This piece...not only is biased, but doesn't really use the data we much for 'science'.

Even as Cases Rise, Europe Is Learning to Live With the Coronavirus…
In fact, much of Europe has been using masks LESS OFTEN than the US overall.
In fact, if you look at the entire EU, the mask usage is about 45%.

Which is basically where it has been at in the US all year.…
Journalists have to stop thinking Europe and other places have some magic fix for this. Europe is doing all the same things we are doing...including opening up and seeing a second wave.
For example:

"On Monday, for example, Bordeaux officials announced that, faced with a surge in infections, they would limit private gatherings to 10 people, restrict visits to retirement homes and forbid standing at bars."

This is basically the policy in numerous US States.

"Today, though France carries out a million tests a week, the widespread testing has created delays in getting appointments and results — up to a week in Paris."

They are testing about the same level we are per capita.
The one place Europe has universally done a better job is in tracking and tracing. The US has failed at really establishing a sufficient system for that anywhere.
In some ways, they have opened up MORE than the US.

"In Germany, while the new school year has started with mandatory physical classes around the country, the authorities have warned that traditional events, like carnival or Christmas markets, may have to be curtailed.."
Lets also note...EU is now having about as many cases a day per capita as the US did at its peak.

• • •

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19 Sep
I am still sad about everything. RBG should have been honored as one of the greats; her friendship with Scalia is one of the great relationships in modern US History.

Instead, everyone devolved into hypocrisy, hysteria, anger, and stupidity.

So, let me get this off my chest:
First and foremost, the cycle of idiocy around the Court shows how we have allowed SCOTUS to become FAR TOO IMPORTANT.

This is what happens when you spend decades making SCOTUS into a 'legislative' body instead of a rare, final arbiter of constitutionality.
I have a lot of beliefs that I agree with the Court on (guns) and disagree (abortion) but again...why the hell should we let 9 unelected individuals make these decisions?

We are becoming a failed state, with poor legislative leaders failing us time and again.
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11 Sep
In half century

1. World wealth dramatically increased.
2. Poverty PLUMMETED.
3. 1 BILLION PEOPLE moved from the poor to the middle class.
4. Life expectancy shot up.
5. Democracies flourished, totalitarianism diminished.
6. Fewer wars.

And Anand...thinks all of this is bad.
It takes an incredible level of unscientific ideology, ignorance and rejection of facts and data, and just absolute unwillingness to accept reality to have the vision of the world Anand has.

Is the world perfect? Not even close.

Is it FAR BETTER than 1970? It isn't even close.
I mean, if the ONLY thing that improved in that 50 years was the fall of the Soviet Union (something the likes of Anand were largely against at the time), the world would be a better place.
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10 Sep
So, it appears a lot of people simply want to forget the sequence of events on COVID/Coronavirus.

Its highly inconvenient to admit who really prevented the world from reacting properly to this scourge.
The first cases of COVID19 now appear to have been showing up in Hubei Province in LATE NOVEMBER 2019.

The Chinese at that point didn't realize what they had on their hands. But even then they suspected a new SARS like outbreak.

December 6

China reported the first case with documented date of symptoms.…
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9 Sep
So since I am already getting heat...Let me stipulate that even before today, I 100% believed Trump downplayed COVID.

That isn't a secret. He did so publicly at his press conferences.

Problem is the 'Oh, I knew it was dangerous, airborne'.

I think he's talking out of his ass.
Why do I think that?

Because every infectious disease expert we know, those that worked in the Obama administration as well, all said otherwise.

Redfield. Fauci. Birx. And even former CDC heads.

Not one said it was airborne in February.
Furthermore, these experts were giving real time info to Governors and mayors as early as mid-Feb. We know for a fact Fauci talked to Cuomo and DeBlasio around the middle of that month.

Unless you think Fauci was lying, whatever info the White House had, Cuomo and DeBlasio had.
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8 Sep
BLM riots probably cost multiples of that.

But hey...narrative and all that.
Look, many cities did NO tracking and tracing after early BLM protests. Some went as far as to tell their operators to not even ask about protesting! (NYC, for example).

But we saw spikes in several cities, for sure. Birmingham, for one...…
LA, Seattle and Miami saw at least some data to support that the virus accelerated in the time range after the protests.…
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8 Sep
So, a Europe #coronavirus update.

Europe is clearly seeing a second wave. All the major countries now have seen surges in cases, but thankfully, not deaths (yet).

France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and others are seeing cases increase.

What can we learn from this?
First the data.

Read 11 tweets

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