@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard If you're going to stand on this being "in the medical field" -
Every year, millions of people spread other forms of the flu. It infects those w/other issues & causes complications that lead to death. No masks.
You would also know that CoVID, like any other flu...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard Will remain in our systems indefinitely cause ppl spread germs. So, masks will never 'curb' it. Vaccines will only boost immunity. You also know that T&B cells write to memory cells & boost immunity for future exposure: herd immunity - but only if exposed. You would also know...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard ... about the fight against "over" indulging in vaccines, pain medications & other chemical "solutions" vs. using the natural body for those who are healthy. You would also know that masks don't protect you ... they protect others, with only a finite amount ...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard ... of protection based on paid studies that have also been proven otherwise. You would also know that CoVID testing rate of accuracy on 1 test is flawed at over 80% & it bears a 76% genetic similarity to other SARS/corona viruses eliminating test accuracy ...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard You would also know that once a pandemic has broken out, as reported by the CDC for over 20 years, so you were trained to know ... past "x" time ... which we've passed, you can no longer contain or slow it. You encourage ppl to eat/live healthy to boost their immunity. You...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard would also know that a person's rate of infectability & rate of spreading ability are completely random & there is no 1 size fits all. You would also know that emotionally, healthy patients don't like being treated like diseased patients. You would also recognize ...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard that viral particles are not 100% carried by water, & those that reach the mask ... where moisture is absorbed, release the viral cells freely to someone who is breathing in.

You would also know that we are ALL infected with corona viruses and are natural carriers ...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard You would also know that humans, who have become non-nomads, contained in tightly packed populations in cities w/poor air circulation are part of the problem ... so a quarantine under those conditions, is more harmful than good. I'm "sure" you read the CDC's template...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard for responding to global pandemics? It was updated in 2017 w/experimental data which did nothing to confirm the legitimacy of wearing masks ... but did cover the dangers of extending a quarantine & similar measures on the mental health and economics of a culture, didn't you?
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard I'm not saying you are not medically smart ... but if you're going to make outright claims against someone who finds flaws in the science, like Carol, and claim they are wrong, while not being a "scientist" ... and only a doctor ... that you could back your reasoning.
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard ... cause I'm sure you can explain how a 150 nm particle carried by a 200 nm water droplet is stopped a 300 nm hole? Oh sure ... it resists those water droplets up to 1000 nm ... except for the portions that break free & pass thru & that's why doctors/nurses in hospitals...
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard ... get sick, too.

Look ... masks "help". That's why medical ppl wear them "part time" in a medical setting given the rate of constant exposure. But NEVER has it been like this for a whole population & is nothing more than a poorly run experiment with controversial data.
@vinkaravally @CarolJo44 @ogpoorrichard But, hey ...

you do you. I'm just trying to make sure you've sufficiently covered the "Facts" you want to use to tell someone as a "Definitive" answer that they're wrong.

Thanks. Cheers!😁✌️

• • •

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