Hispanic Heritage Month barely gets a mention most years, but during an election year...

AT&T stands "with our Latino communidad (community)... we'll be spotlighting the role Latinx play in our community and cultura (culture)."

Is it Latino or Latinx?! So confusing!
Hutu celebrates "la cultura" and "Latinx" stars.
Those books in Ingles?
Military Industrial Complex reporting for duty!
"What do Mariachi music and engineering have in common?"

Children's Propaganda reporting for duty!
Hispanics get the awkward Sep 15 - Oct 15 as their month because "nuestra gente" are an obvious afterthought to BLM, Wahmen, Gays etc on the progressive victimhood stack.
Dafuq is "Hispanic unification"?
Woke Capital checking in.
WEW THEY ACTUALLY DID IT @Steve_Sailer they actually called it DIE!
Woke Aerospace checking in.

"I don't belong in a specific box. You might have a Puerto Rican box and then the form asks if you're white. I'm like, I don't know. My family and my heritage are spectrums of color"
- Castizo Conquistador-American
Can't wait to watch all the telenovellas con mi abuela 🥰
Honda going @humansofflat and STEMWOC. This wouldn't have happened in the Shogunate smdh..
*Prods co-worker* Go on, go out and introduce yourself!

• • •

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9 Sep
Lululemon is holding a workshop to "decolonize gender" and "resist capitalism".
A frend submit this ad to me, and I realized I wasn't following Lululemon. I peaked over at their feed, and it's 100% nonstop leftist agitation.

Is there anybody out there who doesn't know that "Get Out The Vote" efforts are all implicitly "Vote Democrat" vote farming efforts?
"Being a man and trans, it wasn't about blending in. It was about standing out."

Narcissistic bioleninist trash wants attention. Many such cases!
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7 Sep
There’s a lot going on here. Salesforce executive “likes” a post by a subversive POG camelfucker about American Airlines adding BLM swag to their uniform.
I’ve written before about Status Leeching, which I called a sort of Stolen Valor.

Here we have a guy claiming status of our highest status warrior, Marine, which has particularly high status on the right, to agitate politically from the left.
Link to last time I talked about this here:

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28 Aug
LOL Banksy is top cringe astroturfed "street art" loved by the elite.
Wonder what would happen if I got into the "street art". Would be amusing if subversive corporate messaging were to start showing up in these screets.

Lucky for them I'm too lazy and bad at memes to bother.
Yes, but with black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy instead of hot babes for sexin'.

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28 Aug
Exploitative tech monopoly doesn't want you to use their product if you even *tolerate* racism.

They're also a proud corporate sponsor of the color revolution in Washington. Funny how the left never has an issue with this kind of corporate cash in politics.
This Uber DIE agitator's bio is indistinguishable from the tumblrinas people used to rip on ~5 years ago.

She is now in quite the powerful position. And she shouldn't even be in this country, as she is charitably a 5 at best.
When corps send push notifications for social justice agitation, my urge to fedpoast becmoes unbearable.

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27 Aug
*Open up ye olde zogflix device*

"Honey, would you like to watch the gaytranny illegal immigrant love story, the groundbreaking gay drama, or the explicit political propaganda advertisement?" ImageImageImage
"Oooh ok, I see you want to choose option D.) the 11 year old twerking muslim immigrant coming of age story. Great choice!"

Troonflix once again inviting yet another troon to write about yet another troon's movie about the struggles of being a homosexual illegal immigrant in DRUMPF'S America. ImageImage
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