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15 Sep, 4 tweets, 3 min read
This one is pretty straight forward. Does anyone need a symbolic hug? DJT SM to Drops. Take a look at Creepy Joe in the RT. We can beat them at their own game? Hmmm. Timestamp was for 11:20pm. So mil time. 23:20.
So we'll dip over to drop 2320.
Drop 2320. Presidential Alert? Curious. We have a link to click. Brings us to this neck of the woods. Jeff Sessions? Back the Blue? How long ago? 1 year, 11, months, 11 days.
What about drop 1050?
Drop 1050 to close. How about a big digital hug from POTUS. Don't think I made mistakes on this one. If I did PLEASE let me know. I had to pull a thread yesterday, I was brain dead on a whole new level.
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15 Sep
This one is interesting. DJTs current pinned tweet. Plug that into drops. There are some striking numerics on this one.
Notice the spaces that are provided via syntax. We have 35. This does not count spaces at the very end. Count the red dots or the spaces "in between" #35
Some other numbers noted; that 1:16 total time on the vid. From the SM tweet previous. The first thing I noticed on Drop 1401? Time between DJT and Q drop is 17 mins.
Let's count red dots. 35 of them in between? What are the odds of that?
I also wanted to make note of that 1:16. If the above is intentional you would have to imagine that the video length provided is for a reason likewise. So I added first 16 to drop 1401, next 17 to incorporate the [1:]. Drops are such. Drop 1417, 1418. I'll explain the lines.
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9 Sep
Check this out, DJT has a conference scheduled at 15:30
Drop 1530 is the start. I'll explain as I go.
Subtracted the two times,
Next is Drop 171
Nothing to subtract in this one. I canceled out the highlighted 17, in the seconds column. Leaves us with the 4:xx:08
or drop 408
Drop 408 allows for subtraction so that is the step I took. I look at it as the simplist way to reduce. Easy time difference of 2min20sec.
Drop 220.
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9 Sep
OK. This was suppose to be out there earlier. For peeps that believe timestamps matter. This is an interesting example. We start at Drop 729. I dunno why I posted 749 earlier, not even sure what that one is off the top of my head. Onwards.
Drop 729
I've highlighted some stuff makes sense on the last post. Keep in mind, I'm just doing some subtraction. Timestamps matter? Signatures matter?
Time difference of
1:20:10 (-)
1:18:27 (=)
Drop 143 is next.
Drop 143
Interesting terms are in that strange little link via drop. Some are highlighted, I thought the March 8th date was pretty strange considering today is also the 8th.
Same deal with the times, just subtraction.
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23 Aug
I'm going through SM tweets to drops. Today I focused on DJT. I won't start off with his first (tweet), it will be included. No predictions just some observations (simple math). I'll explain everything best I can. Some interesting numerics come up.
First just a basic, though it ties directly into another drop/tweets. Tweet made at 5:13am so we just cruise to that drop. I didn't take too much note of the time Drop 611 kinda links to it. I'll explain. (5I3 is featured as a numeric, so is 19)(Just look at 611, rotate, 119
So DJT tweet is at 6:11am. Drop 611 is such. I highlighted the time because I just found the minute/second difference. 17 minutes 12 seconds. This is why I highlighted 1712. Notice 3:5. Remember 5:13am just sayin kinda fits the ratio.
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16 Aug
Ok, since I keep messing this up...one more time. SM comms, to drops. Starting off with a DHS tweet. Time was at 11:08
Drop 1108 is as such
Noteable DJT has made a threat to sanction IRAN.
aljazeera.com/news/2020/08/t… ImageImage
Moving along, we go to the ICE tweet posted at 3:02. (Time not in SS) Notice the pic. Has that 18 19 on it. I'll come back to it.
DROP 302 points to the end of the Green Stringer. I just did a bit on the that! ImageImage
This will seem like an off shoot (it isn't). DJT RT's @Wyn1745 CUE supporter. A time of 11:27. Drop 1127. Our first drop was 1108, add the 18-19? 1126/1127? It all loops back around.... ImageImageImage
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26 May
The purpose of this thread is to speculate and spread perspective on information dispersion, as regurgitated to the public by toxic MSM. Primarily the Smith-Mundt Moderation Act. Also a primary focus is the NDAA for Fiscal 2017 (and more!).
2. We can just start with a general knowledge wiki, we won't just use this but it can make for an excellent springboard. Just and over blatant overview of how this all started. Next slides will integrate on the alteration of the act.
Link; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith–Mun… Image
3. Why is the media allowed to choose it's dissemination of information available to the public? H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 Passed in National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2013. An overview/with highlights, links provided, decide for yourself! Image
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