in the next few days and weeks you are going to see a *lot* of progressives showing their entire ass on the subject of ableism and eugenics, because an open secret is that large swathes of the left are every bit as ableist as the right
the perspectives and contributions of disabled leftists have systematically been deprecated, ignored, and forgotten, and disability justice perspectives have been fought against and policed out at every level, from democrats to the DSA to your local activist groups.
when you see major left and progressive organizations making huge blunders on the subjects of ableism, of medical eugenics and disability justice, understand that what you are seeing is the fruit of a culture that systematically disempowers, ignores, and removes disabled comrades

• • •

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More from @quatoria

22 Sep
If you haven't experienced this kind of welcome, this policing, everywhere & every day when engaging in your hobbies, like Tanya has, like SO MANY of us have, you need to have NOTHING negative to say when people who've been the targets of it band together to make their OWN thing.
If you haven't been the target of this kind of overwhelming, aggressive hostility in your hobby spaces, if you have not been one of the identities that "does not belong here" and "needs to go away," you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT THE EXPERIENCE IS LIKE.
If you can't support and cheer for people coming together with their peers, with the people who experience the same oppression from the same sources, to make something new and exciting for themselves, something safe from that oppression, why are you even *in* the hobby?
Read 4 tweets
22 Sep
As I've been healing and reconnecting with my past, reviewing memories for the first time in my life, I've been remembering: I used to LOVE learning? It was my single biggest passion and motivator, as an autistic kid. It took school to beat that out of me.
School changed "learning" from a task that motivated me like no other, changed it into a miserable, slow, boring slog, and all it took was punishing me every time I read ahead or finished early and switched to reading something else.
All it took was teacher after principle after counselor after administrator teaching me that going at my own pace, and reading ahead, and asking questions about the things that actually confused or interested me was "disruptive" and "looking for attention".
Read 5 tweets
22 Sep
People are still lingering under this notion that "it can't happen here," even as they are watching it happen here, this belief that Trump, that Fascism, that all of this, is just an electoral abnormality, a wobble, and things will "go back to normal." That is NOT happening.
Trump's actions have exposed the rot that has shot through our system, the toothless of our "standards" and "taboos" and "checks and balances." Do you think that genie gets put back in the bottle? Grifters and cons have descended on our government like a flock of vultures.
The open looting of the country is well under way, has been under way for *years*. Our regulations and regulatory agencies are shredded, the institutional memory that lay behind those agencies is *gone*, scattered to the winds. None of this just "comes back" on it's own.
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21 Sep
sometimes i see people on here who are writing witty tweets or detailed breakdowns of issues talk about how badly they want to be a writer and i just want to shake them and ask them what they think they are doing, and have been doing literally every day, for who knows how long
"no, I mean i want to do it professionally!" oh, you mean you're applying for jobs or looking for gigs or submitting pitches to publications or working on a treatment or a first draft?

"what, no, of course not, i'm not a writer, i just wanna be one!"
if there is one thing i wish i could tell to people and have them believe me, it is that "wanting it" in the sense people talk about it is literally worthless, it will do absolutely nothing for you. there is no "wanting it," there is only "doing it" or not "doing it".be doing it.
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21 Sep
if you want to look at the face of medical negligence, look at just how little research has been done on POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), a condition that predominantly (as much as 5:1) affects women
I'm reading through this massive, well supported, well designed document attempting to act as a cohesive set of 'best practices' for diagnosing and treating POTS, from 2015, and am just stunned by how little actual evidence there is for any of the recommendations.
In their full table of recommendations, none were supported by level A evidence (multiple clinical trials), only FOUR had level B evidence (blind randomized trials) and those four were "maybe try structured exercise" and "maybe take propranolol," and two "don't do this."
Read 6 tweets
18 Sep
man i forgot how good it felt to wake up the day after working out with your muscles all kinda sore and tired, but the good sore, and the good tired, and you're stronger
it has just been *so* long - honestly, probably literally since i was 18-23 - since my orthostatic intolerance wasn't making it impossible for me to work out w/out passing out. i did not realize how badly i had missed it, but it was VERY badly
I did my normal physical therapy, did ten minutes of cardio in their PT gym, came home and did all my twitter stuff and the research I had planned, made a bunch of calls and set up appointments, and then I was like... "ten minutes was nowhere near enough" & did a fast 3 mile walk
Read 4 tweets

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