#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 1/ Once again Trump rambled, could not process a softball set-up. He sounds manic, loud on phone, recites his same BS/CS. Asked about debate prep, he says China plague disgrace, stock mkt, the same simple stock words.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 2/ Trump repeats specifically his BS about Biden on drugs. Hosts’ long set-ups ignored, Trump drifts into old grievances re fake news, denies his shameful statements re military (wasn’t asked), repeats his dementia tape.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 3/ Trump insists that vaccine is nearly ready, “a matter of weeks,” an outrageous lie. “We’ll see what happens,” “We have great therapeutics coming...” — Total bullshit. Scientifically impossible in 2020.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 4/ Trump is so impaired on Fox that he has no awareness of his deficits & how ridiculous he sounds. It’s all either old grievances, vulgar insults, or frank lies & misstatements. In short, there is no substantive content.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 5/ As dementia worsens, a person repeats old tapes, revisits old emotional complaints, & speaks in vague BS: “next week,” “see what happens,” “you look at—“ “I can’t talk about that, but you’ll see...” DEMENTIA=NO SUBSTANCE
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Fox & Friends today: 6/ Trump is getting worse. His tangled spaghetti monologues are the same day to day. There is no content beyond insult, falsehood, grievance, & vague evasion. *END*

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18 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 1/ SUMMARY: Trump was deranged & scattered start to finish, as high & loud tonight as he was sedated & dull at the earlier event. He ranted, rambled, & wandered for about 90 minutes, 100% recycled bullshit, tall tales.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 2/ SUMMARY: Dementia destroys the ability to process new information or manage novel situations. The dementia victim can only rely on remote memory (“old tapes”), recycling the same disorganized rant night after night.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 3/ SUMMARY: Trump did not mention anything relevant to current events, the pandemic, the economy, vaccine controversy, or the problems of average Americans. Of course, he can’t because his brain doesn’t work. Dementia.
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18 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 17 I thought he was ending, but he’s recycling his bullshit about ballot harvesting, Biden ending travel ban, deals w/ Bernie to open borders, “but Bernie people love my stance & will vote for me.” Biden hates God, guns.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 18/ The crowd is chanting, “We love you,” & back on Hillary & another “Sir” story. He’s not made a cogent point. Back to sing song monotone text, and I think he’s heading to the flaccid, stale, off key operatic finish.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 19/ He stopped yelling/reading, and now he’s freestyling again about “depression the likes of which no one has ever seen before.” Back to the sing song reading ... maybe he’s almost done ... land first woman on the moon..
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18 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 1/ Watching Trump after watching Biden’s Town Hall, the contrast is crystal clear. Earlier today (see my comments) Trump was dull, slow, hoarse, & monotone in the Archives speech. Tonight he is again manic, scattered.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 2/ Trump is yelling, mocking, freestyling, only occasionally reading his text. He’s complaining about Obama’s Nobel Prize: “He was a lousy President, he did a lousy job!” “And Hunter! Where’s Hunter?” Same grievances.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Wisconsin Wackyfest: 3/ Trump repeats several of his fantastic lies: “Keeping the oil,” “I’m doing great with women,” “The wall will be finished very soon,” “We’ve built 300 miles of wall,” “I could build 10 walls,” “Mexico will pay...”
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17 Sep
For the record, here is the link to the pandemic playbook the Obama administration handed to Trump in 2017. Trump disbanded the working group, rejecting the warnings. assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6819…
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17 Sep
#Presidementia Fake Briefing Wednesday: 1/ Even “Atlas” couldn’t lift an impaired, delusional Trump out of a #COVID19 sinking spell lower than a snake’s balls in a wagon rut. Trump was more liar than bullshitter today, dangerously so. He & Atlas are pitching a fake plan.
#Presidementia Fake Briefing Wednesday: 2/ Trump said CDC Dr. Redfield was “confused” when saying that masks are essential & our best defense. Only a delusional, demented “useful idiot” could lie & bullshit like Trump did today. He & Atlas are dangerous.
#Presidementia Fake Briefing Wednesday: 3/ Trump appeared more fatigued & mentally dull than usual today, repeating his vulgar insults. He is impervious to control by his staff, who confess that he damages his prospects with hour-long bullshit/calf splatter sessions like today.
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16 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 1/ The first 40 min was dominated by Trump. He is asked about unemployment & #COVID. Trump does the “we’ll see” evasion & blames “Democrat run states,” goes off on tangent about crime—says “It is what it is.” Dementia.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 2/ Trump asked about pre-existing conditions by an angry woman with chronic illness. Trump does “if you look at” & goes to “Obama & socialized medicine.” “We will have a health care plan.” George confronts him.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 3/ Trump is confused & befuddled as George states facts about Trump’s promises of “health care plan in 2 weeks.” Trump is rattled, making no sense, babbling about his “great healthcare for less money.” Commercial time.
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