@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki Every form of devI has a bhairava, or consort (not exactly husband). As mahAtripurasundarI/lalitA/rAjarAjeshwarI, her bhairava is kAmeshwara mahAdeva, also called pan~chavaktra bhairava.
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki In her swarUpa as the 3rd mahAvidyA, bhagavatI associates with this form of shiva. Since tripurasundarI (who can be referred to as the tAntrika form of pArvatI) is the most beautiful woman in the entire creation and enjoys play (that is the meaning of lalitA, in fact), +
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki she has a corresponding consort who matches these characteristics. This is why the form of parameshwara who consorts with her in this context is named kAmeshwara. There's much more to it and I'll get back to explain the rest of what the image signifies tomorrow. 🙏
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki We'll carry on. Before proceeding further, let me state that the Bahvricha Upanishad mentions that the Great Goddess alone existed prior to creation, and that she is Brahman, the ultimate reality. The text of this Shakta Upanishad equally mentions that all forms emanate from her.
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki To comprehend the above image, we need the help of another Shakta text, the Tripura Rahasya. According to this scripture, the concrete form of Bhagavati Lalita, or Rajarajeshwari, is the Divine Couple Kameshwara and Kameshwari.
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki They dwell in her supreme abode of Manidwipa, the jewel island, and are seated on what is called the panchapretasana, the transcendental seat whose plank is Sadashiva, while the legs are respectively Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Ishwara.
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki I'm not sure that the painting exactly captures the scene as Shastra describes it. This is, however, not really a problem. A vision that clearly lies beyond 3D space and ordinary sense perception can never be totally grasped by humans having imperfect, limited senses.
@Go_Movie_Mango @HinduMediaWiki On a metaphysical level, there is no end to what could be said about the symbolism and theological significance of what is in this picture, but in terms of what it is, I suppose that I have provided a basic explanation that everyone should understand.

• • •

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