The Obama bros were **wrong about everything**

They shipped billions to Iran.
They said the Iran deal was the ONLY WAY.
They said ending the Iran Deal, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, killing Soleimani, "abandoning the Kurds", EVERYTHING TRUMP WAS DOING WAS WRONG WRONG WRONG!!
And you look at what happened today & what's been revealed today, that FIVE OR SIX MORE COUNTRIES in the region are in negotiations to sign their own peace treaty with Israel?

If it hadn't dawned on you yet what an ABSOLUTE DISASTER the Obama/Biden administration was?
I sure hope it's beginning to become obvious to you now.

NONE of these people should EVER be listened again on foreign policy.


Don't bring them on you network TV shows to babble about Kurdish genocides, or Trump triggering a war with Iran by killing the world's top terrorist, or setting back peace in the Middle East for decades by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.
We don't wanna hear it.
Why would you keep bringing on people who not only got all this Middle East stuff disastrously wrong, they peddled the RussiaGate Hoax to your audiences, the same RussiaGate hoax where over a dozen people are about to be INDICTED for creating it?
If you think life sucks right now for people who bet the house on the Iran Deal, wait until Durham drops his indictments.

This same cast of characters will be proven to have gotten THAT all wrong also.

And you can quote me on that.


• • •

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28 Sep
Big if true.

Remember, an indictment is when somebody turns DOWN a plea bargain.

They tell the US Attorney "I think me and my lawyer can beat your case at trial."

It's taking chances with a jury. If convicted after a trial you get far more time

Something else a lot of commentators need to pay attention to: a prosecutor does not have to show the grand jury ALL THE EVIDENCE; this isn’t the trial.

Only sufficient evidence to sustain a criminal charge is necessary.
Though they are not seeing **everything** the US Attorney has until the discovery phase begins prior to the trial, oftentimes the defendant & lawyer **realize the prosecution has ENOUGH evidence** that escaping conviction is extremely unlikely if goest to the courtroom.
Read 8 tweets
28 Sep
The dumbasses literally think they've got Trump at last!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Note the claim Trump paid only $750 in taxes in those two years is 100% false.

LOL. They are gonna run with this already debunked story because all they have left is desperate gaslighting. Image
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27 Sep

[Googles quickly to remember who Tom Ridge is]
I just remember THE LAST TIME I ever paid attention to Tom Ridge.

It was...the Kermit Gosnell case.

Because Gov. Ridge at the time **relaxed** the clinic inspection laws.

I wrote about that here back in the day on my old blog:… Image
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27 Sep
People who got used as sources both on & off record spent over a year telling Bartiromo & Dobbs that the DOJ & AG Barr were perfectly fine railroading @GenFlynn's ass all the way to prison and gee what a shame that was.

Until April of this year.

Since they can't spin their usual off the record bullshit about Barr personally escorting the General to prison any longer, this is the kind of stuff you'll be hearing until the indictments actually drop.

It is what it is.
One particular person who I won't name publicly got on Bartiromo's and Dobb's shows repeatedly in 2018 all the way through April 2020 and in every appearance raged at AG Barr for not doing anything to stop the railroading of General Flynn.
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27 Sep
Biden literally says he’s not going to say what his position is on the Supreme Court while **he’s running for the job of President of the United States**.

Not only has he called an early morning lid 11 times in September, he’s hiding his positions on vital issues.
“Vote for me because I ain’t telling you shit about what I’ll do with the Supreme Court!” is a pretty bold strategy, I’ll give Biden that.
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26 Sep
Me right now
Democratic socialist enterprise to stack the courts with liberal activists for the past 60 years and in their greed Obama and Clinton paved the way for Trump to COMPLETELY DESTROY THE STRATEGY IN JUST ONE TERM.

I am in AWE.
Obama **intentionally** left HUNDREDS of judicial appointments unfilled so Hillary could sell the seats to cronies who of course would have all been far left judicial activists.

RBG put off retiring so HRC could replace her.

I still can't believe they were that goddamn stupid. Image
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