Forced hysterectomies, theft of children, people sacrificed in pandemics, colonial devastation to the environment thus dispossessing and starving people--none of this is new or adequately explained in a Trumpian turn toward fascism.
He is but another manifestation of the core values that prompt these forms of violence, which have been key genocidal tactics of the US for a long time ("genocide" as defined in article II of the UN definition).
One only need to look at what the US has done historically to perceived "savages" both here and overseas to see what they will do to maintain an always white supremacist state. These kind of acts are foundational to US existence, not aberrations.
When (usually white) people imply that we are at some new level of horror, what I hear is that at some level those people had accepted that Indigenous genocide and the torture of other nonwhite populations was an acceptable cost of this inherently genocidal US state...
...but the expansion of those horrors in ways where they actually have to see them, be embarrassed by them, or feels threatening to them personally—that is not an acceptable cost.
Anyone’s surprise or newly found anger tells me that they at some level believed in the myth of US exceptionalism, including the doctrine of progress.
These ideas in any political tone are not only non facts, they enable the very evil so many of you lament. Your speech is telling. Think more carefully about what you are saying and what it indicates about your beliefs.

• • •

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3 Jul
i've studied scientists who study human migration via genomics. i've also studied Indigenous, feminist, Black, African, and other diverse People’s accounts of science & technology history. I’ve learned 3 things about Indigenous histories: 1/6
1) i've no doubt “Europeans” weren't first to "discover America." A) There were already humans here. B) Peoples from other continents & islands sailed oceans blue way before the murderer Columbus & built ancient relations w/ one other. We have non-Euro documentation of this; 2/6
2) I’ve learned that ancient travelers do not render Indigenous peoples in the “Americas” “immigrants too,” human societies originating on other continents who may have visited here cannot usurp the Indigeneity of People’s long co-constituted with these continents. 3/6
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12 Feb
It strikes me that the Native must finally be sacrificed to save the empire. To be clear, I don't think US empire will survive. But as it declines and desperate Americans get more fearful, they get louder like during the Indian wars to eliminate, displace & become us.
for me, most cities in the US cause me low-grade heartbreak if not high-grade. i look around. I don't see Indigenous people everywhere. I see them in Edmonton everywhere. I was getting bitter living in the cosmopolitan US (e.g. Berkeley or Boston).
i don't mind seeing non-Natives of course--I was raised as a good Dakota to be curious about difference, to make kin. But the fact that Native people do not comprise a statistically significant population is the outcome of genocidal settler policies. i can't unsee that.
Read 10 tweets
5 Feb
Seriously? As critical race theorist Cheryl Harris showed way back in '93 , the white power structure seizes the RIGHT TO DEFINE ALL RACIAL CATEGORIES. This is what #pretendians are doing, defining the Native w/o regard for Indigenous definitions.…
& non-whites shore up white supremacy when they insist on definitions of Indigeneity forged in white supremacy. After stealing land & resources, white people & their institutions stole Indigenous children, bones, & blood. "Identity" theft is part of long line of appropriation.
if you defend her right to ID individually as Cherokee & Native (in part via DNA), you defend white supremacist rights to partition us all into (hierarchical) races, which guards access to the privileges of whiteness, Indigenous land & life that the (white) nation state claims.
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18 Jan
Just in case you missed this last year. & please don't "But Trump!" me. Many of you talk nonstop about him. His racism is intellectually unchallenging. The insidious anti-Indigeneity of Warren, however, is a final act of colonial theft.… @highcountrynews
The avalanche of apologist denials from her supporters this last year, the demeaning of Cherokee & other Indigenous experts' analyses of this topic reveals even more the willful complicity of so many US Americans in ongoing colonial theft.
Which does not mean I'm ranking racist acts. Rather i see them as interconnected and mutually sustaining.
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28 Dec 19
it seems a bunch of non-Natives need a 101 course in terminology. "Indian Country" is a legal term that also gets used colloquially by those of us who move through lands that fall in some measure within legal jurisdictions of tribal governments. Google for an exact definition.
As for everyday terms for ourselves, we have diverse POVs on what we're comfortable with depending on our age/generation, geographic location, and probably level of formal education. i know my personal terminology of choice has changed over time and across place.
i grew up in a rez border town in 1970s/early 80s South Dakota. "Indian" or "American Indian" was the term back then. it's one still present in Federal-INDIAN law/legalese. We also still used this term in Mpls/St Paul when i moved there in the 80s for high school.
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3 Dec 19
in light of the "multispecies ethnomusicology" paper my Disrupting Sex, Disrupting Nature students are reading today re paying attention "to the music, song, and voices of Other-than-humans."…
the paper the students are reading documents Muskogee Creek communication with plants, animals, and landscapes that also "speak and sing." another instance of science gaining partial understandings--slices of worldviews that Indigenous peoples have been genocided for.
"assuming that beings can vocalize only through laryngeal phonation is ethnocentric and human-centric."
Read 5 tweets

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