Recent discourse around parenting, children & sexuality provides an incredibly insightful glimpse into the sheer shallowness of the MSM & their supposed 'experts' tasked with helping us make sense of our world - but instead obfuscate & hollow-out any meaningful conversation. 1/12
On one side of the spectrum, they present our world as if unknown & unknowable forces are at work to corrupt & hypersexualize our children.

There is no context of capitalism's commodification of sexuality or how sexist & patriarchal norms contour every aspect of our lives. 2/12
On the other side of the spectrum, sexuality is disgusting, taboo & shameful.

With no context of how sexuality, a perfectly normal, healthy & beautiful aspect of humanity, becomes warped & alienating *because of* capitalism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. 3/12
Cynthia Peters: "They want to colonize the farthest reaches of our souls in order to better make money off of us. Sexuality is a potentially dangerous independent island nation — a rogue state that must be brought into service of the marketplace from a very early age." 4/12
"Disassociate sex from non-market feelings (pleasure, desire, intimacy) and associate it instead with consumable superficialities, and you'll not only keep the rabble in line, you'll have them lined up at the mall." 5/12
It's not the case, as the MSM & their 'experts' want us to believe, that we're hopeless atoms bouncing around a vacuum with no way of understanding the forces shaping our lives, like the onslaught of sexist & misogynistic messages, toys & products targeted towards our kids. 6/12
They want us to believe that as parents, we only have two choices: we either buy into the commodification of a highly patriarchal sexuality or helplessly seek refuge in despair.

But like most everything else presented by the MSM, that framework is a lie. 7/12
We CAN understand how capitalism attempts to commodify EVERYTHING – including our children's sexuality. And we CAN understand how sexism, patriarchy, homophobia & transphobia limit our fulfillment & liberation. 8/12
And most importantly, we CAN transform our society away from one that seeks - above all else -the maximization of profit & power for the few into a better society that seeks the maximization of fulfillment, potential & liberation for all. 9/12
Peters: "[Children] should have plenty of evidence (from us) that corporations and brand names do not define femininity/masculinity/sexuality, but that those things are shaped by us — from within, in dialog with others, in community, joyfully, actively, responsibly. Etc." 10/12
"let’s build towards a society that supports diverse, affirming, responsible sexual expression; undermines corporate power to determine how we express ourselves; and finds ways to support our children to embrace the world, themselves, and their own sexuality” 11/12
The shallowness of the MSM’s presentation of sexuality, much like the way they present most EVERYTHING else affecting our lives, is completely devoid of any of the tools necessary to understand the *systemic* causes &, thus, the *systemic* solutions. 12/12
All quotes from Cynthia Peters from this excellent article.

As a parent of two, I’ve valued her writings on parenting & feminism.…

• • •

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18 Sep
Almost all of the injustices we’re fighting against today were always there.

But for many, the disruptions caused by the pandemic broke the spell of business-as-usual complacency & capitalism's rat-race exhaustion.

This is a critical moment for radical consciousness-raising 1/6
People are looking for answers to why their lives are so full of pain, anxiety, alienation, injustice, & oppression.

Now is the time to connect the dots of those lived experiences with their true *systematic* sources: capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. 2/6
The right-wing is exploiting the crisis to pull people into their web of false targets: immigrants, ‘deep state,’ etc. anything & everything but the true sources:

The institutions that benefit the wealthy & powerful at the expense of everyone else. 3/6

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17 Sep
Capitalism is inherently & systematically:
• Anti-democratic
• Environmentally destructive
• Inequitable
• Creativity & innovation stifling
• Heartlessness & callousness incentivizing

We will PROVE each & every one of these claims & EXPOSE common capitalist propaganda. 1/22
Democracy means people have a fair say in the decisions that affect their lives. 2/22

In this thread, we prove that capitalism is inherently anti-democratic both *internally* within capitalist workplaces, as well as *externally* via markets.

Capitalism does NOT give people a fair say in the economic decisions that affect their lives. 3/22

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10 Sep
Advocating for people from traditionally marginalized communities - who historically have had little to no access to represent their *own* identity in their *own* voices - to be allowed the means & space to do so is NOT 'identity politics.' 1/5
Using your power & privilege to cherry-pick people from traditionally marginalized communities to parrot *your* views (or views you find palatable) is. 2/5
One of the many ways Capitalism reinforces racism is that groups who historically have had access to capital have access to the biggest megaphones, while groups who historically have been denied (or robbed of) access to capital do not. 3/5
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8 Sep
Part of what makes conspiracy theories like Q-Anon so appealing is that the sheer magnitude & scale of these theories match people's lived experiences of pain, alienation, indignity & oppression.

Centrism's 'business-as-usual' could NEVER compete.

But could the left? 1/26
The people backing RW conspiracy theories are not stupid. They are targeting the disillusioned & alienated & giving them targets to place blame for how oppressed they feel.

Of course, their theories blame everything but the *true systematic sources* of people's suffering. 2/26
And that's exactly why the wealthy & powerful love & benefit from them.
● Deflect blame away from themselves
● Deflect blame away from the systems that benefit them
● Keep people distracted/running in circles
● Provided a pipeline to white nationalism/fascism etc. 3/26
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1 Sep
Trying to prevent an economic recession/depression from the top-down is like trying to push string: The more you push, the more slack develops – but nothing moves along.

Corporations will keep hoarding their capital & won’t hire employees or invest in the REAL economy. 1/4
Corporations won’t spend one additional penny on hiring workers or additional capacity unless that penny returns more pennies. And that doesn’t happen unless consumers have money to spend on the goods & services they need. 2/4
Top-down bailouts, like what we’ve seen over the past few months, never work. Never have & never will.

They only function to further redistribute more wealth to the already wealthy, which is exactly what we’ve seen over the past few months. 3/4
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1 Sep
Fascism is not *just* about the consolidation of power.

It’s also about expanding/maintaining those systems which allow for power to be consolidated, while eroding any systems that stand in the way of power consolidation. 1/4
Looking at the political/corporate nexus of power in the US through this lens, it’s quite clear that both parties have been complicit in paving the road to fascism for decades.

From bipartisan expansions of executive power... to universal capitulation to corporate power. 2/4
The MSM’s ahistorical, ‘Trump in vacuum’ presentation of how we go to where we are lacks any substantive historical or systemic analysis & thus neither gives us the tools to truly fight fascism nor prevent fascism in the future. 3/4
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