I'm asked this frequently, but a lot today given NASA's press release about "Exiting Solar Minimum." So let's discuss.

THREAD: What is the #GrandSolarMinimum?

Important to distinguish between "solar min/max," normal 11 year cycle, and extended periods of muted activity, "Grand Minima." NASA just says we're entering 11yr cycle.

BUT: look at SC24, we are already enjoying significantly less output. On par, in fact, with Dalton Min.:
During Dalton Min, we experienced non-trivial impacts to agriculture, and resulting food scarcity, plus seismic/volcanic uptick, and everything else we associate w/ increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays.

I attribute recent crop losses, weakened jetstream (polar vortex), etc, to this.
A SC25 on par with SC24, as predicted, will continue those conditions and, more concerning, if we are to trust many models (Zharkova, NOAA's latest predictions , and others), we will drop off into a Maunder-type minimum (zero or nearly zero sunspots) around 2030 for a good time.
NOAA's latest predictions mentioned above, can be found here. Note the extended period where "expected sunspot count" trends to zero -- that is the Maunder-like minimum forecast AFTER SC25.

So: if #GrandSolarMinimum is defined as diminished activity & its effects (like Dalton), we are there now.

If you define GSM to be "zero sunspots" (like Maunder), then wait until late 2020's.

BUT ... (big conclusion coming!)
At this point, the distinction is academic: crops are already suffering, and the globalist/totalitarian/transhumanist Fabians have ALREADY seized upon this opportunity to take total control of food supply and society, and the fight is on now for the future of the human race.
They are preparing -- and so must we. Start growing food. Build resilient communities. Spread the word. Fight the agendas. We will triumph, and their time is short.

• • •

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#G4, the #SwineFlu virus with "the right characteristics for causing infections in people," has become the dominant #H1N1 genotype in Chinese pigs.

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Let's start Germany, where they had rodent issues (excessive pests characteristic of #SolarMinimum) affecting many grains, and a poor wheat harvest...

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THREAD: Australian trucker SWAT teamed at home:

Returning from Victoria to Perth, was stopped, asked to take a #COVID1984 test. He declined, departed.

Received a letter, wherein a Karen (!) threatens $20,000 fine or "reasonable force" to ensure compliance.
(2/5) Note the language used:

"You are being given this DIRECTION because I suspect you of having COVID-19.

"REASONABLE FORCE if you do not comply with our DIRECTION."

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Hi @TwitterSupport - it is unacceptable to censor links to every video on bitchute. Remember §230? It's why your site stays up in spite of awful tweets.

If you enjoy protection, so must bitchute. You can't have it both ways.


RT if agree. Image
I don't expect a response here, so I have created a public endpoint to HIDE from twitter's censorship:


can be used to post Bitchute videos.

Use it with your own video ID:

Here is the code if you would like to run the mini proxy on your own host.

Twitter censorship of other platforms is unacceptable. Image
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Let's take apart the language in this new Rockefeller report about TRANSFORMING the US food system!

Key takeaway from Rockefeller "RESET THE TABLE" :: linking HEALTH and FOOD now means that MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW becomes FOOD TYRANNY
Another takeaway: APPLY TRUE COST ACCOUNTING. Ie farms/ranches, you are no longer profitable because of the "TRUE COST" of your CO2. Better switch to insect farming.
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