Was supposed to give a lecture on AIDS activism today. Instead I started w/ @JInterlandi's 1619 Project piece healthcare in America & Rebecca Crumpler's quote “They seem to forget there is a cause for every ailment,” she wrote. “And that it may be in their power to remove it.” 1/
Talked about the exclusion of African-Americans from New Deal programs, the Hill-Burton Act and the construction of new rural hospitals in predominantly white counties in the South. 2/
Then talked about how this history of racial exclusion and white supremacy got turbo-charged in HIV/AIDS and got some fresh new homophobia thrown in to make it extra toxic. 3/
Jumped to #COVID19 where everything old is new again and the idea of black extinction (challenged by Crumpler in 1880s) are being recycled by @SecAzar in his patient blaming for deaths from #COVID19. 4/
Ended talking about how #BlackLivesMatter twin call to (defund the police) INVEST IN OUR COMMUNITIES is the solution in a new politics of care. 5/
Got some push-back. Stop talking about politics and your opinions, I came here to hear about data. 6/
So. 1. Is history not data? 2. What is data? 3. Is data not talking about race explicitly? 4. Is data not talking about race at all? 7/
There is a choice here: we either confront how white supremacy/racism constructed/construct healthcare/pubic health in the US or we sweep it under the carpet and return to the technical details. 8/
Lots of people want to talk about medicine and public health and "stick to" the science. I don't even know what that means. 9/
It's science as a shield against the world. 10/
#HIV. #COVID19. Hey, #breastcancer, #diabetes, #stroke. If you think politics has nothing to do with health, if you think politics has nothing to do with race, if you don't think politics is your business and you work in health, well....11/
I do not know what to tell you. end/

• • •

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23 Sep
@den1skildavaran @AllOnMedicare @vlal @MartinKulldorff In fact, it’s not at all from the “pandemic playbook.” Martin basically says we don’t have to worry about COVID in the non-elderly, grossly understating the risks of disease for younger people who indeed can get very sick and die from the disease. 1/
@den1skildavaran @AllOnMedicare @vlal @MartinKulldorff He also thinks we can sequester the elderly when most of them live in their communities not in dedicated elder care facilities. He also does not explain how we protect others at high risk of all ages. 2/
@den1skildavaran @AllOnMedicare @vlal @MartinKulldorff Martin praises responses like those in Florida that led to widespread infections and deaths. I’m sorry but it smells of human sacrifice to be so cavalier to praise such folly that incurred so much suffering. 3/
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22 Sep
Most Americans won't know who Bram Fisher is. But @ZackieAchmat gave me @UMassEnglish's Stephen Clingman's biography of him, which is one of my most treasured books. Prof. Clingman gave the 2019 Bram Fisher Memorial Lecture @UniofOxford. 1/ tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…
"There are many moments in his speech from the dock in 1965 one might quote, but let me choose just one, when Bram explained the reasons for his actions. He said, “I felt responsible, not to those who are indifferent to the sufferings of others, but to those who are concerned.”2/
"Home, dwelling, hospitality, the suffering of others, integrity, commitment. It is in these respects that the life of Bram Fischer becomes a template. At some level it is quite simple, at others so profoundly difficult: for the self to belong, others must belong as well." 3/
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22 Sep
Dear @gallagher_grant . Saw the video. A few comments. First bit is a plea to stop picking on young people. In fact, my colleague @JuliaLMarcus and I have written about the need to engage in a harm reduction strategy and not shame people about behavior. 1/
The video then bizarrely suggests that public health experts are deliberately targeting communities of color suffer to the burden of herd immunity. In fact, most of us have been advocating for exactly the opposite, measures to protect the most at-risk communities in the US. 2/
Again, @akapczynski and I have written extensively about this in @BostonReview, about how we need universal paid sick leave, income support, massive infusion of resources into communities of color in a New Deal for Public Health. 3/
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22 Sep
Dear @MartinKulldorff. 1. Few I know are arguing for massive, total lockdowns of society. 2. It's convenient to use this idea as a straw man, but it doesn't reflect anything like the mainstream of public health thinking at the moment. 1/
2. What most people I know are advocating is scale-up of testing, tracing and isolation so we can know our epidemics locally and make choices targeted to our local realities. We are also asking for scale-up of PPE for not just health care facilities but for...2/
Other places where people may be at risk, schools, workplaces, etc. We are also asking for massive social and economic support for ordinary Americans to weather this storm, thus far some of us got a check for $1200 in April, but that's not nearly what we need. 3/
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21 Sep
This is a very bad take by @MartinKulldorff & @CHeRP_DPM's Katherine Yih. In fact, it's practically Trumpian. It distorts facts, current public health recommendations and ends up awfully close to @SWAtlasHoover's bad advice. 1/ jacobinmag.com/2020/09/covid-…
Shame on @sunraysunray & @jacobinmag for publishing this Malthusian drivel. If you want a progressive take on how to deal with the pandemic, @akapczynski & I wrote this a while ago. 2/ bostonreview.net/politics/gregg…
And @MartinKulldorff: stop it with the straw man arguments. No one is suggesting a lockdown-to-end-all-lockdowns. Most of us are talking about scaling up testing, tracing, isolation so we can have targeted approaches. 3/
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19 Sep
Nothing has changed. Yesterday morning, @realDonaldTrump was leading our country towards thousands of more deaths from #COVID19 as we pass the 200,000 mark this weekend. 1/
.@senatemajldr ever cynical, never caring refuses any real relief bill on the pandemic because he simply doesn't give a shit about any of us. 2/
The entire @GOP from @GOPChairwoman, to @GOPLeader, @kayleighmcenany will lie, obfuscate and distract from all this, because each of them is willing to sacrifice human lives for power. 3/
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