Short #dekuhawks thing, fuelled with pure, grade-A spite

Fluff, trans!Hawks, nsfw. QRT to comment

Deku was so nervous on his first day interning at Hawks' agency. He assumed he'd be paired with a sidekick. Nope. He was fidgeting outside #2 hero Hawks' door first thing.
And it only got more nerve-wracking from there. He felt like he was all thumbs and toes as he grabbed coffee, took notes and tried to keep up with the pro as they patrol the city together.

Hawks was the epitome of relaxed, but somehow it only made Deku twitchier.
He felt like he was about to have a heart attack when one of those sharp red feathers brushed softly against his cheek when they stepped back to let a woman pushing a buggy pass on the sidewalk. Hawks gave him a sly grin.

"You really that intimidated?"

"Wh-what?! No! I-I..."
Deku struggled to find the words to explain the massive fanboy crush he'd had on the pro for years. Not that Hawks was the only one; Deku's heart was big enough for every pro. But Hawks was the only one standing in front of him, a little too close, a little too playful, +
the only one currently making him feel simultaneously too hot and too cold.

"First day nerves," Hawks chuckled. "Too cute. Don't worry, Deku. I have a tried and tested method for dealing with those. I'll show you back at the agency."
And then he winked and it took all Deku's strength not to melt and cry on the spot. He was just /so/ nice! Deku followed him around for the rest of their shift with one lovestruck eye on the feathered pro. He couldn't believe how lucky he was!
Of course, he would've been happy to intern with any pro, they're all so amazing, but /Hawks/ was just—

"You sure do like to mumble, dontcha?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, I guess I do. Sorry."

"Nervous habit, or...?"
"Oh, I don't know. Just something I do, I guess."

Deku grinned and blushed, suddenly realising one of Hawks' wings was slightly curled and extended, almost as though the pro had an arm around him as they walked. He left it there as they made their way into the changing rooms.
"S-so... uh... what's that nerve remedy you were talking about before?" Deku asked, trying to fill the silence and cover his arousal at showering so close to Hawks.

"Oh, just a little trick I learned when I was a young intern," Hawks called back, his voice echoing slightly off.
The tap squeaked as he turned it on, and Deku was relieved since it meant he had a reason not to engage in conversation. Maybe he could quietly deal with his still-inflating hard on as well.

"Actually, if you come over here, I can show you right now."
Deku froze, unable to believe what he was hearing, but his feet were carrying him before he could second-guess himself.

Hawks was already damp, water cascading over his shoulders and tracing delicious lines over his abs, leading Deku's eye ever-lower. The intern gulped.
"You ever eaten pussy, Deku?" Hawks asked, completely shameless. "It's the best nerve tonic around."

Deku tried to speak but his throat constricted and he only managed a squeak. Hawks gave a soft smile and stepped in closer, took him by the hand, led him into the spray.
"Don't worry if you haven't," he told Deku. "I have a feeling you're a natural."

And with that, Hawks leaned in and pressed his lips softly against Deku's. Deku melted on the spot.
He'd kissed before, but there was something even more exhilarating about being coaxed & guided through the intimate act by someone as kind as Hawks. He had never felt so cherished as when the pro swiped his tongue over his lower lip & pulled him in, cocooning them in his wings.
Hawks didn't forget his hands, either. At first he lightly gripped Deku's wrists and made the smaller man touch him, but then Deku got the hang of it and they were soon rubbing sweet circles all over each other, kissing and licking as they went.
Deku had never been so hard in his life. When Hawks pulled back, maybe to speak, Deku didn't stop. He all but lunged at the pro's nipples and took one in his mouth, seeking out the other with eager fingers, sucking and pinching, moaning around his task.
"Ah! Ahhh ha ha, that's it," Hawks crooned. "Such a good boy. I knew you'd be good at this."

Deku glowed under the praise, his free hand clutching at Hawks' waist. Then he had an amazing idea, probably his best ever, if he was honest. He let his hand drop between the pro's legs.
Hawks' cunt was soft and warm and already wet enough that Deku cld feel the difference between shower water and slick. Hawks let out a breathy moan, his hands coming to rest one on Deku's shoulder, the other curling softly in his hair.
"Just like that, little bunny," Hawks sighed. "God I've wanted you like this all day."

Deku pressed his fingers in, just deep enough to get the tips wet, then slid them out and dragged them over Hawks' twitching clit. The pro shuddered and groaned.
Deku was in heaven. He pressed harder on Hawks' clit, swirling his tongue around his nipple at the same time, and Hawks went weak at the knees just enough that Deku needed to support him for a moment. A soft moan escaped him at having his hero limp and weak in his arms.
He worked Hawks' clit until the beautiful bird started to twitch, shuddering moans and breathy sighs on every breath. His fingers were soaked with slick. Following a sudden compulsion, he pulled back from Hawk's nipple and brought his hand away. A thin tendril of slick connected+
them. Deku was entranced. Hawks watched him with heavy lidded eyes, a soft smile on his lips, but then his eyes flew wide open when Deku shoved his slick-soaked fingers into his mouth and sucked.

"Oh, my god..."

Hawks watched Deku clean his own fingers like a man under a spell.
Deku met his aroused golden gaze with his own blissed-out green one, savouring the taste of the pro on his tongue and making sure to catch every drop. When he pulled them out with a pop, it was like a dam broke in Hawks, and Deku suddenly found himself pushed to his knees.
Needy whines escaped Hawks' lips as he struggled to spread his legs wide enough while still being jelly-legged, but Deku moved instinctively and had it covered. He wrapped his strong arms around Hawks' thighs and hefted him up, pushing his back against the shower wall and
burying his face in soft blonde pubes. Hawks cried out as Deku sucked his clit and some of his labia into his mouth, letting out an answering moan around his mouthful.

"Oh fuck, D-Deku, fuck—"
Hawks clearly wasn't lying at having anticipated such a scenario all day. Deku knew for a fact he couldn't be /that/ good, but it only took a few minutes before hot slick gushed from Hawks' quivering pussy and down his chin. He sucked as much of it down as he could.
When he pulled back, he was gasping, breathless, relishing how Hawks' legs wrapped and squeezed around his neck and shoulders.

"H-haah... y... you... uhh..."

Deku blushed deep crimson at having the usually verbose hero mumbling nonsensical nothings. He squeezed Hawks' thigh.
His cock was rock hard and aching between his legs, and he so desperately wanted to sink into every hot, welcoming depth of the other man, but Hawks hadn't said anything about fucking, only eating his pussy. If nothing else, he had enough wank material to fuel him for a lifetime.
"Pick a hole."


Hawks was watching him carefully, and Deku knew without a doubt he had just been mumbling again. He flushed even deeper red and bit his lip.

"You heard me. Pick a hole. Fuck me, Deku. I want your cock in me."
Deku couldn't believe what he was hearing, but he wasted no time in doing exactly as Hawks said. He lowered the other man from his shoulders and hurried to manoeuvre them, his knees slipping on the tiles, his hands clumsy as he pulled the pro into his lap.
For a moment he could only stare up at Hawks' gorgeous, fucked-out face with lovestruck awe. /Holy shit, holy sh— he was /actually fuckingHawks!// And the other man /loved/ it!

Overcome, he surged forwards, capturing Hawks' lips in a clumsy, bruising kiss.
His cock lined up of its own accord and he was sliding in before he knew it. They moaned in tandem at the tight heat being stretched around him, Deku whimpering, his hips pistoning of their own accord, refusing to break the kiss.
Hawks hooked his ankles around Deku's hips and kissed him back with wild enthusiasm, grinding and twisting around the girth inside him. Deku's whimpers turned to wails as he felt himself hurtling towards climax.

"That's it, bunny, cum for me," Hawks mumbled against his lips.
"O-oohhh, Ha-awks!"

Deku's voice broke over the hero's name but he didn't care. Hawks was clenching and rolling around him and he couldn't hold back. He came with a desperate wail, fucking hard into the tight, wet heat, delirious with pleasure.
Hawks' cunt squeezed harder than Deku could handle and slick gushed out over Deku's pubes as he finished, only realising a moment later the pro had cum again.

His head dropped to Hawks' chest with a low moan, his breathing coming hard and fast.
He wrapped his arms around the pro and couldn't help but knead at the smooth, toned back and thighs in his arms. Hawks was in a similar state. He carded slender fingers through Deku's mess of green curls and pressed sloppy kisses into his crown and forehead.
Deku wasn't sure how long they stayed like that, trembling in each other's arms, but when he finally came back to himself the water was cold. He detached slowly and winced at the gush of cum that leaked out of Hawks' pussy. Hawks chuckled.

"Feeling better?" the pro asked.
Deku gave a shy smile and nodded, blushing. Hawks grinned and leaned in to kiss him again, this time slow and sweet.

"Good," he said. "But you do seem like the nervous type. I think, to be safe, we should go again, maybe a few times. And maybe at my place?"
Deku grinned, his heart soaring, his eyes wide and joyful.

"Yeah, you're right," he agreed. "Just to be safe."


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