🚨 The US appears to have agreed to drop its tariffs on Canadian aluminum - but could reimpose them if exports cross a certain volume.
Will take a while to go through those numbers and figure out what they mean.

But it looks like there’s some sort of movement from the US. Canada was about to impose retaliatory tariffs today at 3 pm — and several were going to hit key presidential swing states.
Just heard from a Canadian official and there’s no “agreement” or deal to speak of. Canada hasn’t agreed to anything: the US simply lifted its tariffs (with some conditions) and that’s what Canada wanted.
Here’s our first story on the US dropping tariffs against Canada. From @OttawaReporter cbc.ca/news/politics/…
Since we’re on this story today let’s revisit the first place I ever heard about this push to impose new aluminum tariffs on Canada.

Two opeds in the Washington Times from Corey Lewandowski and Mike Huckabee. Who happen — and only just happen — to be lobbyists. ...
Here are the pieces The Washington Times ran from Trump insiders Corey Lewandowski and Mike Huckabee — who also happen to be lobbyists — pushing for tariffs on Canada. (The tariffs were imposed then dropped today)

I just got one detail from the hit list of American products that never wound up coming into effect.

Remember that Ohio washing-machine plant where Trump announced tariffs on Canada?

Canada was going to hit that plant with retaliatory tariffs at 3 pm today.
Question: Has anyone from the aluminum industry, government, or a think-tank done the math on how likely Canada is to surpass these US volumes (and ultimately get a tariff anyway?) If so, please DM me.

I've been checking and am drawing a preliminary conclusion. But want to check
Okay we’ve updated our story on the tariffs. New headline: U.S. drops aluminum tariffs on Canada — for now.

The US announcement is timed to have this issue revisited right after the presidential election.

How so? The US unilaterally set monthly limits - kind of like a unilateral involuntary quota - that starts in September.

Then it said it’ll review the data six weeks after the end of each month.

Gee, what’s the date six weeks after the end of September?
Why.... that’s the week right after the US presidential election of Nov. 3!

And as Canada made clear it was getting ready to hit politically inconvenient targets for Trump. Like the Ohio plant where he spoke.

That pushes this issue until after his re-election fight is over.
So what about those import volumes the US says it will allow from Canada?

We checked, then double-checked with industry people. They - to use a non-technical term - stink for Canada.

By my own calculus Canada has surpassed those volumes for 13 consecutive months and
frequently surpassed them before then.

So bottom line: this is not the end of hostilities between Canada and the US on aluminum.

More like a suspension of hostilities. With a US election in the meantime.


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