I have studied QAnon’s posts for nearly three years.

My opinion of Q is based on my own study. I think for myself.

I don’t care how many popular people say Q is bogus.

I know Q is legit and works with President Trump.

Read for yourself.
Think for yourself.
Ask yourself:

If QAnon is fake, why doesn’t the mainstream media encourage you to study Q for yourself so you can be better equipped to talk about topics Q addresses, like #Obamagate, child trafficking, voter fraud, arson, Nazi ideology, false flags, and racism?
Ask yourself:

If QAnon is dangerous, why are there millions of peaceful people who love studying Q’s posts?

Where are the Q posts encouraging violence?

Why are Q’s posts being censored instead of discussed openly?

Why the fixation on talking about Q but not quoting Q?
Ask yourself:

How qualified are you to form an educated opinion about something you’ve only learned about via secondhand sources that oppose that thing?

If the MSM is correct that QAnon is violent, why do none of Q’s posts encourage violence while dozens of them urge peace?
Ask yourself:

If QAnon’s overall effect on society were to generate awareness of corruption and inquiry into the origins and workings of child trafficking organizations, would that be a bad thing?

Why would any good person oppose honest inquiry, freedom of thought?
Ask yourself:

If Barack Obama has nothing to hide, why are there multiple investigations still ongoing into his administration’s surveillance of Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans starting in 2015 if not earlier?

Why does the MSM hate Trump so much?
Ask yourself:

Why do so many elites call for a one world government?

Why is questioning the official narrative shamed?

What’s so dangerous about thinking for yourself?
Ask yourself:

Who’s responsible for the way you view the world?

Who’s responsible for the way you feel about your health?

Who’s responsible for fixing problems in society?

Who’s responsible for how you think?

Who should have control over you?

How can you know what is true?
Is it okay to ask uncomfortable questions?

Is it okay not to know all the answers?

It it okay to think for yourself?

Is it okay to find sources you can trust?

Is it okay to question authority?

Is it okay to question everything?

Are you real?

Is love real?

Is God real?
Are we alone in the universe?

Is there a purpose to life?

Did we live before birth?

Will we live after death?

Is any of our ancient history different from what we've been taught?

Are any scientific truths different from what we've been taught?
How is power maintained?

How is control maintained?

How should we learn?

Who should teach us?

Why are we here?

What happens when we ask questions?

What happens when we study?
Is there such a thing as pure evil?

Is there such a thing as pure good?

Are humans, generally speaking, good?

Are humans capable of pure evil?
Are you good?

What do you want in life?

What is your goal?

What are your hopes and dreams?

What are your fears?

What if everyone spent most of their time trying to help other people?
What if the MSM is lying when it says racism is a major problem in America?

What if the MSM lying when it says white supremacy is a major problem in America?

Who owns the MSM?

What do they believe?


What do they want you to believe?


What should you believe?

What sources should you trust when forming your beliefs?

What kinds of questions should you ask when forming your beliefs?

Upon what should you base your beliefs?

Does the truth change depending on who believes it?

Does the truth change depending on what is said about it?
If you're wrong about the world, does that make you evil?

If you're wrong about the world, could it be because you've been kept from awareness by people who get money and power over you by keeping you in the dark?

How does it feel after you learn truth that changes your mind?

• • •

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We - the good guys - good people all along the political spectrum - are waging a very real war, almost entirely fought with words and ideas and attention instead of physical weapons - against one or more cabals of truly sick, evil people that have persisted for ages.
Does that sound crazy? Why would it? Why have so many of us been taught our whole lives that fiction is the only arena in which a few selfish, foul-minded people brainwash, gaslight, and bleed millions of others? That the Matrix, or 1984, have no analogs in reality?
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Hi @twitter and @TwitterSupport:

I write about QAnon a lot, as an investigative journalist.

I also abhor violence and observe Twitter’s rules.

Many things QAnon has published have brought me joy and inspired me to help thousands of others study Q’s posts.
I believe that Q is badly mischaracterized as violent. There is no evidence to support that characterization of Q whatsoever.

Have isolated individuals claiming to support Q caused harm to others? Yes, on a few occasions.

Have Twitter users ever caused harm to others?
Just because evil exists, can we not discuss it?

Just because possible solutions might challenge the status quo, can we not explore them?

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There's too much to do, and so little time.
Too many reasons. Not enough rhymes.
The patriot's problem, to "have more than you know" ...
to have a full tank but not know where to go.
Pray for discernment. Start serving, somewhere.
Pick a somebody. Show them you care.
In all of your life, you won't ever see
all of the ways your ripples will be
able to flow through the lives of the souls
whose needs match your prayers
and whose dreams match your goals.
So go on, trust the plan, give your all, do it still.
Leave the rest up to God's holy will.
It'll all work out find, in the end. You'll be blessed.
This war is spiritual test after test.
All meant to expand you. To mold. To perfect.
To help you awaken. To help you connect.
Have faith in humanity. Trust in your power.
Love for your fellows. Hope in this hour.
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Aug 7-8 - Midland, TX
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worldwide event updates: joyinliberty .com
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