's a short thread of jellyfish being extra
When you're so excited to be eating you just can't even
(baby golden jellies swimming to catch food)
But then you're over everything and don't even care that a whale is wearing you like a hat.
All you're doing is drifting and eating and wondering if your BeforeTime clothes will ever fit again.
Baby animal videos are your new favorite genre of literature
Sometimes, when life gets hard, but just need to put on your best hat and do what you can.

• • •

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19 Aug
There's a whole world living at the ocean's surface, and I promise you've never seen animals quite like these...
[a thread]
(📽️ by me)
First, there are the blue sea dragons, they're floating sea slugs that prey on man-o-war and other animals, then cover their dragon-like bodies in the sting of their victims.
There are multiple species of sea dragons, some of which have only been found in one region of the ocean, like the North Pacific Gyre (aka Garbage Patch). There are at least two species in this picture, one large, the others small (both surrounding and ready to eat a man-o-war).
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14 Aug
The strawberry squid lives in the deep open ocean, with a massive eye for looking through the clear water for food. But a SINGLE deep-sea mining operation will spew 22,000-50,000 CUBIC METERS of toxin-rich dirt into its home EVERY DAY [a thread]
📽️ @MBARI_News
Deep-sea mining will use giant underwater bulldozers mine hydrothermal vents & the seafloor, the minerals will be extracted, & the toxic sludge dumped back into the ocean. One operation could run for THIRTY YEARS, producing 500,000,000 cubic meters mining of sludge...
Scientists have no idea how mining will impact the deep sea but know it will be long-lasting and severe. They could last generations on the seafloor: "Seabeds are still denuded 30 years after experimental mining machines passed by"...…
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28 Jul
I've got some shocking news for you:
2) The oldest jellies I know are NEARLY 100 YEARS & COUNTING
3) Scientists are studying if they live forever but there's one BIG problem...[a thread]
First, there's THE "immortal" jellyfish: Turritopsis is the size of a bread crumb, and when it's hurt, it curls into a ball and transforms into a younger version of itself. Imagine if are injured and just TURN INTO A LITERAL BABY. Like that.
It does this through a series of very unattractive maneuvers, including transforming into a fleshy little mound and then growing new baby parts out of that mound. It would not be a good look for people. So once it's babied itself...
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24 Jul
I AM IN SHOCK. Reading this paper about deep-sea mining, I felt like I was reading warnings about environmental decline at the start of the industrial revolution. We are on the precipice of environmental impacts on a scale that should frighten you [THREAD]…
Deep-sea mining operations are real and already starting. Two of the most pristine habitats on earth: Hydrothermal vents and the abyssal seafloor (manganese nodule fields) are major targets. Mining involves massive bulldozers crushing and sucking up these rocks...
The water around these habitats is some of the clearest water on Earth. It is so still the animals living there are unfathomably fragile. ONE mining operation will relase 22,000-50,000 CUBIC METERS OF SEDIMENT, BROKEN MINERALS, AND SEAWATER INTO THIS DEEP-SEA HABITAT...EVERY DAY
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20 Jul
The world is in desperate need of some cute right now. So here's a thread of marine animals being adorable.
Video by:
First up! Look at these baby golden jellies trying so hard! They've gotta swim fast because they're filter feeders, and fast swimming = happy eating!
Next, the leaf sheep are coming! These little friend-shaped slugs (technically not nudibranchs) have two little eyes to peer into your soul with their cuteness...
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27 Jun
This is a big deal, but let's talk about all the reasons WHY this a big deal (not *just* that they collected lots of plastic), and how to REALLY fix this...
[a thread]
There is lots of plastic in the open ocean, which tends to concentrate in areas like the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre convergence zone (aka the Great Pacific Garbage Patch). Most of the plastics are hard plastics, fishing nets, etc. plastic bags and plastic straws are issues...
That tends to occur closer to shore. They don't often make it this far out (I saw often because nothing is black or white). What is much more common in the open ocean are ghost nets....
[image from wiki]
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