Disease prevention in poultry is achieved by these four(4) main measures;
1. Proper Vaccination program
2. Biosecurity
3. Feeding
4. Management.
Let's discuss vaccination in Layers today. From day 1 to week 17. You can help retweet this thread to help someone.
Let's go my peeps.
I will use three parameters(Age, Vaccination Against (VA)(the disease we are vaccinating against) and Route(the place where the vaccine is administered through).
AGE - Day 1
VA - Marek's Disease
Route - Under Skin(Given at the hatchery). Please make sure you ask or see that
your DOCs are vaccinated.

AGE: Day 9-14
VA : Newcastle Disease(NVD), Infectious Bronchitis(IBV)
Route : Drinking water/eye drop, Drinking water.

AGE : Day 14
VA : Gumboro/Infectious Bursal Disease(IBDV)
Route: Drinking water

AGE: Day 28
VA : Gumboro/Infectious Bursal Disease
Route : Drinking water

AGE: week 4
VA : Newcastle Disease(NDV), Infectious Bronchitis(IBV)
Route : Drinking water or eye drop, Drinking water

AGE: Week 8
VA : Fowl pox, Avian Encephalomyelitis(AE)
Route : Wing web jab
Note that AE can also be vaccinated against 4 weeks before
birds starts to lay.

AGE: Week 9
VA: Infectious Coryza 1
Route: Intramuscular

AGE : Week 10-11
VA : NDV (Komaruv Strain)
Route: Intramuscular

AGE : Week 12
VA : Infectious Coryza 2 , Infectious Bronchitis(IBV)
Route: Intramuscular, Drinking water

AGE : Week 16
VA: Laryngotracheitis
Route: Spray or eye drop

AGE : Week 17
VA : ND + IB + EDS(3 in 1)
Route: Intramuscular

It is important to state that the services of a VET is required in most cases. Do not vaccinate birds whenever they are sick. Treat the sickness first, you can then
vaccinate later. Don't allow "witches and wizards" in your village take blame for your negligence oo. They have their "eleda" too😆 😆. Drop a comment if you appreciate this. Enjoy the rest of your day.

• • •

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