When it comes to GOP science denial, it's long been a question of whether they're lying or just ignorant. The support of Trump, while he lies blatantly about the coronavirus and climate change, settles it: They're not dumb. They're malicious. salon.com/2020/09/15/tru…
Don't get me wrong: Trump is a profoundly idiotic man. But now we now for a fact that he knows full well how contagious and deadly the coronavirus is — he was shamelessly playing dumb so he could let it spread unchecked.
For years, Republicans got away with denying climate science by playing dumb about the science. But that particular gambit falls apart when you're literally watching the Pacific Coast burn because of it.
That conservatives aren't confused, but are just liars, has always been obvious to reproductive health experts and reporters. I mean, the religious right denies contraception works, even though most people have direct experience showing how it works.
It's comforting to believe science denial is rooted in ignorance, rather than cruelty. It suggests a solution: Education and reasoned discourse. But as the Trump era shows, science deniers aren't dimwits so much as they're liars.
God, how many times have I patiently sat on my hands while well-meaning liberals earnestly explained that people just need to be "educated"? They know. They just don't care. And that's a much harder problem to solve.
We need to stop "debating" facts with Republicans and instead focus our energies on calling out *why* they lie: Because they're greedy, selfish, and bigoted. It's an ugly thing to see and even uglier to talk about, but it is what it is.

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19 Sep
I don't even need to look at Twitter to guess people are having a fight over how "surprised" you get to be that McConnell is a depraved liar and a hypocrite. But fuck that noise. You don't need to be surprised to be fucking outraged.
Stop please. Just stop prioritizing your desire to feel savvy over our very critical need right now to be singing our fury from every mountaintop in the nation. Our "savviness" is killing us. Stop being savvy and start being angry.
Savvy may feel good, but it exerts no pressure and does nothing to change things. Ginsburg never substituted being "savvy" for being strategic. And we should follow in her footsteps.
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18 Sep
The CDC scandal is a direct result of Trump approaching the pandemic like it's a reality TV show, where it's better to fake competence than actually try to achieve anything. The results have been deadly. salon.com/2020/09/18/tru…
What Trump took away from "The Apprentice" was that faking success is the same as achieving success — better, even, because it's less work to fake success. Unfortunately, he applied that lesson to the pandemic, and now nearly 200,000 people are dead.
Of course the shoddy CDC recs were Trump's fault. He continues to believe that concealing coronavirus cases is the way to trick people into believing there's no pandemic. But you can't hide 200,000 dead bodies.
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17 Sep
All this talk of "sedition" and "insurrection" on the right — including by White House officials — is less about BLM protests that are winding down and more about the election, and their plans to steal it for Trump. salon.com/2020/09/17/rig…
Trump and Barr are clearly setting up the claim that mail-in ballots are "fraudulent" as a pretext to shut down a full count of mail-in ballots, which they expect will lean towards Biden. And they know doing so will likely cause massive street protests. Image
The talk of "sedition" and "insurrection" is about creating an excuse for both federal forces and armed right wingers to use violence to put down anticipated protests and efforts by the left to physically protect election officials. Image
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16 Sep
So yeah, a package that was supposed to be delivered by USPS last week is still not here yet, if anyone is curious what Trump's postmaster general's changes are doing to the swing state of Pennsylvania.
And while, obviously, I want my stuff that was supposed to be here a week ago, what is all the more aggravating is knowing how many people really need their mail not to be running a week or so late just so President Inject Lysol can steal an election.
Basically, this is the 3rd time it's been put on the truck, and as the 8PM hour they said it would be delivered by draws near, it's clear this will be the third time it's taken off and put on "delay" again. What if it was insulin? It would have spoiled by now.
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16 Sep
Trump trotted out his brilliant plan to get Americans "herd developed" by killing 3 million of us on ABC News last night. Don't expect his supporters to get wobbly. At this point, they'd rather get COVID-19 than admit they were wrong. salon.com/2020/09/16/dr-…
Dr. Bleach-Injector and his death cult are going hard after this "herd developed" strategy, mainly by using their own bodies for Trump's large indoor and mask-free rallies. Because death is better than admitting liberals have a point about the Orange Meanie. Image
Trump's voters are embracing ever-weirder conspiracy theories for a simple reason: It's harder to justify their vote than it is to explain to the cops how you have a freezer full of human body parts. Image
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16 Sep
If everyone in the U.S. got COVID-19, with current mortality rates, you're looking at 4-9 million people dead, by my calculations. Which is why public health officials aren't keen on this "herd development" nonsense Trump is spewing.
The math equation I'm using is current number of deaths (196,000) divided by cases (6.6 million) to get the mortality rate (2.9%). Multiple that by the American population (328 million) and you get over 9 million. And assume it's like half as bad spread out: 4.5 million.
If you reverse engineer it by figuring out the percentage of Americans that have contracted it (2%, about 1 in 50) and multiple fatalities by that 50 number, you get 9.7 million. But assuming there's a lot of people untested, etc. you can lowball that at 4.5 million.
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