1) Proof that the #Jesuit Vatican is colluding with China to establish Global #Marxism. And #PedoPriest McCarrick brokered the secret deal! Pope Francis works with #CCP in a plan called The #BGY (Blue Gold Yellow): Influence via Internet, Money, and Sex
2) Full report that accompanies the video above. 🔼 Excellent journalism.
3) We now have the dots of evidence that connect George Soros, Tony Podesta, and the radical, Antihumanist, Marxist faction of #Jesuits within the Vatican:
#CACG. "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good," a pro-abortion, pro-immigration group.
4) Source website of the news story that connects the dots between GEORGE SOROS, TONY PODESTA, and the Marxist Jesuit Order:
5) Deanna Lorraine @DeAnna4Congress opposed NANCY PELOSI but lost the Calif. primary on Mar 03, 2020. She demands that the secret #Jesuit Vatican COLLUSION WITH COMMUNIST CHINA be exposed!
8) Dr Li-Meng Yan publicly declares that China released Covid19 as a weapon with criminal intent.

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1 Sep
1) POTUS revealed WHO steers the #BLM #Marxist riots. "Dark Shadows" and "men you've never heard of" are the same words of RONALD BERNARD! Most have never heard of ARTURO SOSA, the current #Jesuit Black Pope.+ FF to final 2 minutes of Laura Ingraham show:
2) The Jesuits HATE Archbishop Vigano. Why would the "dark shadows" of Black Pope Arturo Sosa hate another Catholic priest? +
3) For years, #Vigano has been proclaiming that a "dark shadows" Freemasonic occult operation called ALTA VENDITA has been subverting the Church. It goes back 60 years or even 300 years.
(Eliphas Levi, #Baphomet, #Freemason)
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31 Aug
1) I believe the 100% Antifa shooting of JAY BISHOP aka AARON DANIELSON was a coded hit by the Jesuits, broken down like this:
"J" always refers to Jesuit and Freemason improper hijacking of "Jesus" and "Jehovah" or YHWH for POWER...+
#Portland #Marxist #Antifa #BLM #AlinskyFilm
2) BISHOP = Archbishop Vigano who has warned for YEARS that an occult #Marxist alliance has been operating between radical #Jesuits and Freemasonry for +60 years.

AARON = Jesuit cryptoJew hijack of concept of High Priest Aaron as "magical" spokesman between YHWH and Pharaoh.+
3) DANIEL = Hebrew Prophet Daniel whose End Times prophecy of the multi-millennial rivalry between King of the North and King of the South has been wrongly used as a BLUEPRINT for creating a #NWO by cryptoJew Jesuits and Banksters.+
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28 Aug
1) The fact that Freemasonry and the Jesuit Order joined forces is attested by the comments made by ARCHBISHOP VIGANO in 2019 (posted below). Yes, this is the same #VIGANO #Q4542 who wrote to @realDonaldTrump .


2) The Jesuit Order does not hide the fact that they DETEST the efforts made by Archbishop #Vigano to expose the deep corruption within the Catholic Church. The #Jesuits sit at the center of this corruption! This magazine link is a Jesuit publication:
3) In 2019, #Vigano warned that an agenda has been playing out for 300 YEARS (!!) whereby certain radical, progressive Jesuits and liberal Freemasonry have joined forces to destroy the Church and/or Christianity.

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26 Aug
1) The Sigil of #Baphomet shown in #Q4627 is connected to the logo of the Democrats 2020. I told you months ago that there is something very ROSICRUCIAN in a good way about the entire #Qanon operation. The only way to take down the Invisible Enemy is through INFILTRATION.
2) The Sigil of Baphomet was made famous in the 1860s by Mr. STANISLAS de GUAITA, a noted ROSICRUCIAN and a descendant of a NOBLE ITALIAN BLOODLINE. Follow the bloodlines! #Qanon
3) Stanislas de Guaita was a follower of this famous Father of Modern Occultism, ELIPHAS LEVI. His real name was Alphonse Constant, a one-time Catholic priest. He was fascinated with Kabbalah just as were JESUIT IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA and his "alumbrados."
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11 Aug
1) On July 21, 1773, POPE CLEMENT XIV finally bowed to pressure from kings of Spain, Portugal, and France. He decreed that the #Jesuit Order was now permanently BANNED for upsetting civil order all over Europe. 14 months later TO THE DAY, the Jesuits murdered him, poison (Roper). ImageImage
2) When the Founding Fathers created the Bill of Rights and Constitution, Freedom of Religion was immediately recognized as a right of all people. BUT this DID NOT APPLY to the #Jesuits whose order was now decreed ILLEGAL by the Church. Image
3) The new American republic was blindsided by the restoration of the #Jesuits in 1814 by Pope Pius VII. John Adams was appalled at the news. Thomas Jefferson had an even worse opinion of the Jesuits. BOTH MEN WOULD DIE "MYSTERIOUSLY" on July 4, 1826. Image
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9 Aug
1) In her own words, the Catholic Church confirms that she operates a powerful #Marxist faction as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" to destroy America's constitutional republic. See their own documentary via Arcadia Films
#Alinsky #Jesuits #RadicalDemocrats
2) "All of this would contribute to the undermining of America's constitutional republic and the people's rights that come from God."

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky

3) "One day America will be a #Socialist nation without knowing how it happened." (27 mm)

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky #Leftists #Antifa #RadicalDemocrats

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