thread: what I think about economics

firstly, I dont post about economics because I dont like economics. they are g*y and boring and politics people who obsess over them are g*y and boring and almost always ideologically ret*rded (e.g. libertarians)
here's what I think anyway (since ppl ask me):

economy should serve the nation, pure and simple. it's a means to an end to make life better for the nation in terms of average populist day-to-day living as well as overall national security, power over foreign states, etc.
creating a nationalized state (i.e., a racist state) is infinitely more important than trying to create the perfect economic system. successful/prosperous white countries have had a range of systems, from more socialized to more free market, but theyve always been mixed market
having a cohesive racialized society working in unison transcends systems. the main issue will always be race.

eg: a white socialist state, as long as it is nationalized and not leftoid global socialism, will always be better than a subsaharan socialist state of the same nature
"whatever works best to deal with the situation at hand" will always be the "best" system. except for two systems that always lead to dysfunctional and shitty societies: total free markets (libertariansm) and total state control (communism). both were created & championed by j**s
however, if whites miraculously managed to regain control of one or all of our countries today, we would have to nationalize almost everything as a stop-gap, since every single major and minor corporation is owned by internationalist umbrella corps and rootless cosmopolitans
most actively and consciously harm whites & are controlled by our enemies (CFR, etc)

that being said, totalitarian state control of the economy is not desirable and the sort of people who want that are soulless bugpeople. European society has always respected private property
finally, any economics of our era has to address the behemoth that is the global technological system and all problems it brings: overpopulation (we're basically in a population stock market bubble on the verge of bursting), mass extinction, the fact that modern industrial
waste literally turns all animals tr*nsg*nd*r, the fact that there is literally zero true wilderness left, etc.

that's a way bigger problem than arguing about which economic system we use to turn the whole planet into tr*nn**s before we extinct everything including ourselves
infinite technological/economic progress is one of the eschatological founding myths of modernity (or the 'Reign of Quantity,' in the words of Guenon). nobody questions it, even though it's so obviously an ecological impossibility. we're already on borrowed time
when anyone who isnt an internet racist or kooky deep ecologist (the non-racist boomer version of an internet racist) addresses this issue, all they suggest are ways to worsen the life of the people to justify evermore technological "progress" (eat maggot, live in pod, etc.)
this, to me, is the biggest economic problem: how to nationally disengage from the global industrial system (a fragile mess that absorbs the entire planet) and return to localized, sustainable autarky, without completely destroying our own nations

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15 Sep
basic optics advice:

- delete facebook rn
- use diff username/pw for everything. make sure nothing is linked to any IRL accounts
- never post IRL stuff; photos, locations, etc
- dont reveal powerlevel. the left wants to kill us and many of your friends will try to ruin your life
remember that normies have been brainwashed into thinking that doing racism is literally worse than pedophilia

sometimes it's easy to forget how insanely brainwashed these people are

friends you've known your entire life may stab you in the back if they find out you're a bigot
it shouldn't be that way but unfortunately, it is

deal with things as they are not how you wish they were
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made this image

you're welcome, italy
it's not real OC though, I copied an image that existed already, but it was in really crappy resolution
stop arguing in the replies

"Ancient Romans were Nords!" is obviously more true than "Ancient Romans were Middle Eastern / African!" but it's still *not* true

I'm gonna add on some unbiased info on the genetic history of ancient Italy and put all of this nonsense to rest
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marxism has literally always worked hand in hand with international finance, so of course they work hand in hand with big capital today

founder of BLM is a self-identified marxist and they use Critical Race Theory invented by Western Marxists

BLM is marxist. keep coping leftoid
I put together an article that covers who is behind BLM, communism, etc. explains the marxism/finance connection (j**s) and succinctly explains the transition from Orthodox Marxism to Western ("cultural") Marxism…
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Romans: "we will conquer enslave this planet for the glory of Jupiter, ave Roma"

libt*rds: "wow this is just like my bourgeois progressivist multiracialism"
sp post without a typo in? never saw one in my life
I'm gonna dunk on all of the libt*rds in this thread to give you counter-arguments to all of their insanely ahistorical bullshit. guess it's gonna cover a mix of history and race/genetics

I expect to be awarded honorary Med status for defending Rome like this
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29 Aug
looks great. this technology definitely wont be used for anything nefarious
I don't really post about technology anymore but you all need to become woke one the Technology Question ASAP

it's one major aspect of the global system that people seem to completely ignore. everyone rambles on about "capitalism" when technology itself is the problem
disregarding the dehumanizing aspect of modern technological society, basically all major tech "developments" of the modern age dont actually improve our lives at all (most make our lives quantifiably worse) and only serve as tools for the elite to regulate behavior of the masses
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26 Aug
clear case of self-defense

the guy he shot in the head was a member of ANT!FA who threw a molotov directly at him, clearly the aggressor since Kyle was running away

Kyle was then hunted by a mob who attacked him (see vid in next tweet of my thread)
someone smashed his head with a skateboard and got shot in the stomach (now dead) and the guy he shot in the arm ran at him with a pistol after Kyle paused to give the guy a chance to back off (obviously the moron who got his arm blown off saw this as an opening to attack him)
Kyle is a hispanic *PRO-BLM* libertarian who was out to protect businesses from looters and rioters (who have been burning down Kenosha because a child rapist was shot while resisting arrest). he is not an "alt right white supremacist t3rrorist" as media and leftists paint him as
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