i want to talk about how black people still cling to obama not bc we make excuses for war criminals but bc so many of us (incl. myself) did not know of his crimes and he was an emblem of hope for every black person (thread, pls read everything)
note: this isn’t to say he should still be this emblem. he shouldn’t. however, many black people really saw and see him and his family as a symbol of black excellence and prosperity. more importantly, may of us didn’t see the shit that went on.
i want to note that many black ppl still get their info from the news. i watched the news with my grandma nightly. whenever obama was mentioned, there was very limited information on what actually happened abroad. obviously, the news limits A LOT.
because this was main news source from 2008-2016 (ages 7-15), i didn’t say anything about his war crimes abroad or his mistreatment of immigrants right here. everything was extremely filtered.
we only saw the racism and the hate he got from white politicians. of course, could have researched? absolutely, but at max. 15 years old i didn’t know i should. i was still under the impression that the news was relatively trustworthy.
another note: i grew up in the south where info on politics is already so limited to black people. my own state still practices voter disenfranchisement and a huge part of that can and is the limiting of political information.
i consider myself privileged with the info i had access to, yet i still didn’t have enough to question what we saw as a valiant black leader. imagine the people less privileged than me?
i wasn’t lead to question until i was given more access and knowledge to leftist information. i’m now at a state where i know and DO question his leadership. but let’s be honest, it’s heartbreaking.
it’s heartbreaking that he did all of these horrific things while presenting as if he were a man of the people. it’s horrifying to know the biggest black role model of our childhood is a fucking fraud. it’s even worse knowing that we were unknowingly complacent.
i’ve taken the time to educate my family members and other black people, but it’s hard for them to accept. it flips their realities upside down. it’s also embarrassing knowing that we went so hard for him only for it to be a shit show.
the glamour of the obama presidency was an illusion. an illusion of change, an illusion of black progress, an illusion of political progress. it hid all the shit beneath.
my one request is that you please be more gentle with how you speak to and about black people who still support him bc it’s a transition. it’s a different scenario for people who make constant excuses for his actual crimes.
but for people who still seem him as a black leader of change, just keep certain things in mind. inform them, but don’t berate them like i see y’all do on here. not all of us have the same privileges and access to information
and don’t say “the internet is free” bc yes it is and information is everywhere BUT logically, why would people think to research the wrongdoings of people they see as heroes??? it’s just not likely.
again, this is NOT sympathy for obama. it’s having an understanding of why black people (esp. ones over 40) still hold on. he was supposed to be out delivered promise. obviously, he failed but not everyone understands that yet.
to add: we weren’t even completely aware of his own failures against US. so many black ppl didn’t know about his actions in flint until recently. it’s a learning process. that whole presidency was smoke and mirrors.

• • •

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