Hard to overstate how incredibly irresponsible it is for the ***attorney general*** to make up stories about criminals paying off postal workers to commit voter fraud. Barr is absolutely out of control.
AG Barr has gone off the rails. He is spreading dangerous disinformation about voter fraud designed to undermine the legitimacy of the election. And he remains the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. His slide into delusional paranoia is profoundly alarming.
Honestly, what may offend me most is that, over the decades, every state has adopted meticulous processes for printing, sending, and counting mail-in ballots, including rigorous security protocols, and Barr appears to know NOTHING about it. He just makes up paranoid bullshit!
Thank you for this man, @FedSoc.

• • •

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11 Sep
Judge Bill Pryor's decision upholding Florida's poll tax on ex-felons is one of the most dishonest, misleading, and despicable voting rights opinions I have ever read. It is shockingly bad—an affront of the very notion that Americans have a right to vote. assets.documentcloud.org/documents/7206…
This decision was inevitable after Trump flipped the 11th Circuit by appointing five judges, all of whom joined today's appalling opinion, which truly makes me sick to my stomach. This is an incredibly dark day for voting rights.
If Floridians want to restore voting rights to ex-felons, they will need to pass ANOTHER constitutional amendment, because Republicans have effectively nullified the last one—and the judiciary let them get away with it. What happened here is sickening and extremely ominous.
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31 Aug
🙋‍♂️@MollyOlmstead and I wrote a comprehensive guide explaining the best way to vote safely in every state + DC—and how to make sure your ballot is actually counted.

Read it, share it, and make your voting plan NOW.

🙅‍♂️Do not wait until Nov. 3!🙅‍♂️
slate.com/news-and-polit… @Slate
In most states, Nov. 3 isn’t really Election Day. It’s just the last day to vote. You should not wait until the last day to do something this important.

A lot of you can vote in September. Almost all of you can vote in October. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER. slate.com/news-and-polit…
Worried about coronavirus but fearful of USPS slowdowns?

Most states let you 💁‍♂️fill out your absentee ballot at home then drop it off at multiple locations.💁‍♂️

We tell you exactly how to do it—from requesting your ballot to confirming that it’s counted. slate.com/news-and-polit…
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27 Aug
At this moment, conservative media figures are crafting a narrative that black people attempting to disarm a white vigilante who was (1) illegally brandishing an assault weapon after (2) shooting someone in the head *deserved to get shot.*

It is racist and it is sickening.
We saw the usual suspects begin developing this narrative yesterday by framing Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims as bloodthirsty assailants rather than rightly frightened civilians trying to stop him from murdering more people with an assault weapon. Now it’s their party line. Vile.
By this morning, the narrative began firming up: The men trying to disarm Rittenhouse—who crossed state lines with an assault weapon he possessed illegally, then shot someone in the head—were actually just “attacking him,” and Rittenhouse had a right to shoot them, too.
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17 Aug
Federal judge blocks the Trump administration’s attempt to strip transgender protections from Obamacare, explaining (correctly) that SCOTUS’ Bostock decision means “sex discrimination” encompasses anti-trans discrimination. …d-requests.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/123116892418.p… h/t @sarahposner Image
The Trump administration rushed out its anti-trans ACA rule just before Bostock came down, assuring us that SCOTUS would agree with its interpretation of sex discrimination.

“Its confidence was misplaced,” the court notes. …d-requests.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/123116892418.p… Image
Wrote this when Bostock came down on June 15, feeling good about it today 😎slate.com/news-and-polit… Image
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5 Aug
By a 5–4 vote, the Supreme Court just lifted an order that had required the Orange County Jail to implement safety measures to curb its COVID-19 outbreak. All four liberals dissent. Read it: supremecourt.gov/opinions/19pdf…
In dissent, Sotomayor points out that the Orange County Jail "misrepresented under oath to the District
Court the measures it was taking to combat the virus'
spread," falsely claiming it had implemented safety measures that "it now decries as vexatious judicial micromanagement."
SCOTUS' five conservatives have quietly changed the rules regarding these emergency stays, but haven't explained why. Among other things, they've decided that they always understand the facts better than the district court, which is a radical shift.
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30 Jul
Big shoutout to everybody who hyped up the phantom threat of voter fraud to justify ID laws over the past two decades, laying the groundwork for a sitting president to consider postponing the election over phony concerns about its integrity.
I don’t think all Trump’s lunacies reflect long-standing pathologies within the Republican Party, but his obsession with nonexistent voter fraud does. The GOP spent decades convincing their base that voter fraud is rampant, giving Trump the tools to reject an election’s outcome.
November 2, 2020.

Trump purports to postpone the next day’s election, leading blue states to file an emergency appeal at the Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh immediately circulates a memo urging his colleagues to dismiss the case as a non-justiciable political question.
Read 5 tweets

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