it's the 25th anniversary of Hackers! so let's check out the web in the mid 90s! :D

first up, a 1996 episode of The Net Cafe about hackers! featuring r00t and cDc!

with Dan Farmer, @mudge, aleph_one, white knight, omega, and @DethVeggie…
@mudge @DethVeggie looking for some move textual content? surf on over to the @internetarchive's backup of aleph one's site,, and read about the hottest new vulns!…
feeling like reading some oldschool @2600? fear not! it's right here…
curious what the l0pht is up to? browse right this way!…
I would also link to @r00t0wns's old site but the archive doesn't have a good copy of it :(

but their current site rocks and has cool merch…
but what about THE MOVIE HACKERS?

well while you're watching raz0r and b1ad3 phuck with phones

dial your modems to this cool site

featuring some famous hackers, and also lol they pretended to hack their own site for publicity…
of course some folx weren't so happy with the movie and thought you should go to @defcon instead…
@defcon and just in case you want to get a copy of Teach Yourself C in 21 days, you can shoot your web over to this hot new site called Amazon!

this is the 1999 site , w/ pic on the left but check out 1996 on the right…
@defcon of course, REAL hackers use AOHell. i can't find an old version of this page, but @wired wrote about it in 1995

also check out their old site :o
of course, real cyberpunks read @2000_mondo…
blurg. i'm stupid, which is no shock to you im sure. anyway, i wrote omega, instead of @CdcReid, because i googled for reid's handle and somehow found something that implied it was omega?? 😓😓😓
the internet archive page for the episode mentions cdc members omega and white knight, but wikipedia lists omega and @CdcReid as separate people, and i dont know what to believe anymore
omega is misha kubecka, who i'm pretty sure is not in the episode i linked
@mudge @DethVeggie @internetarchive s/move/more/ what are words tho

• • •

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California has an area of ~423,971,000,000 m^2. average ground-level solar flux is 1kW/m^2. solar panel efficiency is around 20%. the total area of CA could generate ~84,800,000,000 kW (= 84.8 TW) at peak insolation

earth consumes ~113,000 TWh per year, or ~13TW avg, or 6.5 CAs
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The Limits to Growth is racist eugenics wearing the skin of ecological activism

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modern computer systems are so highly tailored to presenting people with applications that do delimited things that there's a massive gap where tools are concerned.

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but there are so many things that i find myself wanting to do, only to realize that the tooling just doesn't exist. not that it's *complicated* stuff, it's just kind of general purpose and not narrowly focused
we expect users to, well.. merely *use* tools, not to create new tools, so our toolkits are oriented towards professionals, which is sad

so so many things are straight forward ideas that just require patching a bunch of things together but we don't have toolkits to support that
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