If you're employed, I don't want you to quit your job and run up your credit card debt trying to be a business owner.

I do want you to understand your worth. The biggest shift comes when you follow these 3 basic rules.

(Based on a true story)
1.) View your employer as a partner

What is Employment?
It's a Joint Venture where the parent company exchanges benefits and an exclusive rights agreement to your works produced, intellectual property, and non-compete for your services to other vendors.
Now that you know the true definition of employment, let me ask you:
Would you sign a partnership with someone where the terms are:
You give 100%
They give gave little to no effort?

Of course not. Which leads to a philosophy that guides my entire life...
One of the rules that I live by:
2.) All experiences are for the greater good of my brand.

You're not 'working a job'. You're gaining experience/content to use to build your empire.

If you can't extract a valuable skill, lesson, or relationship then don't say Yes.
There's several people over the years that I've worked with in a corporate setting here on Twitter.

Every one of them will say: "Shadeed always had something going on outside of work. Management knew about it and even sponsored it somehow"
3.) Create and host a recurring event series within your industry. If you are consistent, your company will take an interest in what you're building.

It's the highest leveraged way to build credibility within your niche.
Bonus: Learn the 2 most important numbers as an employee.
1.) Your hourly rate
2.) Learn how much the company is billing your time for.

Once you learn the difference between #1 and #2, your life begins to change.
Easy Ways to Increase Your Billable Rate:

1.) Publish a book -> Companies *love* have best selling Authors as employees. The right marketing team will flip your credentials into 7 figures *easily*.
2.) Deliver presentations outside of working hours

β€’ β€’ β€’

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3 Sep
If you dive deeper into my work and my ideas, there's a common theme that I've shared for years and that's making the Ownership Mentality a way of life.
With @joebudden and @tylerperry adding new chapters to the discussion, here's why it's more important than ever.
When you Own your ideas, you control the way the story is told. As you grow older, you begin to realize the value of legacy. How do you want to be remembered?

When you create a new platform, the "legacy conversation" must be a part of your business planning.
The #1 mindset shift that you must adopt is that:
You work for them and build for you.
Your mission at any company is to sharpen your skills on the job and come home and build a platform around it.

The last 3 companies I worked for all sponsored my brands. Well-documented.
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24 Aug
One thing I'm proud of during the past few months is that I was able to slow down, focus on putting wins in motion, and push my business forward.

The reason was that I actually had the time to implement the courses I've purchased.

Many of you are looking for a steady map to success but lose focus. Even worse, a few of you don't have a map at all and are just using raw talent and hustle, which doesn't work long term.
I got to talking with a few serious entrepreneurs and we came up with a solution....
The Course Creators Stack is a bundle of *32* high level business courses submitted by 30 super serious business owners.

The deal is that for $97 you get lifetime access to the whole bundle. All 32 courses for $97.

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17 Aug
If you're too good to do free work, the opportunities you really want will pass by you everytime.
The problem isn't doing work for free. The issue is that no one ever taught you how to evaluate an opportunity.
Understanding when to strategically give your time is one of the most valuable skills you will ever develop.
One of most misunderstood concepts of basic Financial Literacy is:

The Dollar is the weakest form of Currency to exchange for goods and services.

Once you build *Relationships*, you can exchange money, resources, favors, respect.
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11 Aug
As I continue to grow, I'm fascinated by the power of words.

The right combination of words can:

Solve problems
Open wallets
Heal emotional wounds
Transfer power
Create bonds
I was raised in communities where conflict resolution was handled with threats, intimidation, fists, knives, and guns.
Never in life was I someone you could play w/ but I was a guy who listened & thought before reacting which lead to me resolving conflicts for others.
In a strange way, negotiating peace treaties between extremely violent people was the perfect training for my life in business.

Once I convinced both parties that someone will *die* if they keep doing the same thing, it made it easy to present an alternative.
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8 Aug
You've heard 100 times that you've got to fix your mindset but how do generate abundance when you come from lack and limitation?

Follow this simple real-world strategy to get some good money energy flowing into your life.

The strategy I'll share solves two major problems for your service based business.

1.) Your customer needs a mountain to climb to keep on buying
2.) Your business needs a signature offer for you to position your service in your niche

The $60,000k Sales page
If you want to be paid what you're worth, you have to give your customers a way to pay you, right?

The hidden detail of abundance in business is opening yourself up to receive.

They don't teach you this in Business School

(Here's how)
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14 Jul
Optimizing Your Email List for Partnerships

You've read enough Business Twitter posts to know that your list is important.

The real question is: how do you start to use your list as an asset for partnerships?

You may ask: How do I get started?

Eleazer Law #1: Every action taken by subscribers on your list must be categorized.
You have 2 major goals:
1.) Increase the intelligence of your list.
2.) Improve the subscriber experience through list segmentation.

What are some tags you should consider? I'm glad you asked
What are tags you should consider? Gender

Specificity is the language of the ultra-successful. As you scale your partnerships, you'll find partners who sell directly to men or women.

Action: Tag your list by Gender.
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