How to redpill a Lib you love...

Find common ground.

How about the need to have products "made in America?"

LOOK at this amazing news out today!

Just shared it with a liberal relative...…
2/ talk about WHY our factories and good jobs got shipped overseas...

SHARE THE BLAME, both Corrupt Dem AND Republicans.

It was Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama that did it.
2 of each.

and Obama?

Said those jobs were NEVER coming back w/o a magic wand.…
4/ Then? Talk about how CORRUPT CONGRESS, both parties, votes themselves payraises & worse?

BREAK THE LAW and EXEMPT THEMSELVES from laws they pass to make us peasants obey.

Case in Point?

Obamacare. ILLEGAL WAIVER at taxpayer expense

From The Hill:…
5/ give 'em a visual Red v Blue Rock em Sock em!

SHARE the blame, both Rep and Dem. They have been a corrupt UNIPARTY like Cue says, pitting Americans AGAINST each other, in a WWE type fake fight.

and WE pay the price. Weak, and Divided.
6/ Then? #P3dogate. EVERY person, R or L, I've talked to believes it's real, at least on some level. That's a shared value.
Our children's safety from sexual predators is a SHARED AMERICAN value.

Don't mention Biden's creepiness. Believe me. They know. They're embarrassed
7/ another shared value? REASONABLE care of the environment.

Clean air &water. Stress goods made overseas, is done by NON-environmentally friendly nations. Goods made here have regulations to abide by.
8/ and another? a LIVING WAGE and humane working conditions exist HERE not in many other countries. Goods made overseas is done in sweatshops for pennies. Each nation can and should make its OWN clothes, for example, benefitting ALL workers.
9/ and then the ENDLESS WARS in the mideast?

Stress its cuz OIL
We get OUT of Mideast Mayhem IF & only IF we are energy INDEPENDENT.

Don't say Trump's name. JUST SAY for 1st time in 50 years?

We're self-sufficient for energy! THEY KNOW it was Trump and ONLY Trump that did it!
Everyone knows it's been decades without happening!

But today!! HIstoric.
this is REALLY Nobel Prize-worthy. And everyone knows it.…
11/ our TROOPS CAN COME HOME from the Endless Wars.

12/ and WHAT ABOUT those endless wars?

Mention the Endless Wars as cover for the Drug Trade in Afghanistan. Who/What did it really fund?

Cee Eye Ay has black ops?
JFK thought so
Wanted to Break it into 1000 pieces

Wikileaks is helping to tell the TRUTH.…
13/ WHY was Bush 41 called "poppy"?
Hint: it didn't mean Daddy.

WHY did Bush 41 want all those GROUND FORCES in the Mideast, incl Afghanistan?

It's NOT rocket science...
14/ and WHO TOOK OUT the Afghan narcotic processing plants for the opium drug trade that financed black ops for Cee Eye Ay?

Yup. Trump. And the brave 303rd squadron of A-10 Warthog pilots from Whiteman AFB.…
15/ They may now agree "career politicians are bad".
Yes, our Founders wanted Patriot OUTSIDERS to TAKE TURNS at governing.

Make laws, then OBEY in the private sector what you just voted to pass.
GUESS WHO =OUTSIDER that Career Politicians HATE SO MUCH?…
16/ so WHY VOTE REPUBLICAN now, if Rep's have been historically corrupt like the Dems in a UNIParty?

Because POTUS has been able to convince MORE Republicans to GIVE UP on the corrupt Swamp lifestyle. the DEMS have stayed in lockstep w their corruption.

WE NEED a non-Corrupt, Republican majority.
To Pass Legislation
To confirm Judges
To operate the departments of Govt.

NO 3rd PARTY can do that!
Senate was the TARGET.
18/ BUT... isn't Trump a RACIST?

ASK: What do actual MINORITIES think?
NOT the white-knighting suburban liberal women?

THERE's HISTORIC African Amer and non-white other minority support for Trump.
Biden? just #youaintblack bigotry
19/ BUT BUT...What about Trump's disrespect for Women?

Remember the Pu$$y grabbing comment?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I haven't tried this one on a lib yet... just figured it out myself. But?


Hasn't Trump mismanaged, killing thousands?

Contrast H1N1 under Obama/Biden
Have empathy.
BOTH are diseases w/Suffering &loss

H1N1 =MORE LETHAL to young people than Covid
60 million cases vs 6 million
EXACT SAME Survival rate, based on population
21/ CDC #'s supporting the meme in 20/.
22/ BUT what about all those Rep's coming out AGAINST Trump?

doesn't that PROVE Trump is corrupt?

HERE's a famous "never-Trumper" group
@ProjectLincoln .

GUESS WHAT! THEY are founded by ...wait for it...
a RUSSIAN holding co.
Hello Comrades!
23/ BUT Trump's tweets are...Mean!

Graciously ask...What tweet did you find offensive?

You'll like get nothing. Avg Libs do not READ his tweets; just what talking heads SAY they say

Claim: BUT they're not "presidential"....
24/ A: Do you want a POTUS who will FIGHT for himself and fight for We the People?
Fight Against corruption?
Against our Enemies?
Against Terror?
Against Lawlessness?
Fight FOR justice?

If someone attacks him,
SHOULD HE NOT respond?

What do YOU do when falsely accused?
25/ and POTUS tweets?

POTUS SETS the AGENDA for the day's talking points!

THINK 2020 version of FDR's Fireside Chats to the American People. In REAL language.

POTUS Tweets ENGAGE ALL AMERICANS in the daily conversation

Isn't that a GOOD thing?

• • •

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29 Sep
1/ OK Patriots. STOP Freaking out about Trump's tax returns.

I'm a trained CPA, (turned teacher). It's NORMAL, first of all, for business people to have profits and pay taxes in some years, and have paper losses due to depreciation, etc. in others.
2/ Tax Law, enacted by Congress, rightly lets prior year losses offset future earnings. They are called NOL' operating losses that can roll forward to offset current income.
Demanding to Look At 1 or 2 years is ridiculous. Most Americans do not understand the complexity Image
3/ but I'll tell you who DOES understand the complexity...the IRS.


They would have found it, and made him pay.

ESPECIALLY the weaponized IRS under BHO.

They got NOTHING on Trump. Nothing.…
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28 Sep
Praying for @parscale and his family. All of us have experienced, in our own network of family and friends, incidents of depression and desperation. These are difficult times for ALL. Glad he is ok.

But is there more to this instance than we know?
Think back at all the bizarre residence/office fires , raids, etc.

Fire at Clinton's
Fire at Trump Tower
Raid at whistleblower Nate Cain's home

waterGATE started with?
a Break in. ImageImageImage
Prayers for @parscale
recall he was taken in "under the BAKER act"?
was this the ACT of a BAKER?

When you are strong, appear WEAK
Operators NEVER divulge

Control ImageImage
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27 Sep
BLM is, @WhitlockJason states, "destructive...a cult...[whose] Marxist-influenced statement of purpose opposes the...nuclear family structure". "A movement to push America toward a level of racial dysfunction and animus not experienced since the Civil War"…
3/ Follow and don't miss ANYTHING @WhitlockJason writes. He speaks with passion, experience and cutting truth. Here's more:

Racial tension is this country is bubbling toward Civil War WHY?

cuz the MEDIA and DEMOCRATIC politicians!… Image
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27 Sep
1/ ANTI-Catholic BIGOTRY by Dems is rearing its UGLY head, with Trump's nomination ofJudge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

WHAT is the history of such Anti-Catholic bias?

NONE OTHER than the K K K .

from… Image
2/ These religious bigots on the Left are actually spewing out 1920s K K K "talking points" that Catholicism is "incompatible with Democracy" .
@SenFeinstein criticizing ACB: the "dogma lives loudly within you"…
3/ when these Hypocritical Bigots on the Left side with the Anti-Catholic Jim Crow-era K K K, and they tell you who they really are?

Believe them. Image
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26 Sep
Where’s HUNTER?

Annual Orion the HUNTER meteor shower is
Oct 20-21, 2020
10-20 Police LOCATION code

2/ note Orion the HUNTER is Pointing an ARROW...”arrows in quiver” is a common theme now.

Not so effective against LOSBR
3/ recall that the HUNTED becomes the HUNTER...

who has been HUNTED , on Defense these past 3+ years?

3 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️@GenFlynn .
Look at Orion the HUNTER’s belt? ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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25 Sep
These #spygate plotters were PLAYING A GAME with people's lives, at taxpayer expense.



#obamaGate #spygate plotters...

"Show me the Man and I'll FIND you the Crime"
--Lavrentiy Beria, head of Stalin's Secret Police/KGB

THese were the doings of a tyrannical, police state DICTATORSHIP under Barack Hussein Obama, not a Freedom-Loving Constitutional Republic
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