"
If they can launch Netflix and play video games with 2 fingers, they're not too young. They're way more intelligent than we give them credit for. Let them prove it.2/
Myth 2: "Kids won't know how to keep masks on and won't tolerate them."
Everywhere I go, the "mask for earrings/chin warmer camp" is actually aged > 19. It's adults who really need to learn to be responsible by covering up, not kids! 3/
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31 Aug
Lots of salvos being launched between the "Droplet vs Aerosols" camps. Let's not fall prey to this please. Principle of risk is based on COMPOSITE of all variables. No single risk mitigation strategy is enough. 1/…
That's why we continue to remind of the "4 C's":

- Closeness
- Closed Spaces
- Crowds
- Continuous Exposure

Risk multiplies with EACH variable. If one is low, you may be misled in to accepting activity as safe if ignoring others 2/
Talking to someone without a mask indoors x 15 mins ~ 5 ft apart is potentially more risky than being in a crowd outdoors but wearing a mask x 45 minutes. Talking loudly/singing x few mins may ⬆️ risk vs non-verbal communication x longer @ less distance 3/
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25 Aug
Lots of great questions/debates about #BackToSchool risk assessment ratings. Going to make a few points to try to clarify. Not possible to keep up with the same recurrent?s so pls take note 1/
I've said it before. This is a GUIDE. No pefect tool exists and risk will change, sometimes appreciably depending on the context. A cafeteria COULD be safer than a classroom and an Uber COULD be safer than your family's vehicle. Will explain 2/
Some points to note. More HOUSEHOLD transmission of COVID-19 occurs than most people are aware of. A family of 4 or 5 unmasked in car might be at ⬆️ risk than in an Uber with barrier shields & everyone wearing a 😷 3/
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24 Aug
Big difference between INFECTION (bug in body) and DISEASE (illness/damage due to said bug in body). We have to be careful not to equate the two in terms of significance and reflection of the adequacy of immune status. 1/
Take urinary tract "infection". If I randomly took urine samples from all the octogenerians admitted to my general medical ward, a good bet would be that at least 30-50% would be positive. Doesn't mean they all have UTI's 2/
What it means is that a bacterium managed to find its way into the urinary tract. It may be sitting idly and actually taken up residence there for some time like a contented and polite squatter (this is called "colonization") 3/
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14 Aug
Easy response here is bars/strip clubs shouldn't be open at all. And of course, the priority debate follows that says schools must be safely reopened before anything else deemed "non-essential" can be 1/…
The problem is this follows a binary thinking fallacy that has become a recurrent narrative thread throughout this pandemic. No bars without schools. No public safety without crippling an economy. No pandemic control or functional society without vaccine 2/
Business owners have the right to earn a living and consumers have the right to frequent establishments that are legally open. We may not agree on the definition of "essential" or if they are in keeping with our values but that is a separate matter 3/
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2 Aug
Lots of confusion about when and who to test for Covid-19 and if a negative test means you're free and clear to see your grandma or meet up for a family reunion at the cottage. Let's start with WHO should get tested 1/
To identify what level of community transmission exists, random testing is not recommended. If your probability is low and unrelated to symptoms or known exposure, testing resources are being used needlessly. Don't get tested "just for the hell of it" 2/
You should get tested if:
- You have symptoms compatible with CoVid-19
- you have been in contact with a confirmed case
- you work in a health care, LTC or similar setting with reasonable risk exposure to a confirmed case 3/
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