i wanted to make a thread about writing but for fellow writers. it's not gonna be super cohesive but it's just a few affirmations that i think everyone needs to hear at some point.
ok for starters i want to say that numbers are not about your writing. in fact whether or not
someone has a lot of readers isn't always necessarily bc of their writing or their stories. sometimes it's about genre, sometimes it's about the fandom's way of regarding fanfiction, sometimes it's about popularity. tbh i've been in a LOT of fandoms (been writing for 15 years)
and what i know now is that there's no secret or algorithm to it. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
what i can tell you from experience is that whenever i got somewhat popular as a writer in a fandom it was always because i produced a lot of content.
and that's a fucking double edged sword bc well at some point you run out of steam and you feel very conflicted and that brings on a lot of anxiety.

however, i wanna address that feeling that sits in all of us, that small golden nugget of creativity that vibrates all the time.
i think the best way to nurture that and make it grow and make you more comfortable in your writing flow is simply writing. and i know that sounds so cliché and lame and i know. I KNOW OKAY. i rolled my eyes at my mum too when she told me the only way i could be a better cook is
if i cooked a little bit every day. (don't call me mum i will slap your mouth.)
but it's true. perspective and perception are lil bitches, and they LIE to you all the time! you spend time and energy on a story. you agonise over it so much that it coats your view of it. it filters
your growth. it makes it seem like nothing you write will ever compare but that's not true bc just the fact that you agonised over it already made you better at it.
and next time, it might not feel easier but it will be.

comparison is such a dick. it's so fucking hard!!!
to read your fave writer's stories and think that there is value in what YOU write compared to this. but the truth is we compare ourselves to works we love. loving our own stuff is harder bc it would imply loving something that came from you. and that's always harder isn't it?
there's a unique spark in all of us. that's why we never tire of reading the same tropes over and over again. bc somehow every story is like a home waiting to be filled and every story will find its family (readers) and you as the landlord will get your due.
also *hag voice* i come from a time where content wasn't a constant. at least not to this volume. now you got AU threads, Social Media AUs, fics.... it's overwhelming & it's constant & it's always buzzing and somehow ppl have started to think that if you don't produce something
every day, you're loosing steam and you'll lose readers and people won't care about you anymore. but that's not true at all. 1st of all your purpose as human being can't be satisfying others. im genuine when i say: readers of fanfiction are lucky to have YOU! you're in demand!
2nd your worth isn't in numbers, it isn't in what you make, it isn't in the way others perceive you. well... it is a little bit bc let's be real, that's how society functions (especially women and women aligned people... it is pummelled into us that we have to DO to BE) but
there's so much more to you than how many likes you got on a concept or how many comments you got on a fic. and there's a lot more to your writing as well. and there will be more to it as you apply yourself to it.

basically what i'm saying is: be kind and patient with yourself
when people tell you they like your stuff, they're not lying. Trust me, with all the passive readers out there, if someone actually takes the time and effort to comment on your stuff, they mean it. (btw: booooo passive readers y'all suck).
also: just bc your fave writer doesn't
know you exist, doesn't mean you don't exist and that what you write isn't brilliant. (in my experience all the big writers in fandoms are a let down so tbh you're better off). lean onto the people who actively support you and give their voice as much importance than any other.
i know writing is hard, especially if you're a non native speaker. writing often asks more than you can give and it's scary bc it's a vulnerable thing to be laid bare in that way. and it's hard to trust the unknown.
but you're here & you're doing great and you'll do even better!
it's going to be okay!

also: it doesn't matter if you didn't write today, or this week or this month or even for years. you're valid. you're a writer and you'll always be. just give yourself time!

okay that's basically all i wanted to say. take care of yourself! 🥺🥰💜
(also a lil secret: we all agonise over readership and stats. i know some ppl play it cool but like.... *snorts* we're all yearning for the sweet release of validation. so don't think you're a loser for caring about that. no one who puts their stuff out there is immune)
(also some stories will hit harder with your readers, some will get very popular without you knowing why, some will have a piece of your heart but will not be popular at all. it's all fluctuating all the time & it's okay to worry about it. just know you're doing great regardless)

• • •

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