Easy instant pot dakjuk:

Rinse 1 cup rice. Toss it in.

Add 5-7 cups water

Toss in some garlic, salt, etc.

Toss in 1-3 frozen chicken thighs

Pressure cook on high for 35 minutes. Natural release after 10.

Open, smash chicken, stir til sufficiently thick

You can saute the garlic first, add onions, etc. Use chicken broth instead of water. Stir in pretty much any spices you want.

You can serve by drizzling sesame oil, black pepper, scallions, and hot sauce on top. Make a god cry by placing a fried egg on top.
The important thing is that you add about a 1:5 ratio of rice:water, and let it natural release so the chicken sucks back in the broth it created while further congeefying the rice grains
1 cup of rice and a piece of chicken becomes 5 cups worth of delicious food.
No need to take the chicken out and remove the bones. Just smash it apart with a spoon and eat around whatever bones haven't dissolved.
It's easy, cheap, makes a magically large amount of food, and is perfect comfort food.

• • •

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9 Sep
For 200,000 americans, there was no happy ending. They died, in pain, alone.

For half of the 6 million infected, there will be no happy ending. They will be permanently poorer, more vulnerable, and die earlier.

For millions more, eviction will snowball into irrecoverable misery
For millions more, there will be no happy ending as their social support systems die, get sick, or become destitute. They will snowball just the same into irrecoverable misery.
For hundreds of millions more, there will be no happy ending as their homes are alternately flooded or charred, their pantries emptied by drought and famine.

They will starve, and thirst, and choke, living as perpetual refugees
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1 Sep
Consider that whatever your moral code, something has already happened which is the worst thing that has happened.

The worst thing has happened, to someone, somewhere, at some point.
Now imagine you have a group of people, each with varied moral codes.

Given the axiom of choice, there is an event which all can agree is the worst thing to have happened.
Now take all 7.8 billion people.

There is an event which *all* could agree is the worst thing that has ever yet happened.
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29 Aug
Imagine elon musk as the most incompetent bond villain.

He's like "no mr bond, expect to die from my CYBORG BOARS" as a hatch opens

5 potbellied piglets come bumbling in, each wearing what is obviously a recycled nintendo power glove
"UNLEASH THE MACHINE GOD," he shouts at a henchman, who presses a big red button.

Literally Siri's voice booms out "I'm sorry, I couldn't understand that."
He monologues at a captured Bond about his world domination scheme, involving a moon base and lasers and all kinds of scifi stuff. Shows Bond a powerpoint presentation.

Turns out, all he's actually built was that presentation and a cheap drone with a laser pointer duct-taped on
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29 Aug
Here's a cool fact: US police catch only 47% of violent criminals. 33% of murderers are never caught.

There are 250,000 unsolved murders in the US, growing by 6,000 per year.

In 2019, the FBI announced 609,275 missing persons cases.
The FBI also estimates, based on a system that literally cannot solve murders, that there are only 50 active serial killers at any one time.
Given how pigshit awful US policing is at catching criminals, how that is literally *not even its mission*, odds are that the vast majority of murders simply never show up in the system except as missing persons.
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15 Aug
The median net worth of an American under age 35 is $11,100.

The median net worth of an American 55-64 years old: $187,300
That's median, not average: half of Americans under age 35 have *less* than $11,100 to their name.
A 55-64 year old on average has 16x the wealth of their children and grand children.
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14 Aug
Apocalypse comes from the Greek for "lifting the veil."

The optimistic interpretation is that everyone's wearing the veil, and events cause them to see things as they actually are.
The pessimist interpretation is that only some people are wearing the veil, and it takes those events for them to finally understand what the unveiled have been saying the whole time.
Obviously the pessimist interpretation is closer to being correct.

Black women have been saying what things are actually like for generations. Disabled people have seen the reality. Etc.
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