I just watched the most horrific police bodycam I've ever seen. I think most of my followers are in a media environment where this would never naturally come up, but I think it's important, and every police academy is probably going to show this video to new officers. /Thread
Content Warning: the video linked at the end is very violent and ends with a man shot and mortally wounded. I've included less graphic screenshots and a breakdown.
At 3am on June 29th, 2020, Rookie Tulsa Police Officer Auraush Zarkeshan, a white male officer who completed his field training 6 weeks prior, pulled over a man named David Ware.
David allegedly ran a red light and after being stopped, couldn't produce insurance documents, his driver's licence or proof that his car was registered. Said car had expired tags. Officer Zarkeshan decided to tow the vehicle for failure to be registered and called for backup
At around 3:10am, the patrol supervisor, Sergeant Craig Johnson, arrived to assist Officer Zarkeshan. This is where our video begins. "We're probably going to end up towing it because he's got no insurance. Tag's over 60 days expired," Zarkeshan tells Sgt Craig.
Zarkeshan and Craig walk to the car and inform David that he needs to exit the vehicle because it is going to get towed. David refuses and claims he has insurance and registered the car, but cannot prove either of these things and claims the cops are harassing him
The two sides go back and forth. David demands a supervisor twice and twice, Sgt Craig explains that he is the supervisor. At this point Sgt. Craig starts ordering David out of the car. He brandishes his taser and explains that David needs to step out or he will be forced out.
"You have two choices: You can step out of the car, or I can drag you out. Or we can Tase you"
David refuses and doesn't take it that seriously, even saying "don't tase me bro". The officers keep ordering him to step out. David ignores them and calls a friend of his named Matt to come "help him out."
"You can't shoot me, I'm not doing anything," David shouts

"I'm not going to shoot you, I'm going to Tase you. There is a difference," Sgt Craig replies.

David explains to his friend Matt where the traffic stop is and begs him to come.
After almost 6 minutes of continuous orders, Sgt Craig deploys his taser, which causes pain but does not appear to disable David. David swats the barbs away while screaming.
Both officers then move to the driver's side of the vehicle and attempt to drag David out. He refuses to leave so Sgt Craig pulls out his pepper spray and tells David to get out or he will get sprayed. David steps out, then gets back in, so Sgt Craig sprays him.
The officers struggle some more with David, spraying him again and trying to pry him from the driver's seat. David screams for help while the officers shout for him to exit the vehicle
At 3:23 am, David's friend Matt arrives and parks ahead of the car. Ofc Zarkeshan calls for backup. About 5 seconds later the officers are able to finally pry David from the front seat with the help of OC spray. Sgt Craig asks "you got him?".
Suddenly, shots ring out. Sgt Craig stumbles back and says "what the fuck". David steps back from the officers.
Unbeknownst to them, David had a loaded handgun under the driver's seat. He managed to grab it when he got back into his car without the officers seeing. He shoots Sgt Craig in the vest, knocking him to the ground.
Officer Zarkeshan steps back and attempts to draw his pistol, which is contained in a retention holster that requires multiple safeties be deactivated before a gun can be drawn. David shoots him in the head before he can pull his pistol.
David then turns back to Sgt Craig. Sgt Craig tries to go for his gun, but David fires one round into his head. Sgt Craig slumps to the ground motionless.
David runs screaming to his friend Matt, who acts as a getaway driver. Police track them down and peaceful arrest both the following day. Officer Zarkeshan is in critical condition. Sgt Craig succumbs to his injuries in the hospital.
The first shot is audible at timestamp 9:37. Sgt Craig is executed at 9:44. The entire shootout is less than 7 seconds.
This video is horrific. I assure you every police academy will play it after the Dinkheller video. It represents the kinds of things American cops are so afraid of all the time. When discussing UoF, it's easy to just focus on bad shootings. This is the other side of that coin.
There is a lot of discussion of less lethal force, of de-escalation, of giving suspects every chance to surrender, of never escalating "simple" crimes like failure to register. Here is one side of that you have to be prepared for if you want to discuss it.
Also, consider that you aren't tired. You haven't been fighting. You don't have OC in your eyes. You aren't wondering if the friend drove here to shoot you. You aren't scared. You are watching 2 different HD cameras. Did you see David get the gun?
Donation information for the families here:

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