20 common sense questions to ask Barr if you want to know if this investigation is truly about getting to the truth and justice.

1. Is the Wiener Laptop still in the possession of the FBI and have you or Durham ever seen/reviewed its contents? If not why not?

2. Have you or Durham ever deposed Julian Assange, a first hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails and if indeed it was via Russians like the Mueller team told everyone? If not why not?

3. Have you or Durham examined if the FBI ever investigated the murder of Seth Rich as there should be an easy FBI report in the system? If not why not?

4. Does the FBI still have the 47 hard drives turned in by the Hammer WB back in 2015 and have you or Durham reviewed their contents and deposed Dennis Montgomery? If not why not?

5. Was exculpatory evidence withheld by Attorneys in the Flynn case and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime or at least referred people to the Bar?

6. Do you still have Mifsud’s phones and what was on them and is there any communications between him and people on the SC team?

7. Where is the missing Flynn 302 and isn’t it a crime to alter a 302 and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

8. How many Americans were unmasked by the Obama administration and isn’t unmasking a crime? If so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

9. Have you or Durham gotten SSA Dugen’s testimony and read his surveillance/investigative report about the Carter Page FISA Leak that possibly includes people in the Senate? If not why not?

10. Is leaking a FISA to the media a crime and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

11. If you and Durham know the Dossier was a lie and it was used in the FISA Court application and lying to a FISA Court is a crime, then why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

12. Have you deposed Warner and asked about his involvement if any of the CP FISA leak? If not why not?

13. Did you confiscate Wolff’s phone and if so did it show 82 text pages sent to a reporter?

14. Did you find anything relating to the CP FISA leak on Senator Burr’s phone?

15. Have you or Durham depose Crowdstrike regarding the DNC hack? If not why not?

16. Why have you not declassified all of the RR scope memo?

17. Knowing via Adm. Rodgers NSA Search Audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there WAS massive illegal searching and abuse of the NSA database by contractors, have you or Durham done or requested a COMPLETE audit going back to 2012 ...

... of this NSA Contractor Abuse to fully see the extent of the illegal spying as documented? If not why not?

18. Did you ever trace the PapaD frame money to see where it came from? If not why not?

19. With 31 government issued phones that were wiped and are potential evidence in Durham’s Investigation, have you gone to the NSA or carriers to retrieve these emails and texts? If not why not?

20. How is it after 4 years of non stop abuse, fraud, lying, leaking, money laundering and a coup on a sitting President you and your entire DOJ team can’t seem to find one crime?



feel free to RT and add anyone else!

The only way to ensure all stones are being looked at is by WE the PEOPLE asking the right questions and holding those in charge accountable.

The answers to these 20 questions IMO will tell all Americans if we have one system of justice or if that was all lip service.
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