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#OverHawksWeek late Day 2 – Bath/Preening

#NSFW #OverHawks
CW: wing kink, quirk kink, pain kink, bathtub sex, breath play, power dynamics, rough sex, minor violence & blood , 1 dead goon

Set in this villain!Hawks AU
~ ~ ~
Having Hawks around the Shie Hassaikai compound is… an experience.

The League sort-of-liaison can be found anywhere at any moment, looking around and not even properly snooping, just strolling down the corridors and talking to people.
It drives Kai mad.

Not only that, people seem to like Hawks, he gives off this approachable air and already some of the yakuza goons have started telling /him/ things so that he can report them to Kai.
It’s not big things, no sensitive information, just stupid ordinary things Kai usually has little patience for.

He refuses to admit how much his patience has improved now that he can get his dick sucked nearly everyday,
but somehow word got around that he is not as likely to overhaul Hawks into a disgusting blood splatter on the wall, so people found their new middle man.

Though, Hawks seems to have made it clear that not everything will fly.
Kai isn’t sure what happened, as Hawks had only said the guy was being disrespectful, towards Kai himself, apparently. But he’d come across a cleaning crew who had been scraping guts from the wall and mopping up blood from the floor,
what was left of his subordinate in at least three different sacs. He had been angry, at the mess, at the summary justice done without his consult, and had ordered Hawks to train with the Precepts as punishment, sure they would use him as a punching bag.
It had been a show, and even if Hawks had admittedly left battered, bruised, a little broken in places, he’d still been grinning and the Precepts seemed to like him even more (especially Rappa, but that was an easy one).
Kai had overhauled the damned pretty bird pristine again and pounded him into the mattress while Hawks twitched in oversesitiveness and moaned at how good it hurt. Freaky fucker.
Today Kai hasn’t seen him around at all, but that isn’t too unusual.

He steps into his quarters, locking the door behind himself, and that’s when he hears sounds from his bathroom.
There’s the splashing of water and a low humming, and Kai is sure it’s Hawks even before walking in to check.

He doesn’t get further than the doorway, taking it all in.
Kai owns a big tub, large enough he can submerge himself completely without the walls touching him everywhere. It’s still nothing compared to Hawks’ wings.

Hawks has his back to the door, one wing extended fully, the other resting easily half tucked beside him.
He inspects the outstretched wing, carefully parting the feathers and plucking out the old and broken ones, that then get discarded outside the tub, a sparse carpet of red like petals or blood, a trail left behind to speak of enticing danger.
“Welcome back” Hawks says, eyes still on his wing, droplets clinging to fluffed up red and smooth skin.

Hawks’ shoulder shifts and one drop meets another and united they run down the curve of his back.
“You’ve made yourself at home” is what Kai says, taking finally a step inside, then another.

Hawks shakes the wing, sending a light spray of water through the room. The feathers fluff up, smooth down, then he folds the wing,
his butt sliding on the immaculate edge of the tub as he changes position to stretch the other out.

“Should I have not?” And there it is, that singsonging tone Kai hates so much, that never fails to make his blood boil. He ignores the way his trousers grow more uncomfortable.
He’s close now, close enough to touch if he wanted to.

But Hawks is still only looking at his feathers, plucking another out and throwing it on Kai’s bathroom floor.

“You’ve made a mess.”

A hum. “I’ll clean it up later.”
Another feather floating down, this time on top of Kai’s foot.

Kai shakes it off with a frown, which only becomes worse when the thing twitches as it lands.

“Aren’t those dead?” He crouches down to touch a broken, half-curled feather. It gives a feeble shiver.
“Not entirely yet” Hawks answers, seemingly unaffected still, but the wing has lowered enough he can keep an eye on Kai over the top of it. “They are old, less efficient, less sensitive, but not entirely detached yet. I help things along.”
Kai hums, then runs a gloved hand over a little pile. The muscles on Hawks’ back twitch lightly.

“So you /do/ still feel them.” It’s not a question. Hawks answers anyway, his eyes finally meeting Kai’s.

“I do.”
Kai moves slowly, building the moment, the anticipation in the air. A glove gets taken off, Hawks’ eyes on the long fingers that get revealed. Those eyes follow the descent, follow as the hand gets lowered to the floor,
finally grabbing at the red shed parts of him littering the bathroom.

The feathers crumble, explode, atomized.

Hawks’ back arches, his breath hitches, his wings twitch. Kai watches it play out, for his eyes only.
Hawks’ feathers get brutalized on a daily basis out there, yet he never reacts to it. They are his weapons in more ways than one, but here he lets Kai see the extent of how they are truly part of him.
Maybe it’s wrong to show so much to your temporary ally.

Maybe it’s Kai who is falling into a trap laid as bare as the skin before him.
He’s never sure who wins and who loses when his world crashes with Hawks’, bodies hungry and hearts forgotten, but in the end, every time, he doesn’t care, not enough to stop it, even as he always hesitates at first.
He has tipped over now, fingers slipping over humid tile to grab another handful of feathers, to wring another gasp out of his pretty fallen angel.
Hawks doesn’t come from heaven, he’s as tainted as the rest of this sick humanity, yet he sells the lie and Kai, parched, laps it up.
Another fistful of old feathers gone, and Hawks moans out that it hurts, greedy for more.

He lets himself fall into the tub, water splashing as he offers his body, on all fours with his limbs submerged, wings splayed over the surface and touching the walls.
Kai watches him even as he pulls off the other glove, even as he touches as many feathers as he can with all ten of his fingers.

Hawks gives a groan, back arching, wings fluttering, his weight shifting as he brings a hand to his own ass, spreading himself open as
he balances to look over his shoulder. “Kai, please.”

And Kai answers the call, unsure of who is in power between the two of them when he doesn’t even bother with removing his clothes to claim what’s offered or maybe to do Hawks bidding, he only knows he can’t wait any longer.
Waves start around his legs to splash over the tub edge and onto the floor, as he steps into the water and it crawls up the fabric of his pants before he lowers himself to kneel behind his tempter, the back of his hand brushing against a cheek as he drags down his zipper.
He just pulls himself out while Hawks whines, ass pushed high and fingers pulling apart his winking hole. It glistens, not looking stretched enough not to hurt, but clean and waiting. Perfect disgusting little thing.
Kai pushes in, unrelenting, savoring the scream that echoes in the bathroom the same way he knows Hawks is doing.

His drenched trousers touch bare cheeks, Hawks’ hand finally returning to hold his weight on trembling arms.
It’s not enough when he pulls back and rams back in, Hawks’ shout this time ending garbled on water as he slips forward and down with the pounding.

Kai is benevolent. A hand wraps around the base of a wing, the other cups Hawks’ neck, both pulling him back up
as he coughs and sputters.

“Fucking filthy” Kai mutters, reveling in the way his thrusts seem to force more water out of Hawks, wings fluttering and splashing everything around while hands look for purchase in vain and uselessly paw at his fingers.
He tightens his grip over the bright red feathers, feels them tremble under his palms. He makes Hawks arch back further, slowing his hard fast pace to a deep grinding.
“So, little pain slut” he growls in an ear, taking a look at that debauched face and knowing without doubt that what he sees are fresh tears and not bath water, “tell me, if you reacted like that when I destroyed your old feathers, what would happen with these?”
He tugs hard and sharp on the wing, eliciting a pained cry.

Then, what feathers his fingers touch, he overhauls.

Keratin breaks under his will, only to recompose again a second later.

That second is enough.
Hawks seizes in his arms, his scream breaking off into silence as his body spasms under and around Kai. Ropes of white spill into the water as every muscle clenches, before Hawks sags in Kai’s hold, wings falling with a splash.
Too much and not enough, Kai drags him as he turns, soaked feathers slowing his movements but finally he can drop Hawks’ upper half over the edge of the tub, facing the flooded floor and the few discarded feathers that had been spared in their foreplay.
Kai doesn’t hold back then, fucking into Hawks as brutally as being in the tub allows him. He’s still fully dressed in the soiled bath water, which sloshes over and onto the floor dirtying it even more. It’s disgusting and all he can think about is adding to it,
creaming Hawks’ insides and fucking it in deeper and then out again to see it run down his wet taint and balls. So that’s what he does.

Hawks whines as his hips get slammed into the tub, Kai contemplating whether to leave the bruises there or overhaul his skin flawless again.
He knows his bird would let him.

He cums at that thought and at the clenching of oversensitive walls around him, Hawks shaking and squirming but not getting away.
Because when Kai slumps down over that winged back, he knows there’s a smirk on those terrible lips, knows that those eyes of liquid gold are hooded and pleased, as he once more did exactly what Hawks wanted him to.

~ End [of Part 2]

• • •

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With Hawks being a beta and Dabi being a very underweight and stressed out omega, the chances of a pregnancy were pretty much close to zero.

That wasn’t a mathematical certainty though.

“What do you mean you’re /pregnant/?” Hawks whisper-shouts in his phone receiver
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