Chinese virologist posts report claiming COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

...I know more about this then I care to disclose right now but it’s 100% true... I even found blog posts of the scientists in Wuhan asking for help while they tried to cover it up.😡…
And the company that created it is a George Soros funded and owned company..... 😒
Corona Virus Patent 🦠🧐
What they don’t want you to know👇🏼
What they don’t want you to know👇🏼

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23 Sep
Map of Hill Of TaRa in Newgrange, Ireland ... looks kind of similar to the Anunnaki spaceship 🧐 ImageImageImage
Hill Of TaRa (Newgrange, Ireland) =The Secret Chamber Of The Heart

The 4th Chakra of the Earth - The Heart Chakra - is located near this location. ImageImageImageImage
The discoveries of the Discovery program throughout the 1990s revealed that TaRa is one of the oldest astronomical observatories in the world, and that inscriptions on the rocks in the tombs, now believed to be maps... ImageImageImageImage
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23 Sep
You’ve heard of the Anunaki ‘giants’ but have you heard of the Eridanians? They were giants also and often confused with the Anunaki.

The Eridanians were known to you as the Olympians & Titans here on Earth.
The Eridanians come from the Eridanus Star System which is 144 light years away from Earth. This star system houses an Elvan race known for its magic, power, sportsmanship, athletics & much of what we see inspired by Greek ‘Mythology’ that wasn’t really a myth at all.
The Eridanians possessed high power,were huge in size & possessed supernatural abilities & were what Earth would call Angels & deities. Because the consciousness in Eridanus is so strong, in order to incarnate on Earth they needed to create bloodlines in order to accomplish this.
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22 Sep
The 2 Suns ☀️🔥☀️

So this is what Instagram didn’t want us talking about...... #Sun ImageImage
The 2 Suns ☀️🔥☀️

So this is what Instagram didn’t want us talking about...... #Sun
The 2 Suns ☀️🔥☀️

So this is what Instagram didn’t want us talking about...... #Sun
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21 Sep
ArchAngel Ariel:

Ariel from LeiRA (LyRA)

Rules over Leo. Leo represents the image of this deity but it is the constellation Lyra, from which the energy comes. Appearing as male or female. Ariel has a golden light energy with white specks in it.
Ariel appears as a huge white orb, with gold trim all around it, and white sparkles in the gold.  When in imagery, Ariel appears in  feline features, and long gold hair. Ariel wings are  6, a seraphim, with a trail of golden fire behind. Ariel is a Principality angel.
But also an Archangel, because even though she owns her own territory, she runs her own legion. Ariel is ruler of animals. A connection to the animals & has a special place in the heart for the cat family. She loves all animals the same,but cats seem to be attracted to her more.
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21 Sep
Earth’s Energy Grid: “Ley Lines”

Everything in this universe is created with Divine Order; there are no coincidences. The layout of Gaia is energetically sorted to best balance the internal framework.
The resonance of this Sphere tidally locks the electromagnetic grid in perfect symmetry through vibration. These hemispherical paths of enhanced energy are known as “Ley Lines”. Entering such regions can enhance one’s perceptual awareness while healing on a cellular level.
Interestingly, these electric highways host some of the most sacred sites on Earth.
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20 Sep
Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean & was a volcanic mountain range island covered in lush vegetation remarkably similar to that of modern day Polynesia.
The people that inhabited the island varied in height, had dark hair, caramel colored skin, thin frames, small torsos with long limbs, high cheekbones and full lips. Lemurians lived closely with nature and maintained a reciprocal relationship with their environment.
They acted as guardians to the animals & preserved their habitats, they fertilized plants after harvesting from them & they deliberately lived in small communities to prevent stress to the environment. The Lemurians held a nature-based belief-system and did not worship deities.
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