okay so here's the current breakdown of how 3D All-Stars works

I feel like I should preface that this is at current understanding and there may be more revelations
SM64 is heavily based on the Wii U emulator with NERD's own tweaks during porting

it still does vertex, code, texture replacements at runtime to up-res the retail Shindou rom for the Switch (yes, it is retail Shindou)
Sunshine is fully emulated (with some DSP bugs, I saw?)

they chainload a separate nrolz which is just an LZ4-compressed nro with the actual emulator which is apparently like 25MB
that in turn does hash checks (and other stuff people are looking into to do game replacements) and boots the gcm

the gcm is the modified PAL rom (cuz NERD), with all language files, cutscenes re-encoded to black for the emulator to pick up on and replace, and recompiled dol
Galaxy is the really interesting (read: janky) one

the files for the game are extracted and endian-flipped, and the cpu code has been ported to run natively on the Switch's 32-bit compatibility mode
the Flipper GPU and DSP Audio are still emulated*, cuz they're a pain in the ass to port

*at current understanding
both Sunshine and Galaxy use NERD(?)'s newly developed hagi emulator, which also does file, texture, code replacements

interestingly there's no shaders like Lingcod (the Shield emu) to replace, all the up-res is handled in the emulator with their viewport patches (I'm guessing)
so if you're wondering why Super Mario 64 isn't 16:9 and the other games act weird, it's because it's a weird mess of emulation patches and porting to get all the advertised "features"
I can't comment on the remastered assets, ui/model textures and movies, but other people think the movies are just AI-upscaled because of some gross text artifacting and sloppy editing for button prompt audio
"Was this the best way they could've done this?"
Emulation would be less of a task than porting, especially given how many people that'd take
No idea why they didn't use Lingcod, it would've been work porting it to Switch's GPU/OS but less than making a new one,
I assume either contractual obligation or NERD didn't have time to get familiar in the time limit they had

"Who's NERD?"

"Would they be able to bring emulation for other games?"
not without more work on emulation accuracy, I assume they ran out of time
"Why do you keep mentioning time limits?"
they wrote an entire emulator, ported an old one, and ported half of one game in 6-7 months, they had to be done by September for the 35th anniversary

"Why didn't they bring SMG2 as well?"
see above
In case anyone's trying to *ahem* experiment, some of these game crashes (the one exiting SM64 for sure) are atmosphere bugs afaik since this is the first game to use JIT, I'd expect it to get fixed relatively soon
3D All-Stars got a day-one update, waiting for someone to get it dumped for me
Galaxy's textures got updated to include more button prompt texture overrides, all fonts got updated, GDDR3 debug archive for testing

SM64 and Sunshine had their .nrr updated, no idea what changed

• • •

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