For @PathfinderAstro

@realDonaldTrump WILL win, because his loss is not possible.

There's no way to steal the election.

But we need to address this.
First, there's absolutely no way that HALF THE COUNTRY will choose permanent riots, lockdowns, unemployment, and lawlessness, especially when they see so much prosperity.

Don't forget:

Trump is helping distressed communities in blue cities.
Second, you think Trump can't handle deranged American leftists?

Listen to this.

It's explains how Trump will bring the country under control.

Trump BEFRIENDED the Bahraini royal family long before he became president.

The same with the House of Saud.

Look at the date: 1980.
Trump has tons of FRIENDS who are high-ranking Democrats.

Many of them are his Judas goats, the ones leading the Democrats to slaughter.

The CURRENT Democratic party must self-exterminate--the faster the better.

Trump's Democratic friends know that.
You have to understand Trump.

All you need to understand him are TWO tactics:


The Thirty-six Stratagems, General Wang Jingze.

Chapter Five: Proximate Stratagems.

Stratagem Number 27:

"Feign madness but keep your balance."
"Pretend to be incompetent to create confusion about one's intentions and motivations. Lure the opponent into underestimating one's ability until they drop their guard."
You may have see this:…
"'Let's [expletive] kill him! Let's go in. Let's kill the [expletive] lot of them,' Trump is said to have told Mattis."
"President Donald Trump revealed Tuesday that he wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar Assad earlier in his presidency, reversing his previous denial that the issue ever came up."
"'I would have rather taken him out. I had him all set. Mattis didn't want to do it,' Trump said in an interview with Fox and Friends, referring to then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. 'Mattis was against most of that stuff.'"
Does that SOUND like Trump, especially since the Saudis were handling Syria?

One more thing:

"Let's kill the [expletive] lot of them."


Trump is from QUEENS.

"Lot" is a leak marker or an in-joke for Trump's REAL peers.

"Defence Secretary James Mattis has also denied words attributed to him in Woodward's book."
Mattis's September 5 denial that it happened is being memory holed.

This is 10 days later, after all!

Trump's puppets in the press are doing his bidding without knowing that the sane world is laughing at them.

And it allows to Trump to continue winning without interference.
Trump said today that he TOLD IRAN to wait until after the election before they make a deal.

They've been talking for ages.

You think Trump can handle Iran but not AMERICAN LEFTISTS?!

What is this obsession with giving the Democrats superpowers?
I'll end on this:

I blocked a whiny piglet because AFTER I'D EXPLAINED how the Speaker of the House can't become president in the event of delayed election results, she posted, "Heard of a little thing called the Constitution? Heard of the Speaker of the House?"
Her FIRST POST to me was Bitch Level 10.

So I told her that she was wasting my time, since she'd just read how the Speaker CAN'T become president.

It would be litigated forever.

After several indignant responses, she posted this.
So I blocked her.

This always happens.

I've never claimed to be an expert on ANYTHING, must less "everything in the world."

And everyone who reads my stuff stuff knows that I encourage questions and often written threads on them.
Yesterday I blocked a guy who's still pissed that I blocked him THREE YEARS AGO for doing exactly what the whiny piglet did.


You WILL address me in a civilized manner, or I WILL block you.

As lots of readers know, you CAN tease me and needle me.
You can say anything you want as long as you DO NOT insult me or enter the conversation with an air of condescending superiority.

I can be be MUCH NASTIER than you.

But this is a No Flame-War Zone.

Don't come at me like a bitch and then cry when I'm a BIGGER bitch.
And anyone who uses the term "bully" gets blocked.

We're all adults here, so you're expected to talk like one.

Are the rules clear now?

Don't be a rude child.

Don't pick fights because you have a pathological need to prove that you're smarter than me.
If we go by my measured IQ, about 75 percent of the world is smarter than me.

So git along off that path, little doggies.

One of my favorite videos. HELL of a singer.


• • •

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20 Sep

This whole thing is FALSE.

It took me ten seconds to debunk it.

@realDonaldTrump will win Pennsylvania on election night.

New Jersey:

Vote in oner of four ways.

1. mail

2. secure ballot drop box

3. Board of Elections Office

4. polling place
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20 Sep

If you haven't watched the @realDonaldTrump peaceful protest in Fayetteville, North Carolina, it's his best yet.

He KNOWS he's going to win.

Funniest, most entertaining Trump presentation to date.

He said things like, "I swear, if you don't vote for me, I'll never speak to you again!"

He did a bit about @FLOTUS, which he addressed her as "First Lady" in the private of their own living quarters.

It was truly inspired.

He's showing us the difference between HIM and Biden.
When was the last time you saw a FUNNY leftist public figure?

Trump is now taking his standard speech and ad libbing all over the place.

He's having FUN.

Now, I've told you multiple times that when you're a partisan fanatic, you're easily manipulated.

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20 Sep

One more thread.

This is a great scene. Very true to life.

Denzel Washington has just saved a kid from being jumped into a violent gang.

The kid was told he had to murder in order to be a member.

So Denzel plucked him out at gunpoint.

Denzel's a killer.

He's trying to atone.

The SEQUEL was pretty much ruined by the director. It gave in to cliches.

But I still recommend both The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2, only because of Denzel Washington.
I've always wanted to tell people what I know.

Poseurs like Antifa.

Fake veterans on Twitter.

But I'd need that...implement that Denzel had in his hand, and I wouldn't do that.

Still, it's nice to see someone capture so faithfully what goes on in my head.
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20 Sep
Leftists refuse to admit that mental illness is an UNDESIRABLE DISABILITY.

The reason I worked so hard to mitigate the effects of severe PTSD, anxiety, and depression was that I HATED BEING UNHAPPY.

I accept that happiness is beyond me.

But I've achieved peace of mind.
Leftism encourages normalizes mental illness in its adherents while claiming that political dissidents are mentally ill.

In the US, this started in earnest in 1962, with the publication of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Americans began taking all their social cues from HOLLYWOOD.

The narrative became, "Those who we call mentally ill are actually the sanest among us."

Even though THE SAME PEOPLE attack political dissidents as mentally ill.
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19 Sep

Please go to @LindseyGrahamSC's thread and thank him.

The Senator KNOWS that @realDonaldTrump is genuine.


The Senator is angry at the Democrat's debasement of the Senate and their treatment of Supreme Court nominees.

To make my thread register, I need to add a few more tweets.

@robreiner is flat-out wrong, of course. Image
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19 Sep

Dear Democrats:

YOU DID IT! Many thanks.

@realDonaldTrump will replace Ginsburg before the election.

I know what I'm saying will not penetrate, but the worst thing you can do TO YOURSELVES is threaten Trump.

He doesn't take kindly to it.

Since you went insane BEFORE HE EVEN SAID A WORD, you forced his hand.

There was no way for him to NOT fill the seat after your threats.
So now we see:

Will you follow through?

This is the GUARANTEED fallout from that action:

1. You deliver all 50 states into the Trump column on election night.

2. You meet THESE people face to face. Image
Read 6 tweets

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