Kinda stunned at the lack of reaction from traditional US print and tv press about our story. It details an employee with direct allegations of Facebook turning a blind eye toward electoral and political disruption around the world, and it's been crickets.…
Part of the point that the FB employee made was that Facebook doesn't prioritize something unless its related to the US or Western Europe. Seems like some outlets feel the same way as well.
The irony of all this is that the FB employee said Facebook also prioritizes issues when there is press coverage. Given that, if there isn't US press coverage of this story, it won't get noticed within Facebook and will again fall by the wayside.
There's a lot going on. But if a former employees is alleging a $750 billion+ corporation that provides a platforms for 2.7 billion+ people to communicate is undermining global elections and political processes... I dunno, seems like a story you'd want on your nightly news show?
And I know you television anchors saw our story. You RTed and faved our tweets all yesterday.

• • •

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28 Aug
Facebook employees are furious and unloaded on Mark Zuckerberg during an all-hands meeting yesterday over his handling of QAnon and a Kenosha militia page that remained online after a shooting that killed two people. Here's my dispatch from inside:…
Not all employees are hurt about Kenosha. The day after the shooting, one posted about supporting police who are killed in the line of duty. Others have reportedly posted "all lives matter" and "blue lives matter." There's a culture war happening at FB.…
Zuckerberg said that a page for the Kenosha Guard remained online after the shooting because of "an operational mistake." Despite the company's new policies around militia groups, it was missed because moderators apparently hadn't been trained.…
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7 Aug
.@oliviasolon with more details on the internal battles playing out inside Facebook as employees find that strikes for misinformation on right-wing pages are being escalated and erased by Facebook higher ups.…
What this shows is that Facebook doesn't want to be "the arbiter of truth" and leaves this to factcheckers, but when there's potential PR or advertising fallout from a factcheck, the company will cave to the loudest voices.
Put another way, Facebook is happy to let factcheckers act as umpire and call balls and strikes. But if the game plays out in a way the company doesn't like, Facebook has no problem going back to fix the score.
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6 Aug
Facebook employees are worried about whether Trump would use the social network to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election. They want Zuckerberg to answer their question about it at today's all-hands meeting which is happening right now.…
Our story also outlines employee concerns that the co is giving preferential treatment to right-wing pages and publishers. In some cases, employees on internal forums said that Facebook's policy team got involved to reduce fact-check penalties.…
Some examples. A FB employee found Joel Kaplan, the co's VP of public policy, personally flagged a fact check of a Charlie Kirk Instagram post for resolution.

In another case, a partner manager for PragerU argued the page should not be factchecked because it ran a lot of ads.
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5 Aug
For months, Instagram's related hashtags feature has surfaced negative hashtags when users search for #JoeBiden. A search for #DonaldTrump resulted in no related hashtags.

We flagged this to Instagram. They said it was a bug and disabled the feature.…
Here's what this looked like before it was disabled from the Instagram desktop view. On the left, a search for #JoeBiden surfaced supposedly related content including #creepyjoebiden. On the right, a search for #DonaldTrump surfaced nothing.
Instagram called this a bug that affected nonpolitical hashtags as well as Democratic hashtags. But our review and findings from @TTP_updates showed it favored hashtags associated w/ Trump, preventing users searching Trump keywords from being shown potentially negative content.
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16 Jul
Facebook is running surveys asking users if posts on Election day about protestors, violence at polling stations, or COVID-19 spreading at polling stations, would make them more or less likely to vote.

Anyone have thoughts on why FB is doing this and how they'd use the data?
The last ? is particularly strange, asking users to assess if hypothetical posts would suppress voter turnout.

Hypothetically, let's say users said posts about "violence at polling stations" discouraged them from voting. Does that mean FB would stop showing posts about violence?
Two other questions attempt to deal w/ misinformation and ask if a user would be more or less likely to discuss political or social issues if they found out a post about protestors or violence at polling stations was false.
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5 Jun
On Sunday, Nextdoor said it supported Black Lives Matter.

Who is angry about that? Nextdoor's volunteer community moderators.

We got screenshots from their internal group where some railed against the company and declared that "all lives matter."…
Nextdoor's moderators, or leads, are unpaid and live in the communities they police. They aren't required to go through training. Leads we talked to say that posts can be deleted simply based on how they feel. Because leads recommend other leads, racial biases sometimes persist.
Here are examples of leads angry over the co's support of BLM and ND-posted content suggesting communities support Black-owned businesses. These are from Nextdoor's private National Leads Forum.

Again, these are the people responsible for what remains or gets taken down from ND.
Read 5 tweets

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