The proper interpretation is that the claims that race “is biological in origin” & that “people looking different is the real problem” ARE FALSE. WRONG. INCORRECT. LIES. European colonizers developed racialized biological reductionist logics AFTER “race” already existed.
Race/ism is not an issue of color, it is not an issue of attitude, it is an issue of power.

Inventing “race” allowed European colonizers to co-opt & subjugate a variety of peoples across the world for the purpose of fueling empire.
What I do not get is how people can say “race is a myth” while simultaneously believing that:

• race = skin color

• racism = hatred toward other people in a racial out-group

• racism exists because humans look different

• Stop believing claims that white settlers made (& still make) to justify pillaging resources & land, committing genocide, & chattel slavery.

*If “RACE” is a “MYTH” then that automatically IMPLIES that WHITE PEOPLE ARE LYING.
y’all...racism doesn’t require hatred at all.

white settlers don’t hate colonized peoples because of our cultures & phenotypes.

if anything white settlers are terrified of losing the power they have & scared that we will treat them the same way they treat us.

• • •

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4 Sep
ON THIS DAY 6 years ago, I took my advanced exams in the Bio Anthro Ph.D. program at UB, the oral defense of my dissertation the end of that exam, I was told I had to "fix" my dissertation proposal to "account for the biological differences between Blacks & whites".
Its wild to think about this given the recent "exposure" of white women engaging in race play & subsequently COASTING their way into tenure...ESPECIALLY SINCE I would have my funding taken from me in the Sociology Ph.D. program at UIUC 4 years later...
& here I am, 6 years later, in an Integrative Biology PhD program, finishing my dissertation...WITH NO ACTUAL JOB PROSPECTS...despite the fact that I am the best at what I do & nobody does the work I do in the way I do it (& that is not cockiness, its just facts).
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17 Aug
Nobody is genetically 25% white because race is not genetic.
The number of folks who liked & RTd that tweet...
Race is not biological in origin. Race is not genetic. There are no biological races among Homo Sapien sapiens. We are one species.
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24 Aug 19
Give up on this idea that the struggles of Black people inherently make the US the democracy it claims to be. Not only is this not true; since this progress many speak of is just alterations to colonialism; but this settler colony isn't OURS to save.
Part of being free is imagining outside of keeping the USA alive & existent. That will always be a settler colonial project wherein we never escape oppression. Our labors could go towards creating something else in solidarity with other colonized peoples.
& as a general test of the ethics of your political position: if it requires the oppression or erasure of any peoples then its just hegemony changing hands.

Making the US into a democracy erases Indigenous peoples & ignores the colonial processes that sustain this nation state.
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