In addition to the valid critiques that this tweet is both ignorant and blatantly bigoted towards an indigenous tradition, under the guise of woke critique, it is important for us to pay attention to how the response will be deployed against Hinduism and Hindus. 1/n
I'll refer to NB's tweet as "The Bait". The Bait pretends to fall under a broader, valid critique of oppression that the community must deal with *internally*. It is not a relevant or cogent example provided to inspire reflection. It is simply mockery. This is intentional. 2/n
Having endured a thousand years of psychosocial warfare, physical attack, and epistemological violence on the tradition *as a whole*, the purpose of the Bait is to trigger transgenerational trauma. However, the Baiter gets away with this openly cruel move for a few reasons. 3/n
1) Historical negationism (ignoring/refusing to recognize the full history)
2) Progressive jargon that feels familiar to the audience
3) Partial truths to make false allegations (I.e. rescue don't buy your dog is valid, but has nothing to do w/ Hinduism) 4/n
4) The demographic majority of Hindus in India is conflated with psychosocial hegemony. This is ahistorical almost everywhere in the (post)colonial world. It also skirts the fact that Hindus are a global religious minority & discards local and global sociopolitical analyses. 5/n
Anyway, having baited Hindus, and triggered transgenerational trauma, NB then categorizes the folks who call out her ignorance and bigotry as "trolls". For sure, there are likely folks who said horrible things to her. Twitter gonna twitter. 6/n
But notice how she takes no real responsibility for her mistake, doubling down by making an even broader, even more ignorant comment in response to "the trolls". She is gearing up to weaponize the responses. Pay attention. 7/n
Because the way in which we'll hear about this (esp. in the West) is that it is yet another example of how a brave, Indian female reporter got trolled for telling the truth about oppressive Hinduism by misogynistic Hindus. Or that "Hindu nationalists" want to censor her. 8/n
This will only lend her reportage a greater sense of bravery and authority. And folks will fall for it, because it fits with the story they've already been sold. Meanwhile, she's literally laughing at and baiting the practitioners of an indigenous tradition. 9/n
It is insidious and deceptive. It's exactly what people like Audrey Truschke do. Bait Hindus, get angry responses, erase their bait (or make light of it), and then publish articles/papers about how misogynistic and hateful oppressive Hindus are. 10/n
Pay attention. It is bait. It is used to control and train people to react, to gaslight and trigger people's pain and then weaponize that against folks under the guise of doing good. It is not about being mean and it is not about sentiments. It is intentional & strategic. 11/11

• • •

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24 Sep
Any claim that xyz about Hindu society “is their version of” abc in Western society is epistemic erasure and colonial erasure. It is ACTIVE NEOCOLONIALISM. (1/n)
The reason these conflations have gained so much traction and entered “common sense” woke discourse is PRECISELY because of Western imperialistic epistemic privilege. It’s a form of bullying. (2/n)
Note: Western epistemic privilege can reside in any person from the West or “of the West”. (Ie the urban elite Indian). In fact, it hegemony loves swallowing up POC and using them as shills. (3/n)
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20 Sep
If you (rightly) honor that the United States is a settler colony on stolen sacred indigenous land, but don’t honor that Kashmir is sacred indigenous land for Hindus and that Hindus were driven out, forcibly converted and/or executed in the same way Native Americans were, (1/n)
then your righteous indignation about the abrogation of Article 370 is premised on ignorance and hypocrisy. This also immediately reveals that👏🏽👏🏽the American right/left and the Indian right/left are not the same. 👏🏽👏🏽 (2/n)
Similarly, Pakistan is sacred indigenous land for Hindus and was severed from India by a treaty orchestrated by the British. The Hindus that remained in Pakistan after Partition have been “reduced” to a fraction of the original population and continue to be persecuted. (3/n)
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18 Sep
Not viewing Hindus’ triggered responses through a trauma-informed lens is ahistorical and cruel gaslighting. We are a traumatized community of *survivors* whose history was erased from our textbooks and yours. (1/n)
When we learn and/or speak our past and contemporary stories of persecution, we are met with accusations of “Hindu nationalism” and Indian Hindu demographic majoritism. (2/n)
What we’re being told is that the perception of a pro-Hindus-only government (which isn’t actually true) wipes away any past or contemporary persecution of Hindus anywhere in the world.

And that there’s just too many of us for our persecution to be real or to count. (3/n)
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17 Sep
Audrey Truschke cannot answer to the question of scholarly ethics and intellectual honesty. She relies on the authority invested in her by the Academy, without an iota of the reflexivity that the contemporary Academy demands. 1/n
It’s brazen, insidious, classic white woman colonizing poison. She IS the contemporary poster child for how white women weaponize their identities and the Academy to justify harm against brown people and specifically to demonize brown men. This video is a brilliant example. 2/n
She’s giving a talk *in India* (her “site of research”) and is confronted *by an Indian*. The ethical etic researcher would be humble and respond to his concerns in this scenario. Instead, she reverts to making him the enemy using racist, exotifying tropes. 3/n
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14 Sep
It’s been a year since I started a petition asking @NPR for *FAIR, BALANCED AND ETHICAL REPORTAGE RE: HINDUS*. There was clear evidence of anti-Hindu bias. We made a reasonable request for ethical journalism. Not pro-Hindu propaganda. Balance.
I analyzed the comments on the petition to determine if its supporters were compromised of “fascist Hindutva”. There was no evidence of this. All the evidence pointed to reasonable, fair minded folks looking for equal treatment.
I emailed @NPR about the petition. @nancycbarnes said her team would look into it on 9/30/19. That it would take time. I emailed her again on 10/16/19. She never got back to us.

It’s been almost year.
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13 Aug
Here's the thing.

Kamala Harris doesn't identify as Hindu. Her name is Hindu. She has Hindu roots. But she is a practicing Baptist. (There is no way this Christian Supremacist nation is ready for a non-Christian person in the executive branch.)
But she will be identified as (maybe ethnically) Hindu by those committed to assigning the blame of her negative political practices and record as a DA *onto* Hinduism itself (theologically, "scripturally").
The more that "Hindu nationalists" claim her as Hindu, the more success anti-Hinduism folks (like EL,"Sadhana") will have in peddling the narrative that Hinduism itself is theologically anti-black, oppressive, supremacist (Just like the Model Minority myth feeds this narrative.)
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